My Homepage lets you customize your browser homepage

By DJ Reyes on 5 Aug 2013 03:07 pm EDT

For me, one of the most used apps is the browser, especially with the smoothness that is the BlackBerry 10 browser. I normally have my web browser set to open up a new page when I launch it so then I can pick from the list of the last websites visited. However, since discovering the My Homepage app, it has enhanced my browser experience just that little bit more.

My Homepage essentially let's you create a homepage where you can add shortcuts to your favorite websites, more or less like a bookmarks page. Something like this should probably have been built-in but since it isn't, this app is the way to go. You also have the choice of showing a date and time widget and a weather widget, so you can see those at a glance when you open your browser or visit your homepage. On top of that you can even add a background image to make it that more unique to you. You can choose from the wide selection provided or use one of your own pictures.

My Homepage shortcuts and weather widget settings

There is also the ability to create your own icons to add your own custom shortcuts. All of the most used and most popular websites are already in the app, so there is a wide range to choose from and you may not need to add your own. But the option is there if you need to. When you create your own icons you just need to have the icon of the website you want, or whatever icon you want, then choose from the background colors provided.

My Homepage background selection

Adding your shortcuts is easy too. Just tap 'Select Shortcuts', tap an empty slot then choose a website from the list your create a custom one to add your own site. Most of the sites provided dot com sites unless they're country specific like the BBC site. But for sites like Ebay or Amazon where you use a different URL, you can edit these no problem. Just tap and hold the website you want to change then select change URL. 

Once you have added all the sites you want, chosen your background and all that jazz, you then need to export your homepage to the web browser. You can go back to the My Homepage app to make further edits if you wish but you have to re-export then refresh the page every time to see the changes. When you are happy with everything you then have to set the page as the default page when you open your browser. To do this, just tap the overflow menu and go to Settings>Display and Actions. Make sure 'Show My Home Page' is selected in the On Startup section and then select 'Open a Specific Page' in the Home Page section. It will populate the field below. From then on when you open your browser you'll see your customized homepage, making it easier for you to visit your favorite websites.

My Homepage export to browser

Your homepage also includes a search bar. Google is the default site selected. There is a dropdown menu with a handful of other sites included too. So, there is lots to do and see right from there.

You can backup and restore your homepage too. So, need to create it all the time when your switch devices or have to reinstall the app or your operating system.

My Homepage is definitely an app in my top 5 right now. It has definitely made my browser experience better than it was as it is easier for me to load up the sites I need to visit. All I need now is a shortcut key on my Q10 to go to the Home Page.

Also, since My Homepage is by the same developer as the Evolution Browser, you can use your created homepage for that too.

My Homepage is available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5. It costs $1.99 and is worth it in my books. Download it from BlackBerry World today.

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My Homepage lets you customize your browser homepage


Not in AppWorld yet, I'll probably send it for approval on tuesday, is called Email Archiver, is an email reader that lets you backup your emails to HTML files.

That seems like a reasonable price to me. You deserve to make money for your effort. Don't let the cheapskates who seem to think that all apps should come free dissuade you. Your app sounds useful and $2 is less than some of us spend on our morning coffee.

What some of the users don't seem to understand is that every app has its price. Either you pay a couple of dollars up front, or they make their money through ads or selling your personal data (or both).

I agree with you, but if I could pick, I like to try things and buy them after, I have had a few bad apps that I paid for, but if it has a use for my needs then 2 bucks is worth it for sure!

Posted via Z10

Not all apps. I and several devs I know have several free apps that are 100% free and ad free (and I never sell or even collect customer data).

Would be nice once you have your homepage set up to be able to move the icons around in the order you want them displayed without having to delete all of them and starting from scratch. (move icon 3 to the icon 9 spot or any spot etc etc) I don't see a way of doing it. Maybe I am missing something but I don't think so, so if the developer is reading this try to make it that we can move our icons around.


This app is a must have app. Showed it to some ios and android friends and they went off in search of it on their platforms straight away (I have no idea if it or similar is available for them.).

Posted via CB10

I'm don't fully understand. Is this an app I open separately, or is it built directly into the browser?

Posted via CB10 w/ the Z10

It is a separate app in which you can create your homepage and then you export it so that it can be used in the browser.

Posted via CB10 on Z10STL100-1/

It's a separate app but you add your finished homepage to the web browser. You only have to open the app to edit your shortcuts otherwise, it's pretty much plugged into the browser once you set it as your homepage.

If you watch the video, you'll see that I make it my default homepage and when I open the browser it appears

Cool app!

I know you can create your own shortcuts but you have to manually find the icon for it. It would be nice if it retrieved the image from the site (similar to how the built-in browser works for adding shortcuts to home screen). Why isn't built-in?? :)

Hopefully the dev can also add a preview instead of having to create the page then close/reopen the browser to test a new background or icon.

I think it's a very cool app! Was worth the money, made myself a very nice browser home screen :)

Posted via CB10