This is my favorite case for the BlackBerry Q10

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jul 2013 01:19 pm EDT

Over the past few months I've really tried my best to not be a "case guy" for my BlackBerry Q10, but when it comes down to it I really like to have the added protection as well as a bit of extra bulk and grip. As you've seen through my many case reviews thus far, I've been through quite a few in pursuit of the perfect Q10 case. I've tried everything from official hard shell case to the Incipio Feather to the Q10 Ballistic Case. While I was happy with each case for a while for their own reasons, I found that I never lasted more than a few days with any of them. 

In between cases I'd try to go naked (my Q10 that is) but in the end, I always found myself digging through my accessory drawer for that one case that gave me everything I wanted - the Incipio Frequency case. I first reviewed the Frequency case back in May and while I loved it then, I didn't realize that it was the end of my case woes. Every time I pull off a new case that just doesn't feel right, I always find myself reaching for this one to save the day. 

Obviously everyone likes a particular case for a particular reason (or more than one even) and for me, this case does what I want it to and doesn't give me that "I wish I had a different case" feeling.

I like that it fits snug on my Q10 and doesn't ever feel like it will just pop off, it's not a dust collector, it has a good amount of grip and bulk and it looks good on the device. For a time I wanted a bigger case like the OtterBox Commuter or Ballistic, but those both fell short for me. The Commuter case I found hard to type with as the edges around the keyboard came up to high, and the Ballistic case just never fit snug enough to keep me happy.  

The Frequency case gives me a great combination of all the things I look for in a case and for that reason it's my go-to case for the BlackBerry Q10. So when people ask me what my favorite case it, the Incipio Frequency proudly holds that title. 

Have you tried the Frequency case? Do you have a favorite case for you device? Sound off in the comments!

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This is my favorite case for the BlackBerry Q10


I also like to show off the logo, a clear case gets the job done while protecting my Z10.

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I use the official socket in which you can slide the Z10 in. It has the nice logo on the front and if I use my phone it's still naked.

The advantage: it protects from dust and you can store it in a bag if your pants sit too tight.

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Temple run works on my blackberry its working guys the new update is awesome its fast and responsive jus takes 1minuite to load up. I think the android olayer is updated. Sumine write a review on this please asap temple run works.

BlackBerry Z10 CB10

I use the OtterBox Defender on my Q10 and love it. I realize that there is the extra bulk of the device now, however I have found nothing gives me the piece of mind that OtterBox does. My family uses the Seidio Active cases for their Z10's.

Already using this case and loving it. I went through 3 other cases before settling on this one.

In short: it just feels so right in the hand.

BlackBerry hard shell case is where it's at! Looks good. Feels good. Protects well!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

This has saved a Q10 which took many falls, it's a good protector.

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Danger, Will Robinson. I started a thread on here about my favorite case for my Z10, and boy was that fun. Got myself a troll for my efforts.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Regardless of the device, I have always gone with an Otterbox. Plain and simple, it gets the job done and I don't have to ever worry about my devices. I've had one of my phones dropped in the street and run over repeatedly and the case looked a bit messed up but the device was in perfect condition, and when you mess up a case just write Otterbox and tell them whats up and they send you a brand spankin new one! Can't beat that!

I came across a hard case holster combo that I love. Dropped my Q once and no damage what so ever. It's from Beyond Cell. Found it on ebay for $16. And I've ordered other hard cases alone to mix n match for my 'mood'. Lol.

If anyone wants the seller hmu.

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Incipio Frequency cases are nowhere to be found here in the Netherlands.. BUT I rock the original BlackBerry Hard Shell and that things awesome!! Had the same case for my 9900 as well. That Frequency case, I'd give it a try...

CrackBerry J from the Netherlands

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This is the only case I have and I love it. I bought it from Crackberry, too! But it is very sturdy and solid and feels good in my hand.

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Haven't used, I use the Poetic Clear Case, grey outline, super slim and see through so you can see the BlackBerry logo. Love this case, also use their wallet version when I'm going out.

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Moved from a white iPhone 5 to a black Z10. Used my iPhone bare for months without any damage, obviously except minor scratches which are bound to happen due to the metal back. The Z10 already feels plasticy...and it's harder to scratch than the iPhone so I don't see any need to get a case. Hopefully I'll be as lucky as I was with my other device

Via my sexy black Z10 ;)

I wanted to grab that case but I need a holster I don't like putting the phone in my pocket. I'm using the seidio surface case with holster and I like it. I would love to keep the device naked but I'm afraid I will drop it.

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I tried out the frequency case, didn't like it, took the feel out of the device of u know what I mean, plus my one didn't fit perfectly as it should have seeing as I bought it for £20+ from the incipio website, i'm finnaly absolutely happy with the OEM flip shell case which is perfect and looks Damn good

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The Incipio Dual Pro is totally the BEST IMO.
Rubber interior with rigid exterior and adds 1/2 the bulk of the Otterbox.

All rubber/gel skins just seem cheap to me on every phone I have seen them on.

I use the soft shell, which works well when I want to use the holster. I flip between the holster and the pouch (mostly relying on the pouch) so this works fine when I'm using the holster. I like that it makes the fit a bit snugger in there. I use the holster when I go out for runs (I attach it to my water belt) and this keeps it from jostling about.


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I use the Blackberry OEM leather pouch for my Z10. It's naked when I use it and protected when I'm not.

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Your drop an iPhone once without a case something is bound to crack. Your drop a blackberry 1,2,3, 4 times without as case. your survive. The blackberry is built tough. Plus my military grade screen with help prevent it from cracking. Naked ftw.

Posted via naked white BlackBerry z10.

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I always use a Skin only for the "grip", especially on my 9650 'cus it's so slippery. Also it is always bright red, easier to find.

Just once I'd like to find something on CB that I'd like to buy that is available in Canada.

Presented by Dr. Emmett Brown on BlackBerry Z41

I absolutely love my TETDED Premium Leather cases. They're super light and fit perfectly!
The colors and styles offered make them the perfect choice. I only wish they were sold in the US.
Luckily there is a eBay seller located in Canada that sells them.
Check it out:
Z10 -

Q10 -

And NO, I'm not the seller. After trying 6 different types/styles, I just think these are the best!
CB should consider offering these! They're even leather lined on the inside to protect your phone!

The same here. Amongst many cases in my collection, I like both Incipio dualpro and frequency the most. For OEM I like the soft shell case.

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I'm rather fond of the Crackberry Crunk case myself. The *only* complaint is I wish the sides next to the keyboard were a little less intrusive.

I used the "official" hard case which boats the logo which I liked but I'm now using an Otterbox Defender. It is a bulky case but it makes me feel like my phone is a tank. The naked Q10 is a solid phone on its own but the added protection is always nice especially when the replacement cost for the Q10 ranges around the $700 mark. Got the Defender for free from Otterbox due to an online ordering error (which was their fault). So, they gave me a Defender to keep up their great customer service reputation. Which is a nice upgrade since I was only ordering a Commuter when the error happened ;)

BlackBerry Q10 all the way!!

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Yes but quite difficult to type due to the flip...anyway it provides a better protection and it's a good looking case.

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I'm currently using the frequency case, and it is indeed the best case on the market in my experience. Finally people will believe me!

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I come to this thread late, so I hope someone is still watching. Like many BlackBerry users, I put in many hours of work. It's fun and productive, but it's also hard -- and especially hard on my phones. The bottom line is that I have to have a Defender-style case, but I *also* have to have an old-fashioned BB belt-clip holster. Is there any maker or reseller whom I can contact for suggestions? Of all places, AT&T came closest with a no-brand case meant for an S3/4, but a cased Q10 is still too-tight by a half. I'd like to support Shop Crackberry... anyone?

What are you talking about? BlackBerry makes an old-fashioned holster, and Otterbox makes the heavier duty cases. Both are readily available.

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Sweet. That's the case that I bought with my phone a while back. Looks like I made a good purchase.

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I have the Otterbox Commuter case by far the the best case out now slip and great protection. Best of both worlds I also have the Blackberry soft shell cover nice but not a lot of protection.

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I'm using a black s-line Fosmon on my black z10. I got it black cause I thought I was gonna be getting a white z10 and the contrast would of been beautiful (my phone would of looked like a ying yang symbol lol) now that I have a black z10 its pretty bland looking but the protection is awesome. It feels so good in my hands. The grip thingys on the side are perfect and the transparent side of the s-line shows off my BB symbol. I love my case

First I bought the ballistic one, very bulky and I actually liked it a lot. However after viewing this one on your site, I thought I'd give it a try. So I bought one and I'm really digging it!!! Very slim, solid and it feels great on your hands. Thanks, I never would have found the right one without your help.

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just bought this case today! i am looking forward to it arriving in the mail. Especially after reading this review. I cannot have my BB be naked. I am much too clumsy.

I love this cover BUT!! Yesterday my BlackBerry got the famous spider Web crack... I dropped my BlackBerry before and this case saved it but this it didn't because there no protection for the screen :( ... I really want a a flip cover made for the Q10..

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I love my Commuter series OtterBox. The only time it ever comes off is when I screw around with my SD.

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I'm looking for a case for my Q10 that is lightweight and not to bulky but covers the USB port and hdmi port any ideas guys? Thanks for looking

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