One for the kids - My Fairy Pony for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 27 Jul 2013 04:45 am EDT

Clearly this isn't my normal style of game but it gets to grace us with it's presence for two reasons. Firstly - it's beautiful and secondly - if you're rocking a BlackBerry 10 smartphone and have a young daughter they are going to love you even more if you have My Fairy Pony installed.

I must admit I'm not an expert in dressing up ponies but that's what this one is all about. Within the 'Fairy Pony' forest you will find a few ponies which you can customize - if that's the right phrase to use?

You can make the pony your own by altering the following:

  • Body colors
  • Hairstyles
  • Pony tail styles
  • Unicorn horns
  • Eyelashes
  • Shoes
  • Wings
  • Eye colors
  • Cutie marks
  • 200 dress up items, which make thousands and thousands of combinations!

Then you can watch the ponies trot around the forest which to be honest looks glorious, graphics wise. You'll find some treasure chests scattered around the forest too which contain carrots which you can feed your ponies - sounds fun doesn't it? Joking aside - if you do have a daughter and you are happy for them to play with your BlackBerry they will really dig this one.

My Fairy Pony will set you back $1.99/£1.50 - a small price to pay to keep a child entertained!

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Since when have gay ponies been for kids?!


neckbeards will love this shit


Another garbage apps..

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RP Singh

Another successful troll!

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If you watch little kids play, they go bananas over this stuff. It's certainly not garbage to them.

Poirots Progeny


I'd say stuff like that should stay on android or ios but it's popular and really "sells like hell" so great...


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El Platanero

I don't know. Seems like James was pretty entertained.

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James Richardson

I have a daughter. She says it's cool so it must be!

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By far one of my favorite reviews of yours. Watching you decorate your pony made me crack up. Thank you James.

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so crow

One of the best games ever.

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Many grown men probably downloading this for themselves...

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Me too. I mean...

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If only the pony grew, it would have made it much more fun


At first thought, my girls would love this. At second thought, I prefer to NOT have to give up my phone, on demand. :-)

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Bronies now have an excuse to get BB10.

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Haven't you guys heard of Bronies? Compride mostly of straight men?

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For how many people said they were going to give their playbook to their kid, this app would probably sell ok on it.

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Looks to be very well done. Might get it for the kids.

- Developer of NeverMaze, also great for kids!

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My 6 year old loves it!! Thx!

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James Richardson

Told ya :)

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V V. V. Qv. A.

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Uhm, yeah... for my daughter.

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Bought it for my daughter. It's really very good!

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James you know your a "Bronie". Just admit it!

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Got kids...they'll dig it.
thanks James

favour Kelvin1

I want pet rescue sega

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Really James, you don't lock yourself in the bathroom to play this game? :) You didn't need the disclaimer, as many of us have little kids. My daughter would appreciate checking out this game after bringing it to our attention. Thanks :)

Zack Graham

No other bronies on CrackBerry? This makes me sad... Still, great app cover. :P

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