UK customer support gets a boost with the latest version of the My EE app for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 29 Jan 2014 05:09 am EST

UK customers on the EE network have received an update to the 'My EE' application for BlackBerry 10 - giving them more functionality from within the app and hopefully reducing the need to make a call to the carrier in some circumstances. 

The application can be used for customers on both T-Mobile and Orange if you don't have an EE4G plan and with EE being the largest UK mobile provider I suspect the app has been popular. 

With all BlackBerry 10 devices supporting 4G and with EE giving the widest range of LTE coverage in Great Britain the network sure is an attractive choice for BlackBerry customers wanting the fastest data speeds possible. 

New features include: 

  • View your data usage based on the SIM in the BlackBerry
  • Manage your account whether on contract or Pay As You Go
  • More support in the Help area - you can get assistance on sign up issues, forgotten login details, unlocking your BlackBerry, ordering a replacement SIM, porting or simply ordering a new SIM card. 

Existing features: 

  • See important info at a glance, like how much data you have left and your remaining allowances.
  • Keep on top of your billing date and amounts, plus any charges outside your plan allowance.
  • Get detailed info so you can start to really understand your usage and the many benefits of being with EE, besides just being with the UK's biggest and fastest network.
  • Get itemised breakdowns of any charges outside your plan allowances and find out how you can get more detail if you need it. 
  • Buy data, photo messaging, calling abroad and roaming add-ons, so you can save even more.
  • Switch between multiple accounts that you have set up with My EE online to help manage different accounts within a plan.
  • See all our latest offers and search our Help section to get all your EE questions answered, even when you are offline and have limited or no coverage

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Reader comments

UK customer support gets a boost with the latest version of the My EE app for BlackBerry 10


Funny that considering EE have stopped doing the Z10, Z30 and Q10, but they are still selling the Q5!! fantastic.... shame my upgrade is due next month...

FYI: got the Q10 on EE 4G about 3/4 weeks ago, had to order over the phone as no shops had stock and I'm on a business line.

Posted via CB10

Same here...I suspect the article is late as the 'new' features listed are all available now.

Posted via CB10

Also I must say that it is a terrible app and I'm forever on the phone to them to reset my password because it never works

Posted via CB10

Least you have an account.
I couldn't sign-up online, went to an EE store and told "it's a bug". Still no solution from EE so I'm back to GiffGaff as my preferred network.

Hope Vodafone bring out something similar to check your remaining balance and search the forums!

Posted via CB10

This ported Android app was pushed to my Z10 and Q10 phones on EE at work as part of the 10.2.1 update yesterday.

Shame it's useless for us as you can only use it with a consumer account with EE/Orange/T-Mobile, not with a business account (understandably) but EE just bundled is as bloatware anyway. Oh well.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2