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My EE app lands onto BlackBerry 10

My EE app lands onto BlackBerry 10
By DJ Reyes on 4 Jun 2013 09:14 am EDT

The long awaited My EE app finally makes its way onto BlackBerry 10. Both Orange and T-Mobile, who fall under EE, already have apps in BlackBery World, albeit Android ports but it allows customers to check their monthly usage amongst other things.

Now, EE customers can have the joy of doing the same. You'll also be pleased to hear that the My EE app is native and is available for both the Z10 and Q10.

App Features

  • See your latest data usage, remaining allowances and breakdown of any charges outside your plan
  • Check the amount of your last bill and when your next bill is due
  • Make payments securely
  • Buy add-ons for your account
  • Browse relevant Help articles for support, even when you’re offline
  • Find your nearest EE store and get our contact details

Here's hoping that a native Orange and T-Mobile app is also in the works. I highly recommend the My EE app if you're an EE customer. Get it today, it's free!

For more information and to download the My EE app from BlackBerry World



It says not available for my Z10????

Posted via CB10


Sorry on bell network is that the difference on why it's not available

Posted via CB10


Disregard have to learn to read before I ask questions

Posted via CB10


Mmmmmm look how thick and well built that stainless steel fret is.... seriously need to check out a Q10 when it hits the stores....

from an australian Z10...


Q10 is an device but U have the Z10 and it's really smooth and love the big screen and swipe keyboard.

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby


Tbitar if you are on Bell, you already have this. Go under sim services and open self serve. Breaks down your entire plan, usage, early upgrades add ons etc.

Posted via CB10


Yeah it's un available on for me.takes me to site where it says currently unavailable

Posted via CB10


Of course EE have to provide you with a reliable signal for this app to function which is something they have shown they are almost totally incapable of doing ;)


Finally the most waited app for my bbry z10... just downloaded it and it's awesome... works as it should and no issues yet... worth an EE download...

Sent by Bbry Z10

Pete The Penguin

It's great that a UK carrier are the first to get out a native app for both the Z10 and Q10 - the next best one is Vodafone UK but it's an Android app too.
Thanks for the heads-up DJ.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10.


Any idea whether the ee film app is in the works?..

BBM Channels; Tech C0008DDD1, TV -C0006E22D


I just went through the app and it doesn't seem to have Ee films or wifi search yet but I am sure it will be added to their next planned updates... still worth downloading just to buy add ons, check data usage and it's much accurate than any data checker app I have plus much more... still awesome app...

Sent by Bbry Z10


Works for me. Thankfully now deleting all other data check apps.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Ok, so the EE and Orange apps work but, the T-Mobile does not. Click on the T-Mob site login and they give you a link but, when you follow the link it tells you not for your device! Q10

DJ Reyes

Yep, it doesn't look like the T-Mobile one is available for the Q10 yet. The Orange one wasn't until a few days ago so hopefully we'll see it come to the Q10 soon.

Posted via CB10

so crow

I wanna know when the my vodafone app will come to the q10 had it on my zed but can't get it on my q.

Posted via CB10


I have been waiting for this app since I got my Z10! Makes things so much easier! Had no problems with the app so far :)

Posted on my Z10!


Been waiting a while for this! Nice to see finally appear as a native app!!

Posted via CB10

Thomas Grzeskowiak

Now waiting for O2....

Posted via CB10


It's about time. But what about the wifi and clone app's. How long do we have to wait for that.

Posted via CB10


Native. Nice one EE, keep it up. Works great by the way.

Posted via CB10


And now it has gone.

I installed it last night and un installed fairly quickly; using the website is better.

Today it has disappeared from my list and BlackBerry World lists it as unavailable for my device.

Posted via CB10


So, where has it gone?

I called EE today to ask what's going on and they said that it's not a high end phone like the iPhone or the Galaxy 3 so I won't get premium service.

Bored of this crap.

EE needs to get a grip and actually support their subscribers.

Posted via CB10