My Classic BlackBerry

By camera531 on 17 Jun 2014 05:19 pm EDT

Call me crazy, but one of my all time favorite BlackBerry smartphones was the Style, at least in design. I was a huge fan of the form factor and it harkened back to a simpler time. Very nostalgic. The exterior screen was great for notifications, almost like a smartwatch, and the small, folded design meant it just disappeared in my pocket. Open it up, however, and it became a no-compromise smartphone, and not just any smartphone, but a BlackBerry with a full physical keyboard. It wasn't their best keyboard, but still much more satisfying than a virtual counterpart, especially at the time. I also thought it was the best looking phone to date. If Pininfarina had designed a BlackBerry, it would've been the Style. Like I said, call me crazy.

Using the Style was also more fun. I could flip it open and closed with one hand, and on more than one occasion I had a Captain Kirk moment (yeah, I'm a dork). I also developed a bad habit where I'd be sitting in a car or out somewhere with friends and continuously lift and drop the lid. Snap, snap, snap, snap. I didn't even realize I was doing it, but I had become a major irritant. I could close it on the top of my shirt like a pair of sunglasses, which I always thought was cool, but in hindsight, maybe not… I didn't care, though. I was actually having fun with my smartphone, when I wasn't even using it.

It wasn't without its fair share of flaws, however. First of all, it was a Sprint exclusive in the U.S., a network that left a lot to be desired in my city. And BB6 wasn't the most stable of operating systems. It was awesome when it flowed, but stutters, freezes and the dreaded battery pulls were all too common. If only it had a newer OS and was on a better network. I've been reminiscing about my Style lately and then it hit me. What if BlackBerry made a "Classic" Style? The upcoming Classic will be an awesome blend of the older 9900/9930 and new Q10, and it's likely that the Classic will become a series of BB10 phones with "Tool Belts". What if the Classic series also became a rebirth of some of the company's best designs?

One of the more popular form factors in BlackBerry's past is the slider and many fans have been asking for an updated Torch. How cool would a flagship, "Classic", updated BB10 Torch be? I'm optimistic that the Classic Q20 will be the cash cow that the Q10 failed to be and I'm equally optimistic that a retro line of BB10 phones could clean house. Think about a "Classic" Torch, Pearl, Style… Hell, they could even become collectors' items. BlackBerry is among the last of the major OEM's to offer flagships in multiple form factors. Everyone else has settled on the "iPhone design". Having a retro line of handsets could be a golden opportunity for BlackBerry to further differentiate itself.

For me, the ultimate "Classic" BlackBerry would be an updated Style, but what would be your dream "Classic"? Would you be excited for a retro line?

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My Classic BlackBerry



Love my z10 a year and 2 months now still going strong! BUT, I wouldn't mind picking up an updated Style since I've always been a fan of flip phones. Last phone I used before going black was a moto V3xx..

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Like the Z10 but sick of the keyboard. My phone will correct words that are spelled correctly and yes I have reset my input to default. Can't the classic.

I love my Z10 too and I hate the keyboard and auto correct 'correcting' words that were correct to begin with too!
It seems the keyboard was better in 2.0

Z10 with OS

There's been a small bevy of Slider folks begging for a BB10 version. I don't think it's such a bad idea to revisit some of those previous designs and give them some love. It does however have to be done right. We're all waiting to see how 'Classic' the Classic will be.

I think it would have to be like the new Chevy Camaro or Dodge Challenger. Retro, but updated.

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I had a Motorola flip - I think it was more or less the last flip feature phone Motorola made. I loved that thing. The form factor of a flip phone is at least a little closer to that of a desk phone handset and definitely much more comfortable to use than the bloody monolith thing we seem to be stuck with now. I don't know about you, but while I like the capabilities of todays smart phones, the form factor just sucks from a human engineering standpoint. All the awesome case materials in the world don't make them comfortable to use because they are simply the wrong shape. The flip was deeper and had that angle in the center that made it at least somewhat more hand friendly. I thought the flip BB was the best and most practical phone going at the time and I really wish they'd bring that back.

Samsung is still making flip phones but mainly for the Asian market. But not a bad idea my wife loved hers tell it broke, she could throw it I her handbag and to answer just open it, no buttons to push.

-Not for me though.

"Classic" better be a Bold 

Totally. My dad has one of those Ford T-Birds... well, two of them.. he has an original '63, then he has newer 2000 or 2002 model (can't remember the year). LOVE the remake of that car though. Both are awesome to have, but the retro one is the one I'd use right now for a daily driver. What's funny is the retro one he has his now over 10 years old, but it looks so good you could easily think it came out this year. Updated and timeless design.

His original '63 sounds awesome. I've also always liked the updated one. Definitely a timeless design.

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The colour of the device is super cool.Lime you have mentioned it correctly it doesn't look like it's released in 2010.Trendy...will look pretty in a girl's hand

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Is camera531 a official writer already?

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Awesome article!

I believe a lot of flip-phone "enthusiasts" and die-hards who just won't drop the flippin' things could be converted to smartphone users if done right.

I also still believe there is a huge untapped market out there, and BlackBerry should be the one to do it, the others probably won't.

Giv'em a flippin' Berry, BBRY!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Faulty premise that a flip phone and a smartphone are mutually exclusive. Maybe you meant converted from a flip to a non-flip, smart or otherwise? Let me say that in Dutch...

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A friend of mine purchased 2 on ebay, he is legally blind, hence the reason. I asked if BBM was loaded but he can not see enough to tell. Anyone know?


Thanks in advance

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Bbm should be loaded on OS 6. But I can't remember if OS 6 had universal search.

Good luck

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BB 6 is where Universal Search was introduced, so it should indeed have it ;-)

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The Style was one of the most undermarketed phones in BlackBerry's history. One of the commercials featured a guy selling shoes on the street. And no, it wasn't a Frank Boulben joint.

I'd love a new Torch 9850 with BBOS operating on BB10 innards fwiw. In other words I prefer the look and feel of BBOS but would want modern functionality.

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Agreed since I loved my Pearl flip. Unfortunately, Sprint only carried the Style. Loved the form factors and the noise they made when closed!

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I loved the Style too but never got a chance to try one out because I'm in Canada. I really do hope they 'experiment' with the Classic line and do a BB10 slider and flip phone. If you go niche, better go deep!

I never got to try one either! Wish it was GSM because I would be rocking that!

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I loved my Style and I loved it in Canada. I am also living my Z30, and that's wherever I happen to be.

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I absolutely love the "if Pininfarina designed a smartphone" line. It's like the Lancia of BlackBerry. Haha.

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Call me crazy but I absolutely loved my storm. I think if that OS ran smoother (memory leaks if I remember correctly) and didn't have the dreaded battery pull problems. It would have done much better against the old iPhone. I miss the look and the clicking touchscreen... am I crazy? Maybe bug the zen theme on OS 5 was pretty bad ass with those neon icons on dark background.. oh the glory days of BlackBerry

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No, you are not crazy. Not to me anyway, because I had a Storm 9550 and loved it. It had its battery pulls, and reboots were taking up to 15 minutes, but I loved the dual-function of the click screen, one to only select, one to activate, which enabled a two-buttons mouse style interaction.

I still have it, and working, but BB10 is waaaay better than OS5.

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Yea that's what I'm talking about, the Strom had a great iteration of the touch screen in my opinion, it gave me a lot more control over my copy paste and select functionality. And back when typing on glass was a new thing for all of us I feel like the storm gave is the best way to adjust. I enjoyed that the screen allowed me to feel what I was doing. But again I also like bb10 much more than OS 5 but I do miss the themes. I wish I could change the color of my keypad and accents on my z10. I have had this z10 since a couple weeks before the canada release and it has only gotten better with time. (I have however replaced the screen 3 times,but eh)

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I maintain that the storm would have done great without the performance issues and if it came out with the 9550 screen. The storm one was a single spring and I liked it more than a regular virtual keyboard with the two levels of touch but the 9550 was a huge upgrade. It felt almost like a curve keyboard. Further improved iterations remain my dream all touch phone. I rocked my storm for almost 4 years. Device wipes and shrink a os every 6 months kept it manageable. I eventually got sick and tired of that, and went to the 9810. I would love to see a third storm with current specs and bb10 and something better still than the 9550 piezoelectric screen

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I LOVED rocking my PURPLE Sprint BlackBerry Style. That one year I used it in Vegas for CES was amazing. Soo many people asked me about it.

Have to say though, I liked the BlackBerry Pearl Flip even more from a style perspective when it came out. Looked SOOO GOOD sitting there on my desk when not in use. Just a hot phone. A throwback of that design (little bigger) with high end specs would be fun. I'm not sure if people would buy it.... but ya know, would be hot.

Am I crazy or is a BB10 flip phone a brilliant idea for a form factor? 2 screens!??!!??! Think of the possibilities.

I would love to rock flip and Torch BB 10 phones ANY DAY OF THE WEEK

Retro is big at this moment again . I like the idea of BB coming out with a retro line.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

I always wanted a Style. Call me crazy as well. My first BlackBerry was a Pearl Flip. I'm more of the phone call messaging type. Hated the fact that only Sprint had it, sucked since I'm on AT&T. Either way an updated Style with BB10 would hook me up in a heart beat. I enjoy being different and that flip phone Style in Black it's the kinda of device I'd love to rock.

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They should do a flip with a folding touchscreen!

I wouldn't buy it but i'm sure many would be interested

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I would love to see a BB10 slider, but the Style is hands down the ugliest phone that BlackBerry has ever produced...

I loved it. This was definitely a favorite of mine. I would also LOVE u 5.1" Slider.. But Next would be the windermere. I'm stoked about it

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I would seriously consider a slider... even though I have to say that I am pretty happy with the virtual keyboard on my Z10.

If a slider came out I would want it to be no bigger than the Z10. Anything else would be just to hard to deal with when opened.

I sometimes miss the 9800 that I once had but then I remember OS6....

Making Wine kits C0015B221

I agree. I would like a slider in the forum of z10 shape and size with a keyboard that popped out of the bottom if I needed it. If not, the same awesome onscreen keyboard as on my Z10 would pop up.

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You are not crazy, not all people on the world are waiting for the next giant pixel monster in nearly tablet size. Anyway I would prefer a slider, but a small screen size of 3 to 3,5 inch would be fine for me!

Get the Style out on bb10 and market to hipsters! But don't do marketing in house. I still hate BlackBerry's marketing

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Physical keyboard, good sized touch screen, outer screen (swipe to wake) for clock and instant notifications, flip open/close to protect the awesome screen while in the pocket? I'd take one - might even be better than a Torch/slider version of BB10!

My first flip phone was a star tac. Besides being cool and retro flip phones have one major advantage, it's hard to brake / scratch a screen on a closed phone. No case, screen protector needed.

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Loved the Startac. At the time it was one of the best phones out there. However the antenna always broke. :(

Had a Style on Boost Mobile. Loved the phone hated the OS....... Got a lot positive comments about its appearance.

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People, people have we not forgotten what the problem with the 9900 was the camera.

Too many times BlackBerry would create a smartphone and there would always be something wrong or missing .

You can only fool some of the people some of the time.

The iPhone changed the game . Samsung pushed it further.

People now want the works from a smartphone.

BlackBerry have to pull out all the stops on any future devices.

If I was Mr Chen I would ' ride the design team like Zorro ' until they come up with designs that make the competition drool.

Do not settle for anything less.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!! ©

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"People, people have we not forgotten what the problem with the 9900 was the camera. "

I keep hearing this and I don't fully believe it. I just got back from a three week tour of Europe and used my 9900's camera to take a number of shots and they came out quite decent.

Yup. Exceed. Not just barely meet. Just like mobile email blow them away

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Good idea to bring a new Style or Torch BlackBerry Phone with BlackBerry OS10 + Touchscreen... also 3GB Ram and a newer Snapdragon Processor would be great... Screen please AMOLED... and 16 GB Memory are enough with a SD card... LTE of course... and at least a 12 mega pixel camera ;) so I think many people would buy such a new retro phone... it would maybe become a hype if BlackBerry would choose a great design and if it would be possible to make the device not too thick ;)

Ah, the misty glow of nostalgia. People only ever loved this device ironically at the time I'm fairly sure. Wasn't it quite significantly underpowered?

And btw , this phone felt retro at the time - to put this in perspective, the Style came out less than six months before the dual core packing 1gb ram toting Galaxy S2. Sure, I'd have chosen the Style, but this thing was retro the moment it was released

Loved this post. I 100% agree, I think a classic line would do really well. Throw a few cool new innovations in there too, and I'm incredibly happy.

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I would be VERY excited about a Retro-Berry for sure. I also had a BB 7520, Pearl, 9650 Bold, now Q10 but my favorite has always been a "Flip phone" and would definitely buy a Flip-Berry 10 in a heartbeat. (Sad to say I've always been with Sprint)

I saw the Style at a lot of locations, and wished i could have picked one up, unfortunately it isn't GSM or it would be a thing i would still desire to this day.

Am I the only one who never liked flip phones? I had a Samsung slider, and it was pretty good for what it was. They will need to be careful how they brand and market a phone like this: most people think all BlackBerries are retro.

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I like the concept, but the design is a little too similar (in appearance only) to the Microsoft Kin.

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Very interesting to have a flip phone as touch screen only... It's definitely a novelty but once a new idea becomes old, an interesting novelty is what is sometimes necessary.

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The z10 my first BlackBerry phone and love it. Some of my friends thought blackberry is dead but I tell them otherwise

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Agreed that it would be awesome but they need to be carefully marketed. They need to keep the "Zed" (not "zee") line as the cutting edge powerhouse phones that make the iPhone cry itself to sleep (or at least until it's battery dies half a day before a Z30) and the Classic line for the form-meets-function that we all loved about our old Blackberries. And somehow get Google Play into bed with BlackBerry World.

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The whole reason the Z10 failed in the US is because no one can relate to pronouncing "Z" with "ed" added to the end of it.

Not proud of it. Not saying it's right. But they should have named it a letter that the whole world pronounces the same.

I call my phone Zed cause I don't like it. If I did is call it the ZEE30

Z30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

Yes please bring back this format factor!
Only Samsung have a modern flip phone out right now and it's like over a grand and only available in China.

I loved being able to slam! the phone shut when I was done talking with someone. It just gave it more emotion than tapping the End on a full touch.

and the Flip to answer a call...well you can't beat that.


The Blackberry Style was one cool and unique phone. I am a big fan of flip phones and I like a full keyboard. The Style was the perfect phone for me. If only they made a GSM version. The last one I had was flashed to PagePlus that I used on Selectel (Verizon). One neat thing is that it roamed on Sprint towers.

Best BlackBerry phone I have owned until my Z10. It would be great to see OS 10 version of the Style.

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The other day my brother in law brought out one of these bad boys
I'd never seen one before, a BlackBerry flip phone!? He still uses it

Not for me but really cool.

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Sure would love a Torch. So sick of typing on glass. And accidently calling everyone and taking photos. For me BB10 is a disaster but maybe if it were incorporated into physical buttons it would be decent.

Z30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

Never understand why Blackberry made such a grappy OS. Calling people by mistake and taking photos is absolutly a NO-GO.

This would be my first work as a BlackBerry CEO: Fix the OS.

But Mr.Chen doesnt know much about smartphones. Just give him a Z10/Z30 two weeks then he would know.

I Z10 but hands down, BB10 is grap. Hoping for 10.4.

RedBerry Z10 #00167

Torch 9810. Though to be fair I've only had the Torch and the Z10, so of course I want my slider back.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

This would've been the phone I upgraded to after my old Pearl Flip bit the dust. I loved the idea of a flip smartphone, and the Style was so attractive to me. Unfortunately, my carrier never sold the phone here in Canada, so I went with another BlackBerry. I did, however get a chance to play with my cousin's Style, as her carrier offered it. I'd love to see a BlackBerry 10 flip phone with the 4 traditional buttons and the trackpad.

Let's hope the execute flawlessly on the q20 Classic.... this is the phone many want.. the true successor to the iconic bold 9900.

If they can make this cutting edge and gorgeous also.. it will mark the return of blackberry as iconic smartphone producer and business phone to have!!

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I've got a crazy idea.

What if the inside of the lid created 2/3 of the screen and 1/3 of the "base" created the other 1/3 of the screen?

So, when the device was fully opened, the two parts would come together to make up the screen. You'd get a bigger screen, but a smaller device.

Just an idea.

I was thinking the same thing!! That way the screen would be big and the phone small!!

Posted on my Q10 via CB10

I loved my Style too. I was a beta tester with BlackBerry, but they did sell it in Canada from TELUS. The only complaint I had was CPU speed. I agree that a Torch Classic would be awesome, and so would a Style Classic. But unfortunately, with the BlackBerry focus on fewer devices and Enterprise focus, I don't see a future for a new Style. Please prove me wrong, Mr. Chen!

Wanting a phone like this is one of the things killing the company. An updated torch or style or pearl or whatever would only sell to an even more niche market within the already niche BlackBerry market. I love my z10, without a doubt. But I consider a tool belt a step back, so trying to sell anything along the aforementioned phones in a "Classic" sense is not going to work. BlackBerry needs to produce a solid keyboard phone, and an amazing touch screen. No sliders, no flip phones.

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If they would make the style a bb10 device, I would be all over it. I still miss the slider form factor of the torch.

Posted from a Nintendo Entertainment System

Good read, but sometimes you just have to say NO! Nostalgia is killing BBRY - People have moved beyond even the beloved keyboard.

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Awesome idea Erik, fingers crossed that the upcoming Classic is a winner.
Here's hoping John Chen reads CrackBerry.

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I've always liked the pic of the Style, I had a flip phone and I constantly opened/closed it too.

I'm golden with a Bold design phone!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Release a slider and a flip model in limited numbers and add them to the special edition and Porche lines they would sell for sure

Z30 and loving it!

I lusted after my gf's Style when she got it. She Sprint. Me Verizon. Love flip phones. Wish my Z30 was a flip!

Posted via CB10

I'm probably just as crazy as you, because I would love a refresh of the classics. A Pearl Flip, Style or Torch with BB10 would rock! My favorite one would be a Storm II with BB10, click-able screen and all! It's the screen that's made me feel closest to having a physical keyboard.

I liked the spirit behind the Style but the final product was a little too bulky for my taste.

I would love to see a Pearl from factor running BB10.

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I don't like sliders and even less flip phones. The design doesn't look bad but I would stick with my Q10 (though I'm looking forward to the Classic).

My dream is BlackBerry Bold 9900 with 1:1 screen and a square top (like the Porsche).

Yup I know :) - That's for me the only letdown of the Bold design.

I could also ask for a Porsche design with the Bold keyboard, toolbelt, the black cover and a brushed steel frame ;)
But let's see what BB comes up with

I wish I could have had the Style. Wasn't compatible with the Rogers network here in Canada. I would sometimes play with it in the store and was very jealous.
I would easily get a Classic Style that ran BB10. It would be a hell of a device. A lot of days I miss being able to slide my phone into a pocket or bag and not having to worry about the screen and such rubbing against thing.
Being able to snap a phone shut was great!

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Swiping would become very frustrating on a flip phone with BB10. I don't even like doing it on the Q10. I'm interested to see how BB is going to handle Peek and Hub on the classic with the added tool belt.

I loved my pink pearl, storm 2, purple style and my white torch. Would love to see them running bb10.

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Great Article! My wife and daughter both had this phone. They love it for the size and ease to type a text and email.

A new one would be great!

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One of the guys I work has one I'm not sure what network but it was sold in Canada, he just loves the think, he's an old oilfield guy and lived the flip phones and this was perfect, he even bought one for his wife

From my Zed 30 running

If, I was still with Sprint, I would still be using my Style. I liked it that much, it was a phone not an entertainment center.

I will call you crazy, that phone is terrible. It is possibly the worst phone bb has ever come out with. Terrible design, terrible processing power.

I has two black BlackBerry Style 9670 and I really loves the form factor, but the screen is too small.

God Bless You!

Good job on your article. My first BlackBerry was a bold9000. I still think the leather back was so cool.

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Still have my Style sitting in a drawer. Loved it at first but after awhile the flip nostalgia wore off.

Posted via CB10

Totally get you on having a phone that can click shut. There was always something satisfying about it, especially if you were mad at the caller lol. Before I was into blackberry, I was into Motorola. Had a RAZR, V60, and StarTAC! Miss those phones in a nostalgic way, I looked so cool too lol

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Super article here! I remember this wife had one and I distinctly remember the "snap" sound when she closed it.

You might think I'm crazy but my favorite old blackberry was my first -i had a 7250 with a purple casing (put it on myself) on verizon. I LOVED this phone-had the extended battery, tweaked a gel case so the big battery and case would fit....I had a camera strap attached to the clear gel case to keep hold of it (still do that to this day-people look at me odd but when you have rheumatoid arthritis as bad as I do a strap makes a phone easier to carry and hold onto).i dearly loved my 7250 (as much as my current zed10)-it would be awesome!!!! To have a retro styled 7250 rocking bb10 with that perfect 7250 qwerty keyboard.
People would instantly know you're hardcore blackberry proud with one of these. I'd pay a premium to have a retro phone like this.

BlackBerry by choice,blackberry for life!

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Loved, loved my Style. The phone was practically indestructible. It had been dropped on pavement, dropped in puddles, down a flight of stairs, and in one cringe-inducing moment, knocked into spilled water AND then kicked across a tile floor by some unruly kids. Excepting some scratches and dings, worked like a champ after all the abuse. I wouldn't dream of doing any of that with my Q. Plus it was a darned good-looking phone. I also nervously snapped the flip, that might be what I miss the most.

Posted via CB10

This looks great. If this was re released I would very tempted as a prepaid. Perfect for phoning and texting thats it. Nice and simple.

Posted via CB10

I would buy the Style form again with BB10 in a heartbeat!! Just attach the Q10 keyboard and give me a little more screen room and I'm off and running. I loved that form factor!!!!

Posted via CB10

I'd definitely be interested in a slider form factor. It has to be well executed though. I had to exchange 5 Torches before I got one that worked. The slider had to be solid. The keyboard has to be good. The specs should be top tier. It can't be a midrange device.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Interesting the clock hasn't changed ;)

I'm on the fence about sliders. When I took the plunge to Android I had to have a physical keyboard. I chose a slider. The problem came if you were relatively active with messaging. There were times where sliding the keyboard out was more work than just using the virtual one...and you didn't want to leave your phone open either. The other issue is their thickness.

I think, for me, a full touch device that is as comfortable to hold as the Q10 (rounded) and with fully (or as close as possible) capable voice control is where I want to be for my next BlackBerry.

emPowered by 

I'm amazed at how many people commented about sliders. How is this about slider phones?

I personally love the look of that phone and would definitely like something like this, maybe an heavy duty phone for people in construction or industrial sectors?

Love the image, would look amazing with BB10, But I can imagine the challenge

Posted via CB10

I'm looking forward to "try" the BlackBerry Classic...but I'm serious on getting the's width won't be an issue...I already two thumb txt with the beautiful BlackBerry Z30...woo-hoo

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

The ol' man's first BlackBerry was a Style. I'd flip it open every time I was over. Loved it. I had a 9800 at the time.
Then I got a 9860 and gave him the 9800...then I got a z10 and he got jealous...I got another Z10 and he got that one...Mother wanted a phone and she got the Z10 and he got a Z30...I still have a Z10 hahaha

Posted via CB10

I still use the Style every time I am in US. It gets easily activated with Boost Mobile. The keyboard is not the best, camera is very marginal, but the attraction of small flip Blackberry is irresistible. Unfortunately it has only been made in CDMA version and can't be used outside US. I would buy it again even with OS7 here and now (in the days of OS10) if I could find it in GSM version.

I still have my old style in the drawer with a plethora of other devices that I just can't through away. I loved the 9670. Awesome device for sure.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Having had a Pearl Flip, a Style, and a Torch 2, I wholeheartedly agree with all of these observations, and no, you are not crazy. They were beautiful phones like nothing else out there, especially the Style.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

An updated Style with the looks of a MotoRAZR. That would be priceless.

Posted via the BlackBerry Z-Ton

Absolutely right. Classics are badly needed. I would like a Q10 with faster processor, stable OS. And a couple of more options in Porsché design models.

Posted via CB10

Today, sitting in a Starbucks (what can I say...I've become a pretentious douche), with only my Z10, I was able not only to write (well...actually type), edit and prepare my own documents but those sent to me by friends. And we are not talking about some freaking memo or simple statement...

And that was in between chatting on BBM, texting, emailing, phoning (I know who the hell uses the phone these days?! LOL) and browsing the net. I did this with one freaking device. The Z10.

Today I just caught a glimpse of the versatility of the Z10 and the BB10 platform...

So there is no way that at I feel nostalgic (to the degree one can feel that towards an inanimate object) about any of the old BlackBerry devices or operating systems.

If I'd tried to do all of the above with a Style (whatever the hell that is), Bold, Curve, Storm, Torch...and whatever else I'm not trying for remember, I would have probably committed sepuku...

So with all due respect (well not really) all the Classic models past, present and future, can suck it!

If BlackBerry wants to survive it must look to the future, and this (including the much touted upcoming BlackBerry Classic model) ain't it!

PS Tried the same with an IPhone 5S and a Samsung Galaxy S5...and felt like pulling out my almost non-existent hair...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Couldn't have put it better myself sir! Good on you!

I can see the appeal of the BlackBerry Classic for those unwilling to make the leap from OS7 to BB10 (more like unwilling to make the lifestyle change).

But every other phone manufacturer is moving forward in their designs and specs in order to support a ever evolving OS experience. BlackBerry is going back to a style of phone that in my opinion, shows no visible distinction from a 9900 out in the world today. It's going to be a tough marketing sell if you ask me.

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I always liked the Torch design because of the slider.. How about a slider running BB10?

Posted via CB10

Call me NOT old fashion, but my Classic includes the letter Z and the number 50 :)


I think style was a great phone. Especially for notifications.

A newer version would be great, Samsung recently released a flip phone, I'm sure it would do well.

I still love my Z10!

But I do agree with you. I always loved the Style's design. If it were updated into a BB10 device I would get it.

My dream BlackBerry 10 would be the Z10 with a slide out keyboard.

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I still remember how I felt when I opened the box of the 8900... 9930.... and now my Z30. I like my Z10 but the 30 is amazingly fast... XLTE!!! nuff said

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I think a "Classic" Style would be very interesting. A flip phone with a full QWERTY keyboard? Awesome! I'd really like to see a Torch series (without the BELT); but I could see myself getting into the habit of sliding the keyboard in and out, in and out... :)

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Wow....I cannot believe the words "Pininfarina" and "BlackBerry Style" appeared in the same article. That's disrespectful. I know looks are subjective but the Style is hands down the worst BlackBerry ever designed IMO. Outside of the Porsche Design and 9900/9700 BlackBerry has made no truly good looking devices. But like I said looks are subject.


Going through some of these comments I realized some people genuinely want a new Style with BB10! The biggest trick BB10 has to offer is Peek/Flow/Hub. And how exactly do you guys expect to effectively accomplish any of that on a two piece device one handed? Absolutely the worst idea I ever read on crackberry .com. I personally hate the idea of the Classic and think BB would be better off spending all of their efforts catering to the markets that are actually still buying BBs.

Well at least with a flip phone no calling people by mistake and taking photos by accident all day same with Z10/Z30.

They must be drunk who build OS10, lol.

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No boby is buying BlackBerry any one. I have big typing problem in my Q10 many users are facing the same problem. No solution suggested by blackberry. Q10 is no a nightmare !

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Never had this phone, but there is still some stylistic magic to a flip phone. How on Earth did a movement like flipping your phone open, ever get cool?

Wow! What a blast from the past! I also owned a Style before I purchased the Bold 9930. It was a great smartphone. I have a Q10 to me this trumps any phone out there.

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I'm still dreaming that the BB Classic will be the ultimate hipster device. Because it's sooo vintage, and Apple is sooo mainstream.
Maybe it's a good idea to infiltrate the New York hipster scene, LOL.

A Classic Torch would get my money. I would hold on to my Q10 and bypass the Q20 for it! BlackBerry needs to step up its marketing and let people know the different form factors their premium devices come in. BlackBerry is about choices and that's why I have stuck with them through my last 3 devices(8330, 8530 and Torch 9800).

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Great article. I'm with you, I think a "Classic" line of retro designs would be great. My choice would be Classic Pearl. I had two of these and was so disappointed when it was discontinued, forcing me to choose a Curve. (could not afford a Bold at the time)

If truth be told, I always thought BlackBerry missed a huge opportunity with the Pearl. I always hoped that they produced a slider Pearl where the front was all screen, turn it sideways and slide the screen up to expose the full qwerty keyboard.

Call me crazy, but I miss my Pearl. I loved the form factor. I didn't need a big screen. I used it to text, BBM, send and receive email, play music, or yeah and make phone calls... didn't need a big screen to watch videos or Web browse.

Just my two cents...

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A thinner form, yes thank you very muchly.

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.

Flip was my first Berry and when I fell for them . loved it slider would be nice screen but man the 9810 sure weights your pocket down .bring on the Classic.

Love my Z10. However, I once owned a clamshell Sony Ericsson and that thing was great. Indeed the little screen on the outside with notifications , flipping it etc. This looks like a great things, would Love to see/have this.

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About revisiting old classics, count me in on the nostalgia. I would love a BB10 Torch with the same width and keyboard as the Q10. A bit taller screen. Lose the chin on the tray.

Give it to me in white, I'm in!

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Style was one of my all time favorite BlackBerry's! Even though I'm long gone from using it, I still have it. Loved that phone. A new Style type phone with a larger form factor and screen- not much, but it could add some functional size and still be an awesome device, would be great!


Well I might be the odd ball here but I for one don't care for any of the BBOS phones now that we have BB10 models. In fact, I would argue that the "classic " might continue to fuel the bad perception flames surrounding BlackBerry as a smartphone company that is slowly dying.

Although I understand it's appeal and hope that the "Classic" is indeed a successful kick at the can. I also feel as though the lines of distinction between BBOS phones (9900)and BB10 models (Classic) are being blurred.

However, If I had to pick a BBOS model to retro, it would be a 9700. Form factor for me is important, so if I can get my Z10 experience out of my 9700 I'd be happy camper!

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I always liked this phone. It seemed to get panned by everyone but I thought it was cool.

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Miss my Sliders. If BlackBerry decided to go with another Slider, I'll take either one....depending on the effort put into it by BlackBerry. Flip? Depends. I could get accustomed to the smaller, funtional screen.

Best blackberry phone i had was 9700. Small, solid and stylish. Kind of style i would like to see in Blackberry's future phone.

No matter how you play it, forever i'll be in it.

Totally agree on the 9700. It was a workhorse. And LOVED the size after the big, too masculine 9000.

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I know a co-owner of a multi-million dollar company who still carries around and uses his Style, even when being mocked by the other executives with their newer blackberries and iPhones. He sends off hundreds of emails daily, so it is in constant use.

He's played with my BlackBerry 10 phones and can't commit to changing. His reason? He finds the Style practical: little to no risk of screen damage/scratches/etc, he never has to worry about where he puts it (fits everywhere and again, no damage issues), and he never pocket dials or accidentally calls/answers anything, since he has to physically flip open the phone to do so.

While I can't say I'd be for/against a newer version, there are plenty who would want a flip phone for those reasons alone (and some prefer flip phones for other reasons as well).

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My wife has a 9900, and isn't crazy about the Q10 as an upgrade. I wanted more than anything to get her the Style - for all the reasons (except for any and all Captain Kirk references.... but don't hate her for this minor flaw....) you mentioned. it was truly a device you feel attachments to. It becomes an extension of you. But the network coverage was the key reason we let it pass. She ended up with a nice Bold 9900, but she is not in love with it like I know she would have been, with the Style.

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Bold 9790. Used one until March this year. The best designed BlackBerry ever, in my opinion. Very discreet, easy to type on, and could handle a few knocks. If they ever make a bb10 version, I'd sign up for it.

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The Storm2 was and still remains the greatest phone BB ever created. Such innovation. Top notch build quality. No compromise.

Like those styles and the torch concept but don't care much for their originalweight compared to the current phones. I still have my old Torch and still marvel at how heavy that bloody thing was and is!

I think BlackBerry should have a phone that when holstered, you can simply look down to see time/date alerts, texts scroll (a la instant messages), etc.
Think of a short watch glued to the top of your phone.

Who would need to wear a silly smart watch then? BlackBerry would be the first, and this would create a real bang IMO.

Loved my Pearl Flip phone! Very similar. Great small screen in front for notifications and only flip open when necessary. Awesome size and battery life. Miss it.

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Always loved a flip phone, and the style was very cool, but a slider is going to be the way to go

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I'm in Europe and by accident "discovered" the clamshell/flip BlackBerry Style while watching an episode of "24". I then went on a hunt and was even willing import the phone from the US when I discovered is was CDMA only.... was so disappointed. love the clamshell/flip form factor. I don't like sliders in general but the Torch was a great handset... best of the keyboard/full touchscreen world! Bring the clamshell back!!!... with UMTS of course.

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Love my Z10 but what made mw.lovw BlackBerry was the BlackBerry Curve 8530, so smooth and classy looking! Very handsome phone also the BlackBerry Torch. That one was just great! A bit bulky but I loved the bulk! Second, my all time favorite series of phones that hive me nostalgia are the LG Viewty series. The Viewty Renoir Arena and Viewty smart

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A little point of criticism? Can we get these people to use real sounding names? It really irks me when someone writes something under a handle.

It was also available in Boost Mobile.

I had to decide between this and the 8530. I already had a Motorola basic flip phone and wanted something different so I got the 8530.

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My dream Classic would be a bigger version of the Bold 9900.

I just love the Bold 9900's look -- curved keyboard, brushed stainless steel band, trackpad, function keys/utility belt, removable battery. Just give it a bigger screen, better camera, and the latest software, then that's it for me.

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I had the Ferrari (pininfarina) Motorola on TELUS' old Mike network, well before any modern BlackBerry, in fact the most common BlackBerry at TELUS at that time was the 'blueberry' Mike (iden) BlackBerry that was blue, obviously.

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A horizontally elongated slider (similar to a Droid 4) OS10 built by BlackBerry would be awesome. They could call it Torch if they wanted, or hell they could call it Crap and I'd still buy it.
That Classic aka Q20 better be an OS10 Bold with a bigger screen on it and have the ability to swap an sd card without having to remove the d*mn battery or I'll, I'll, I'll..... keep my Q10.

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