My Bold 9930 will keep me company until BlackBerry 10 and here is why ...

My BlackBerry Bold 9930
By Jared DiPane on 21 Aug 2012 08:59 am EDT

Lately the news likes to make it look like everyone is abandoning their BlackBerry and going to another platform, and recently I did just the opposite. I'll admit, for the past couple of months I have been on and off with my BlackBerry, sometimes heading to an Android device or an iPhone, but recently it has been all about me and my BlackBerry Bold 9930. So, what sparked the recent changes and rekindled my love of this device? Keep reading and I'll explain why BlackBerry works for me, and why I will use it as my main device until BlackBerry 10 hits.

From the moment I received my BlackBerry Bold 9930 in the mail from Verizon Wireless I loved the device, the hardware felt great, the keyboard was outstanding, and the touch screen worked like a charm. I spent a few months with it and then my curious mind started wandering, and those other devices I had laying around on the table began to look intriguing. As any tech lover with an itch would, I scratched and activated the other devices and thought that they were better than my BlackBerry.

The novelty of a "new" device and a different platform were enough to keep me content for a week or two, and then it the cycle would begin. I spent a lot of time analyzing my work flow, looking at how the devices impacted my productivity, responsiveness and how well they integrated into my day as a whole. This is what brought my Bold 9930 back to the front of the line each and every time.

Does the number of applications in a marketplace make a device better? Does a larger screen, 4G and the ability to load some custom ROM's on the fly make something more appealing? To some yes, but to me no.

So, what is it about the Bold 9930 that has won over my love for BlackBerry yet again? Let's start with the physical keys. Until you leave the physical keyboard, and device keys behind you will likely forever take them for granted. The ability to launch the camera with a quick press of a button from any screen is priceless, you don't have to go to the home screen, then find that pesky camera icon, and potentially miss the memory you are trying to capture.

Bold 9900 Buttons 

While out of the box the Bold 9930 only has one convenience key instead of the normal two, all I had to do was load up SixTools and now I have 4 convenience keys instead of one. This means that with just one press of any of these buttons I can launch into one of my four most used applications with no struggle.

The keyboard. We all know how amazing BlackBerry keyboards are, and how well they assist us in keeping in touch with others, but personally I never valued it fully until I went to an all touch device and my replies began lacking. Where I would have previously replied with a lengthy description I found myself wanting to keep it short. When in the middle of something else I found myself ignoring messages instead of firing off a quick reply, just because I knew the typing experience wasn't as easy.

Ok, so buttons win over everything else? No, the buttons aren't the only thing that won me back. Application integration on BlackBerry devices is far deeper than it is on other platforms. The ability to add a picture to an existing email or to take a picture and post it or send it to the place of your preference makes life so much easier.

The argument about the number of applications available in App World is one that has never made sense to me. So just because Apple has more applications in the App Store that means that they are better? My use case on my Bold 9930 may just be extremely light, or some people may just be over thinking the need for applications, but I prefer to go with the latter.

Personally I don't see the need to fill my devices with tons of applications that I will never use beyond a first launch. There are a core group of applications that I need in order to function properly, and I have yet to have trouble finding a great application for my needs in BlackBerry App World.


From apps that set the weather forecast as my wallpaper, to applications that change the color of the LED so I know what type of notifications are awaiting me, my Bold 9930 is set up just the way *I* need it to be.

Are there things that I would change about the device? Things I would prefer that I can find in another platform. There sure are. I would like a bigger screen, I would prefer real time two way sync on email, and a slightly faster browser. For me these wants don't out-weigh the pro's that the device brings for me and my productivity, which is what makes the decision easy. While I anxiously await the arrival of BlackBerry 10 and some new hardware along with it, my Bold 9930 will be keeping me company. 

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My Bold 9930 will keep me company until BlackBerry 10 and here is why ...


I actually flirted with an Android device for a while but settled with a lightly used 9810 in the spring (no contract). Many of the same reasons for me, I also find the 7.1 browser / 4G speeds to be almost as good as anything out there.

I wish I was picking up a BB10 phone in September like I dreamed but I am happy to wait it out with my 9810.

Everything being about equal between the two phones...9900/30 has a better keyboard but not by much, while the 9810 has a much better screen. 9810 for the win! :D

but heavier and more thick, below is right,too ;)

Is the keyboard of the 9810 better than that of the 9800?

I tried the 9800 a few times but honestly, for me there is a big difference between the keyboards.

9900 wins ;)

Yeah 9810 is so much better than 9800, not only the keyboard. If you like 9800, you will love 9810.

Ya! That's what I like to see! BlackBerry users fighting over which BLACKBERRY is better!
F* all that troll sh*, comin' over here and talkin' all that mess about the other stuff.
I don't need to know about all that.
I love my Bold.

Great article though, I have the Bold 9930 and I love it. The keyboard is where its at for me, but the OS is great as well, apps or not.

Edit: Tie for Murst lol.

Still rockin' my 9650 just the same. Since I can't afford a 9930, send me yours when BB10 drops. Thanks Jared ;)
Anyway, good article. Feels good to just stick with what's right rather than jumping on change when it's not needed.

(((I'd give you my 9930, if you can win it!)))
Your comment gave me an idea.
What if CB members with OS7 devices that eventually upgrade to BB10 devices, give CrackBerry their OS7 devices to disperse to other CrackBerry Members as prizes in a huge give-away contest? That way, BB users on older devices, that still aren't capable of attaining OS7 or BB10 devices, can at least get an OS7 BlackBerry!(
I'm willing to give my Verizon Bold 9930.
I'd like to see others do the same and have a mass of willing givers put into a pool of devices. I think that would be awesome!
@Kevin, get at me on the PM, if you wanna do somethin' up like this??

I agree, great idea. I have a VZ Torch 9850 I would give to upgrade somebody in need. Or, for a kid or grandma that a BB10 device would be too much technology for! Lol ;)
I'm sure CrackBerrydotcom will be having their own BB10 device giveaways and all that good stuff.
I think a "CrackBerry Members OS7 BlowOut Give-Away Contest"(<--this could be the name of the contest, yes!)would be an awesome way to add to it!
It would be a great way to kick off the new year for a lot of people here on CB too!

I have 9900 x1 9810 x1 9850 x1 which will become rather useless to ME in several months.

I was thinking about giving them to my friends who have old android or iphone device so they can try it out but this idea is waaaay better! This way, my precious devices will go into the hands of people who actually want to try out BlackBerry and it will help BlackBerry market share in one way or another!

The problem occurs when people with BlackBerrys just want one for back up to their new icrap or crapdroid.

If you can figure out a way to eliminate these issues, my devices are all yours CrackBerry!

Great read...I agree 100% with everything you mentioned, but this specifically stuck out and after "Device security" is the number 1 reason choose to use BlackBerry:

"I spent a lot of time analyzing my work flow, looking at how the devices impacted my productivity, responsiveness and how well they integrated into my day as a whole. This is what brought my Bold 9930 back to the front of the line each and every time."

Can't wait for BB10, but until it gets here, my Curve 9350 and PlayBook are workhorses gettin' it done!

Sent from my BlackBerry Curve 9350
(Signature just for CrackBerry Kevin)

The Bols keyboard is the best in the buisness hands down and no other phone will help to get things done faster than a BlackBerry.

This is a fact and not opinion so if you disagree I challenge you to take it for a run.

I too strayed to a DroidX which was "fun" but annoying to actually use. I laughed when I read your comment about not responding to an email because you didn't want to hassle with the touch keyboard - totally agree! I admit, I even experience that effect with my Xoom and Playbook. Touch screen keyboards just stink, there's no getting around it.

I'll make a prediction - in ten years touch screen keyboards will be a backup input method. Based on one's use case, you will either use a physical keyboard, or a more elegant voice input than we have today. Just my thoughts...

hmm, I never get that with voice input.

There are very usefull cases like driving etc. pp.

But I just don't believe Voice recognition will be that useful in the Office replacing the keyboard (PC..) especially if you are in open-plan office.

I still wait to see my first Siri-User in public, dictating a text message, still waiting to "ha ha" like Nelson ^^

Agree with you on all points. I also tried out an HTC Desire S for a couple of months and I returned to my BlackBerry. It is so very good and fit for my work and leisure. Being connected is important! Can't wait for BB 10!

"I spent a lot of time analyzing my work flow, looking at how the devices impacted my productivity, responsiveness and how well they integrated into my day as a whole. This is what brought my Bold 9930 back to the front of the line each and every time."

Pretty much the same here, i got the itch and decided to fool around. iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Especially Windows Phone, i keep going back to my Lumia 800 after a while with my BB. Though the virtual keyboard is pretty good, and the social integrations are great, after the initial thrill of playing with a new device and installing apps, and playing around with them. I find that after the dust settles, I would be using that same few apps as before. The same apps that I use on my BB. And my BB does it faster, and the battery lasts longer. Its a combination of things that kept making me miss my BB, a combination of things that make the "BlackBerry Experience". I have sold most of my other devices and is now left with a couple of BB, which i'll probably stick to till BB10 arrives. If it is good, i'll make the switch. If not, the bold 9900 is still an awesome device. :)

I currently use an htc incredible 2 and with the second ota update I had what I believed was the perfect phone. I think sense is a nice UI, the screen is terrific and the integration with google and their native apps can't be beat. Of course the phone itself has limitations, single core, 3g not 4g and most of all, so far, no android 4.0. I'm not into rooting, I just like to use the phone.

With all that being said, I too have been flirting with my old BB. It's the 9650 and if it were a 9930 I may have activated it and used it as a daily driver again. I can use it around the house via wifi and I am so close to agreeing 100% with Jared.

My only concern with going back full time will be leaving chrome to phone, instagram, the screen size and a real google+ app. There's no comparison with BB's G+ and android's G+.

If BB10 has these particulars, perhaps not chrome to phone but something similar, I'll jump back. I do love the look of my BB's. I have a 9550 a 9330 and a 9650. Not necessarily the OS, but that can change, hopefully soon.

I'm ready BB! Whatcha got?!?!

edit: forgot google music. That needs to be added too. Fantastic app.

Well, I love BB but my 9850 is getting on my nerves. It freezes too much and is bad for business. I am going to get the Galaxy S III but will be the first to buy a BB10 device with the keyboard.

I have to admit, the Galaxy IIIS is tempting, I have seen it for $0 on a contract too. I just don't want to switch OS right yet - want to wait and see.

I broke my T-Mobile contract over a year ago, and have been bouncing around with various phone since. Truth be told, I always seem to want to switch to a new platform. However, I am missing my BB 9700. Maybe I'll check out CL to see if anybody wants to trade their BB for my Lumia 900.

If you are thinking about Android, I would suggest the unlocked Galaxy Nexus sold direct from Google. Firstly, the phone is only $350 with no contract. Secondly, it is the only phone with Jelly Bean (officially that is). Plus there are none of the carrier bloatware on the device.

Of course you need to be on AT&T or T-Mobile for this device to work. It is a cheap, contract-free way to play with Android until BB10 drops.

I looked at some Galaxy S III's the other day and the first thing I thought was "My God look at the size of that thing, how are you supposed to carry that thing around without a purse, or a fanny pack?" Then I noticed how thin it was and the cheap plastic construction, I mean talk about a dainty device. I can't see something like that lasting more then three months before it ends up in the repair shop.

I will say even going from a 9900 to a 9850 when I switched providers I find myself in the some of the same shoes. I miss that keyboard, and this provider doesn't offer the 9930.

Thanks for that Jared.

I recently woke up to a white screen on my Bold 9780. I fired up my old Curve 8900 and am despising using it because of its lack of "horsepower". I've considered jumping platforms because I'm struggling to convince myself to use this device for 4-6 more months, as I will not pay for a BB7 device now that BB10 is so near. I'll either struggle through with this device (8900) or pay the $100 or so to fix the Bold. After reading your article though, I know I would be kicking myself if I locked into a contract with a different platform.

BB by choice!

$100 fix for your white screen Bold?
I think its more of a 30Min-to-1Hour with your BB hooked up to your PC type of fix.

I really want a 9930 until BB10 comes out..

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Everything I have just read is exactly to the point of how I think of my bold 9900. My iphone friends all snigger at my blackberry - with their cool apps and bigger touchscreen. What they never understand is that not every wants, likes, or uses any of that stuff? Apps especially - the only real ones I actually enjoy using are dropbox, whatsapp, bebuzz, facebook and twitter. the rest I dont care about. even that big blackberry free for all app last year I got them all but now I've deleted them. I just never bothered to open them. And then the resource manager told me to delete them anyway so I did.

I have an upgrade option at the end of September. I am not going for the iphone 5. The leaked pictures are basically the iphone 4 with a 4 inch screen - groundbreaking! I want a white blackberry qwerty 10 phone! If it's not until January than so be it.

I agree Jared my 9300 is serving me well I am not going to abandon my os 6 for os 7.1 if I change my mind about 7.1 I'll use a hybrid os

Nice post . I'm loving my 9900. I just hope BB10 had the same deep integration throughout because I miss that when I'm using my PlayBook.

The only thing left that I hate about my 9930 is the poor reception when I travel 3G 1X 3G 1X. If you have this probelm then you know what I'm talking about. I am thinkking this is not RIM's fault, however since when I am in Europe or Asia I am able to use GSM and the device never has a problem. Also when I looked up the issue it seems Androids have this problem too.

I've also thought seriously about getting a Win phone 8 and will if the reviews of BB10 are really bad, but for now the LED, BBM and the Keyboard plus the overall pretty good responsiveness of my current phone have me thinking I can hang on until the BB10 keyboards come out.

At first I thought I'd get the full screen BB but now I'm thinking the keyboard is just too good to give up and if the screen is a little bigger making the keyboard bigger that'd be even better.

I need my phone to be my phone.. my communication device. I have my PB for all other things. So I'm off contract now and perfectly content with my Torch 9800. Yes, 9800. So no problem waiting a few more months for BB10.

Oh boy, I can't wait.. well yes I can .. that's my point!

Former BlackBerry user, and at least for the foreseeable future probably won't be switching back. That's a carrier issue, though. The pre-paid carrier I'm with doesn't support Blackberry (Probably due to the NOC) and likely won't.

I switched to Android for two reasons. First of all, I needed Skype for work. At the time BB either had IM+, which blows by any reasonable definition of the word, or the Skype app, which was only available on Verizon (see my review of IM+)

Secondly, I made the mistake of buying Sprint's touch screen Torch, which was an awful, awful device. Should have gone for the Bold. The keyboard was flat out unusable, and most of the apps I wanted weren't getting rewritten for the oddly shaped screen, which wouldn't have been a problem if BB apps handled sizing itself to the screen better. Maybe BB10 will address this.

What I've found with Android is what I found with Blackberry. The basic functions I need are convenient. The integration between apps is as good, and at times even better. Except for notifications, which Blackberry still handles better than everybody. (I want my bedside mode back!!)

However, what I've found is that with Android, I spend less time searching through my device. BB's universal search in OS 6 made this less painful, as did the different app tabs you could set up, but with my Android home screens, I have easy access to ~75% of what I normally do. If Blackberry works in a way for people to easily customize their device to do that, they'll really have a competitor.

I'm sticking with my 8330 until the BB10 convinces me. I was first in on the Playbook and got burned, but its a great device and I use it regularly. I want to give BB another chance cause my 8330 is bombproof and I need the message indicator.
I want to be able to turn off the notifications for a specific amount of time and then it reverts to normal so I don't have to reactivate after meetings, concerts I can set it for 40 min and forget it.

"The ability to add a picture to an existing email or to take a picture and post it or send it to the place of your preference makes life so much easier."

Sorry Kevin, but this one is a nonstarter. Android has unbeleivably deep integration for posting any kind of media to whatever app you want. I can one tap to about 16 different ways to post.

I will more than likely be switching back to BlackBerry when BB10 is released assuming the app ecosystem is still strong enough though.

i know the feeling for sure ive owned an iphone an android and finally the best of all BlackBerry my 9900 has kept me going so very well with email IMs and battery life that beat out all my other choices. nothing compares to a proper keyboard and i fully agree with the apps I got tons from when RIM gave away free apps.... but of them all i really only use the colour ID app for BBM.

Apps are nice and all but same feeling i had on my iphone android and my playbook i dl them and maybe they are 1-2 time uses than sit there for other people to see thats about it.

BlackBerry does for me what i need really well IM Email and attachments it never leaves my hands when i need to be productive.

I'm still rolling with my 9650!! I'd reeeeeeally like to pick up a 9930, but I'm not under a contract right now. So unless I find a hella deal on a used 9930, I'll just sit tight and wait for the BB10s.

I've just come back from a 4s to a 9790, the iphone is good don't get me wrong, but it's not my cup of tea. If I need to type out emails you can't beat a proper keyboard. Gotta be honest the only thing I'm missing at the moment on the BB is angry birds, and that's only because I'm too cheap to buy them on the playbook

I'm sticking with Blackberry cause of contract! if i want to switch it'll be $600 to back out of my carrier blackberry contract. I might as well wait till Jan, Spend $600 on a new BB10 phone instead of $600 to buy out the contract, than a few hundred more for whatever Android phone.

But for technical reasons, aside from security restrictions at work? there's not much else to hold onto my OS6/7 devices

i strongly agree with u..blackberry has changed our behaviour and it is the only device which makes us comfortable to use..good keyboard design,big screen size,stable data connection...that is more than enough for me..i am waiting for the next blackberry and still using 9780 as my greatest device and 2nd device in my life

keeping my 9900 until BB10 also, might upgrade it to a black bezel and leather battery door soon. It's the best phone i've ever owned!

I am big Blackberry fan from last 2years. But finally accepted that blackberry is much behind in hardware & shifted to samsung android last month, Great camera, big screen, front camera & son many games. l its features are great.Offcourse blackberry is for business people n i am not one of them , but I do not use keyboard so much & but misses the led indicator. Though using android can't stop visiting crackberry everytime & will have the blackberry 10 immeditely.

There is just something about BlackBerry that no other device or platform has. I used an Android and Apple device before, but it didn't have the special feel that BB has.. The feel of being able to customize and really understand the device brings you closer. Even with the community of BB users. The BB Nation actually uses these devices for a reason. I just believe in BlackBerry and believe it will keep being successful!


Great article. I wil be due for an upgrade in June of 2013. Hopefully by then not only will the touchscreen BB10 but also the keyboard BB10 will be out and wowing consumers in the US. But what I really hope is that all the BB10 phone models will be out by then so I can decide which model is perfect for my needs.

In the meantime, my 9810 will be more than adequate in helping me "do".

After reading this I almost activated my 9930 again, but... I use a GNex now, and would have to go through the hassle of getting another SIM card when I want to use my GNex or Razr Maxx again. Not a huge deal though.

Then I remembered the most annoying thing to me: GMail. I, like a lot of people, use GMail. Of course an Android phone offers seamless integration, but leaves something to be desired on the BB. My main complaint is when I delete an e-mail, it means I want it to go to the trash bin, not simply archived. I know this is how GMail handles deleted messages and it's not BB's fault, but still an annoyance. And then there is the synching between the phone/web client. When I read/delete a message on the BB, I expect it to be flagged as read in the web based app. It's not. So no true two way sync.

I know I'll be back to BB though once BB 10 rolls around. Like any other tech geek, I just can't stay away.

I went back on contract when the 9900 came out. At that time BB10 was scheduled to be out in the not too distant future (that changed a bit). My thinking is that BBOS did everything I needed and the hardware was awesome and I had a PlayBook that was going to give me my BB10 experience. I ended up trading my 9900 for 9790 (even swap) because my marginal cell service at home snuffed out my battery far too quickly and I also like the small size and better camera. I will probably get a BB10 device because I do things like that, but my current setup is fine for the unforeseeable future. It seems no matter what phone I am using, I inevitably want my 97xx.

What a great post, and I totally agree and love my 9900. It all comes down to Kevin's old 'Smartphone Hieracrcy of Needs' really, and in some ways I wish that BB had remained niche and hadn't sought to try to become all things to all people. Like many people here, my BB helps me be more productive and to keep in touch more easily and for those reasons, and many more, it's the best.

I have been a Blackberry user since the 8700 came out, back in 2006.

At this time it was amazing "just" to get emails right in the palm of my hand!
There also have every been some devices with better media capibilities, like better cameras or so...
But once your heart is given to a Blackberry, it's forever.

The hardest time for me personally was the time between OS5 and OS7, when I was thinking about switching to an Iphone.
Not because of it was "hip", because of it's full HTML5-browser (even 3G Blackberries were years behind it's speed and didn't offer HTML5) and it's version of google maps - perfectly integrategraded.
Sorry to say that, but BB-maps were to plain for me.
When I was out with friends, which had Iphones, it was a matter of seconds to find a nice bar with a navigation to it.
That really impressed me!

But with OS7 it's not hard to me to wait for the nextgeneration Blackberries (OS10) and I'm confident, that it will be awesome!

I don't need tons of apps or games.
All I need is to have great built in apps like good maps, social feeds, email/messenger-abilities and a good batterylife. I also won't miss my blackberry keyboard!

I also hope BB10 will get back it's native messengers like ICQ or Skype!

I use IM+ but it's not the same as it was with the native ones!

Think about an Iphone without apps - boring device! And I'm sure, if I'd switch, I always have a eye on new BB devices!
But it won't happen for now!

RIM I will be there in future!

Absolutely Phenomial Device (BB BOLD 9930) however when this device launched it lacked several key features that set this device back... When this device came out I was seriously in the market for a new device on the Now Network. After checking out the device the Bold 9930 didnt have key features something simple as (Focus/Auto Camera) that was HORRIBLE! How could BlackBerry create such an amazing device and not include camera features (SMH)... No front facing camera as well, I figured this was a slap in the face! At the time I was using an android device, looking 2 go back to BlackBerry, but that didnt work out. Other tweaks to the Operating system were interesting updates but nothing to keep BlackBerry in the fore front... Now I'm Team IPhone & hopefully BlackBerry 10 will not sell it self short & actually release a device that can stand next to an iPhone, Android or even a Windows Phone.... Good luck blackberry...


I'm sticking with my curve 9350 until bb10. My next upgrade through my carrier and the bb10 launch are pretty much the same time frame. With the 9350, I have the 7.1 OS experience without the touchscreen and that's OK. No reason for me to get the latest bold this late in the game when bb10 is right around the corner.

I have been using my 9930 since last September and am counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until I can upgrade to the new iphone. I have never been as disappointed as I have been with my 9930. My 9930 will be my last bb. That is saying alot considering the only smartphones I have owned are BB's. I will join the 50% of my colleagues who have made the switch to iphone in the past 2 years.

Good Riddance BB

I currently rock a Torch 9800 and a 16GB Playbook and loved it more than the latest phones with all its bells and whistles. Because I only use a few selected app without going through hundreds of app like others. What i love the most on BlackBerry is the LED notifications. But that soon may not be a specialty because the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3 and etc... have LED notifications. With the help of a free android app, those phones can tweak their LED to be have exactly how BlackBerry phones react to notifications. BlackBerry keyboards are no doubt undefeated. I'm just glad to read your comments on this. I'm rooting for BlackBerry 10 next year.

Sent from a BlackBerry PlayBook from Thailand.

I'm holding the Bold 9900. It is really great and lovely. But frankly, last few weeks, I kept thinking to buy another platform phone instead of waiting for BB10. But, I now, think to wait for BB10 ^_^ and keep my 9900 for "exhibition", even in fact, my phone has 2 problems: (1) Screen is not working well under direct sunlight (jumping crazy) and (2) The trackpad is not good, must press hardly. So frustrated sometimes really!

I recently upgraded from a Curve 9300 to a Bold 9900 (ATT).
I upgraded now because I did not want to wait for BB10 which was delayed, and wanted to try their flagship 9900.

What a difference the 9900 is, so fast and the keyboard is amazing. My main gripe is the fixed lens camera is not good for close up pictures (for example taking pictures of product labels)

I was worried about the size difference between the Curve 9300 and Bold 9900. I can say that it is still a managable weight and size, and it is worth moving up to the 9900.

I also recently received a new/unlocked 9860 off of Ebay. It too is a nice device. I wanted to try a full touch screen device to help me decide which BB10 device to get. The 9860 is built well, feels good, and has a way better camera than the 9900. Also I think it's battery lasts a bit longer than the 9900 even though it uses the same battery.

I swap the SIM out whenever I feel like using either phone. One benefit of owning and using these two models is that since the batteries they use are the same, I only need one spare battery and it fits both. Part of my use model for smart phones is to carry a spare battery.

I do lean towards the 9900 with the physical keyboard, and the one handed form factor it provides.

If you like a bigger screen and better camera though, the 9860 is a great device.

BB all the way.

I don't know if anyone will respond to this, but this article hits right where I am now. Today I am free to update with Verizon! For over a year I had been looking forward to getting a bb; I currently still have a flip phone. I love bb's focus on no-nonsense communication, esp push email and text. I'm also a bit odd with my friends in that I love the form factor and think the bold looks cool and professional. All systems were go until I wandered into a store and tried to type on a demo, I wanted to like it so badly but i have to admit i found it to be difficult. I'm hoping some fans here can convince me that it's just a learning curve thing, or that its hard to get a true feel when the thing is wired to a desk. I am not a troll, I want to want it, but now that the day is here I have a number of willing friends saying 'you want a keyboard, try my droid 4'. . . and no one who has a 9930. Since a number of you expressed experience with other devices, am I missing something or should I get one on faith hoping it will become comfortable for me; have any of you had that experience of needing to 'warm up' to it? Thanks =)

You forgot to mention ANYTHING regarding how sluggish this phone gets after a while and how it freezes up so much on a daily basis. If there was anything more I wanted from my 9900, it would be this.

I used Blackberry for years, but the last few years I have gotten away from the devices. I have gone through 6 different Android devices in this time one IPhone 3GS and one iPhone 4S and one WM Lumina. As you can tell I have a short attention span and got bored easily, that is untill the 9900. I love this phone, it is the best fit in my hands, and the keyboard is the best. I have not used my iPad in the 9 month's that I have had my 64GB Playbook. Bridge is the best idea ever! I use my phone for the phone and sms, and the playbook for everything else like emails and games, the perfect combo. I am back to blackberry and planning to stay for the long run, I am super excited for BB10.

I considered Android when moving from a dumbphone to my 9810. Yes, I do get annoyed at times by the lack of certain major apps and by the smallish screen that makes web surfing in portrait mode painful. But after having been on BlackBerry for a few months now, it's clear that it is the right choice for me, since email and messaging is definitely my top priority. Incidentally, it seems that there are not many smartphone users who use their phones for email:

Wow! Even though I'm not surprised, I can't believe everyone is calling this a great article. He basically said it's the keyboard that is keeping him on his BB. I love BB and it's wonderful keyboard and built in apps, but it is woefully underpowered for today's requirements. I have a handful of apps on my OS 7.1 Curve. While I really only use FB and 4S it continuously runs out of memory. And to alleviate that, it decides to delete my txt msgs and email with no warning. I can't continue this for the next 6 months waiting for BB10. RIMs decision to only include 512mb in this device was sooo short-sided. I would prefer to hold out, but I'm afraid I won't. :-(

Same for me brother! Not even tempted a little bit. Although a lot of people in my circle use android or ios and occasionally poke some fun at me, My 9900 is no slouch. Can't wait for my bb10 yo!

I like my Bold 9930 a lot. I wouldn't want a bigger screen really, I think those huge screen devices are overkill. Need something thin to put in my pocket.

However, I hate that I still don't have two-way email syncing with my Gmail account- that is an outrage. This is 2012 for christs sake. Web browser is okay but not great, especially over 3g. I also have to fight with a Verizon deadspot in my office which drives me nuts. They also never release updates for my 9930.

I'll be having a brief affair with Windows 8 Phone if they look good, but I'll def be checking out the BlackBerry 10 devices if they're ever ready.

Sorry, really don't agree with that. I recently switched back to a BB (9860) from an Android device. And the app situation is appaling! I don't use apps much - hence the change back to BB - but that's just ridiculous. No navigation apps, none of the firms I work with offer apps for BB - but they almost all have apps for iOs and Android.

Sorry, but right now I'm forced to acknowledge that the main reason for my switch back to BB is that I'm a BB fan. I just like the look and feel of the devices. From an objective standpoint, RIM is far far behind and I couldn't recommend it to any of my friends.

I really hope RIM can turn things around withBB10, but right now, frankly I'm shocked how far behind RIM has fallen since my Bold 9000 days.

me too. my white 9900 from rogers tethers like a m*th*rf*c*r and it's uber fast. and now with figuring out the engineering screens, i have not one complaint. i keep my phone on for a week straight without any slowdowns. in fact i may even keep it a few months after a qwerty bb10 comes out cause i'll have a hard time parting with it. :'-(

I was using a Galaxy S, then a Galaxy SII up until last year. In January, I chucked the SII in favour of a 9810/Playbook combo and found that this worked well. My only beef was the 9810's keyboard was too narrow for my big paws. I upgraded to a 9900 about a month ago and LOVE the keyboard on it.

As others have mentioned, there's a core group of apps that I frequently use. My phone I use for texting and emails while on the go and I use my Playbook for music/podcasts and web browsing.
BB Bridge works well 95% of the time and I find as an added bonus that I rarely use more than a GB of data, whereas with the Android phones, it was crazy how much data I consumed for more or less the same usage patterns.

I supect the Android problem with usage had a lot to do with Bell's inadequate billing system, but appreciate that going through RIM for data means that it's an impartial third party providing Bell with the actual usage numbers.

In any case, I am very happy with the 9900 until BB10 comes out. I would have a hard time going back to an all-touch phone, so probably will have to wait for the full keyboard version to come out.

Love my 9900, had the 9000 before and loved that.
Why I like my BB and RIM in generally?
The email service and BBM of course.
Can't beat Group Chat on BBM
I run a small backpack business and it's all web base.
I have my emails notifying me of payments made through Paypal.
I do transfers on Paypal from the 9900.
No need to wait to get to computer with internet access.
The 9900 does it all for me.
Very Cost Effective

Love it.

Love my 9900. Great phone. Can't wait to see and play with BB10, and my frustration on it not being here now is more about how it affects RIM as a company than actually affecting me directly, but my 9900 will hold me over till BB10 is here just fine. RIM really did themselves a huge dis-service by announcing QNX phones even before OS7 launched and then having their true availability off by a year. So many more BB users would have given OS7 a shot if they new BB10 was over a year and half away as opposed to just 6 months that Mike and Jim originally stated. Also more developers would have stuck around longer.

It is precisely the reasons in this article that I have no desire to switch to another brand and why I will stick with my 9900 until BB10, and possibly beyond.

well written article, i definitely agree.

i swap between my 9930 and my 4s almost monthly...

recently i used the 9930 for about a week and a half, after having updated the OS to the latest offficial from VZW.

i can honestly say for that week it was the first time i didnt miss my 4s. and i even stopped using my ipad as much.

the novelty has worn off from those devices, and i hardly use any of the apps besides those that i use on my BB.

therefore the BB is a wiser choice for work, and my daily driver as the majority of the time i am just using SMS and email fb/twitter.

however, i love having a camera in my pocket, and my job requires me to be able to take and post pictures to social media, as well as the fact that i just like to take photos.

this is where the 9930 fails miserably. we all know theres no auto focus, and we all know the camera is subpar to the 4s, but 5mp is plenty resolution, the problem is the downscaling when uploading.

i post images of the daily specials on our facebook for the restaurany i work for as well as our twitter. with my bosses SGSIII the image quality is stunning, as is my iphones, but the BB scales text so small i cant read it for shit, and theres no editing capability to crop the photo i take unles i use some shitty software from app world.

another gripe i have is that ever since i upgraded the OS my 9930 is CONSTANTLY RUNNING OUT OF MEMORY. yes i had to use caps lock to emphasize my frustration. i have 4 apps installed, berryweather, fb, twitter, dropbox, and about 5 themes. why is the new system resources app telling me every day i need to delete them because i am down to 0mb app memory?

at the end of the day i love my BB, but i hate how theres always something that prevents it from being the best. its either the apps arent up to par, (dropbox, im looking at you..), the apps arent present (Instagram, FB pages manager im lookin at u). RIM touts BB as being so social centric yet every photo upload is scaled so far down it looks like crap, and the camera itself is far outshined by even lower end BBs! this in combination wit the fact that my 4s battery life beats my 9930 BY FARRRR, make me end up swapping back...

the iphone lacks app integration at the core os level, and lacks great things like the bold keyboard, and the status light, but it does everything the blackberry cant, and it does it quite well.

that being said, i love both devices, and i just wish there wasnt always some kind of tradeoff in using one or the other..

hoping BB10 solves these issues, as i am really exited to see the qwerty version and hoping verizon will carry in it white for once!!!

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't care about how many apps are in the store. If 98% are useless, games or of no interest, all that means is a cluttered store where it's hard to find things that might actually be of use.

Vitam impendere vero

I have to give it you blackberry fans, not that i am not one. But i made the switch to the SIII and i have to say Android has improved alot. The only thing that took me away from my 9900 was the waiting and waiting for B10 , then looking at it, almost seems its going to be Android all over again. Now with Adobe Flash support going away on mobile devices I dont see a real reason to go to B10. Then to top it off, there are phones with physical keyboards now that look similar to a BB. They even are making Themes that look and feel like B10 for the Android. I hope the best for RIM I really do.

What pisses me off is ignorant people judging RIM without knowing.
Blackberry has the best email experience period. Yes I am on BES with my company and that is the PRO solution but I also have my personal Gmail / hotmail / yahoo synced and all works great.
When I read an email it get flagged as read regardless on what device I open it on.

So for people thinking that blackberry has no two way sync email you are missing the truth.

The "wait loyalty" is simply to the Brand, no BB7 apps will work in BB10 ..brand loyalty and Bridge to Playbook - I like my Playbook but "bridge" is not a big deal to me, but I'm waiting for BB10... and waiting...

I dont get why people are stuck on the email being the best? I love the fact it gets here fast but seriously there are times when my ipad receives before my playbook and 9900. Seems since switching to the SIII its on time with my ipad as far as syncing. Plus i am not a fan how emails come in on my 9900. Granted I like to read it, however there are times when I recieve emails and it looks like a picasso painting.

I have 8 email accounts all synced up, fast and furious, /wo going through the big G's radar.
nuff said

I have the usual complaints: lack-of-apps and fixed focus camera..... but the greatest "app" of all is usability.
I went with a slider android for a few months and resolved myself to become efficient at it's use. Then I broke it and was forced to go back to my 9650.
Oh my gosh... it was amazing and felt like a weight was lifted when I went back to work with this phone. So fast, one-handed operation, one button quick access to most used apps, great speaker phone, .... and this new 9930 feels wonderful as well (although I prefer the smaller size of the 9650) and is better in most respects.
I need to take notes, use Office documents, use dropbox, and keep files organized.... and listen to nice clear voices when on the phone.... the speakerphone is superb, too.
I would enjoy the additional apps of other smart phones, but 99% of what I do (and what most people do) are already on this blackberry.

I've got a 9930 also and my next phone will be a non physical keyboard BB10 phone or an iPhone. Been using keyboard phones for a long time. Moto Q(loved the keyboard) prior to this 9930. It's time for me to move up to a bigger screen.

I think the style 9670 is one of the most slept on BB's ever... This is an amazing phone. The Flip Form is maybe a concern to many, as it was for me. But I just can't find myself letting this phone go. One of the main reason I'm sticking with BB is BeBuzz. I love having the ability to customize the LED colors to individual apps. Just thought I'd say that

thanks for that question! i was seconds away from posting it myself. thanks for the reply as well. downloading beweather now

I always chuckle when I read these articles. So BB7 is the best OS for you yet you cant wait to get your hands on BB10? Problem is that BB10 is going to try and be like IOS, Android and WP which you already feel are not good enough for your daily use. I think BB legacy supporters are going to be very sad when BB10 is released.

i don't think anyone really said BB7 was perfect.. they said it'll hold them over till BB10..

and your comment about BB10 being like ios and android i will disagree..

yes we cannot get away from all these companies getting similar features because these features are driven by the consumer..

and WP is a joke.. i don't know 1 person that owns one! and i have seen like 2 in public since it was released..

i think the blackberry experience will still be there (i.e. email, bbm, the deep integrations, and the option of physical and touch screen keyboards) with a lot of new features and work flow (i.e. "flow", the new touch screen keyboard, BDS activations etc). but that's what comes with a new OS..

although i agree with u that some people might not like the change and will see a reason to go android or ios.. but i think BB10 will definitely meet the needs of BB lovers..

I just installed the Seidio extended battery and now love my 9930 again. The neurosis I developed from relying on three home chargers and one car charger to maintain power has been solved by Seidio. I began taking my dumb phone with me for reliability until I got this extended battery as the original BB battery was not good. I have another year till upgrade and by then I can look forward to BB10 hopefully but if there are battery issues with that phone, I will be gone rather than relying on what Seidio is going to do.

Yes i have gone over to the darkside and got an S3.. but that's cause i have a 9900 for work, which now i have the best of both worlds!

It took me like 2 weeks of intense researching to make my android the way i wanted it to function and i still have to compromise!

what a joke!! the stock Samsung Client and the Stock ICS client is horrible!!! no true push email and the FREE apps in the marketplace (i.e.K9) are security risks!! i installed K9 and the next thing i know i have people emailing me that i am sending SPAM! i had to change my email password and delete K9.. and i am not paying $10.99 for an app i should already have... so my only option was to forward my emails to gmail to get true push.. and i agree that google did a good job on being able to use any email address (outside of gmail) to use as ur primary.. so your reply can still come from your primary email address.. But my wife who has an S3 now as well.. she uses yahoo and yahoo u cannot forward emails unless you sign off up for a premium account, so she is stuck using the stock email client!

2)Cross platform IM
i use whatsapp and kakao talk.. both are pretty good but there are times when the responses get delayed and don't go through for minutes to hours.. i got a message from the wife to pick up some bread and milk and i didn't get it until i showed up at the house empty handed!! I love the way BBM allows you have to groups and u can make lists, integrate into calendars etc... i am still trying to find an app so that my wife and i can share lists and tasks.

3) LED
I was happy when i found out the S3 had an LED cause most samsungs dont... LightFlow is a pretty good app but because of the fragmentation the North American version is having issues cause of the different hardware.. BeBuzz cannot be beat and the brightness of the LED is just amazing on the BB!

4) keyboard
yes everyone mentioned it already.. but i downloaded Swiftkey 3 and it's the best touchscreen keyboard experience so far, but i too keep my message short and sweet cause i don't want to reply.. honestly when i get an email (i have it setup on my bb and s3) and both devices are side by side i pick up my BB to reply.. and during work hours i use my BB to use whatsapp, FB etc etc.. and replying is just so much better..

don't get my wrong the S3 is fun to use.. the camera is good, and customizing and theming the phone without having to go through a Theme Studio is great... i too find myself deleting games etc after a week or two ..

So i too am waiting for BB10.. i am still torn on which model to get.. but it';s either Bigger Screen or keyboard ; <

Good article.

Almost makes me feel like dropping my iPhone for another 9930... Almost. At the very least, it definitely makes me wanna have another 9930 just to have around.

I feel the exact same way... i constantly have to tell ppl why i still have a BB in 2012... This article hits every great point on the head !!!

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I did the same and totally agree. Bb9900 to iphone 4s to lumia 900 to Samsung s3. Prefer bb9900. Use the others weekend. Lumia is gone already. The only thing I do not like is NO autofocus camera. Needs this for my receipts keeping.

I have an iphone 4 But would love to go back to Blackberry, I really want a blackberry bold 9930 for sprint, would probably be willing to trade. I remember wanting an iphone 4 soooo bad when I saw all the cool apps and video chat But then realized as I got older I never use the apps rarely, Just instagram when Im bored & twitter and sports apps which Blackberry has. I thought I would video chat more But I never do and no 1 I knos uses there lol and I never see any one trying to crank out and watch netflix on there iphone. especially now that tablets flooded the market.

Ugh to hold out for BB10 is gonna drive me crazy................

You sound like most people wanting the stupid Iphone 4 and making the mistake of leaving the BlackBerry. I really hope you can get you a BB soon!

I completely agree, in fact the 9930 will be my device most likely until the BB10 physical keyboard device hits. I have deviated from blackberry a few times, the first to an original iphone 3G in 09 and then a Photon in '12 and both times ive come home. Im interested to see the new touch screen BB10 device but unless its mind blowing Ill wait until the Qwerty joins the ranks.

Im just curious for those members who are planning on the BB10 touch screen device, and what they are expecting. The major and primary reason for my love for BB is the physical keyboard. I have high hopes for BB10 like everyone else, but without the enticing keyboard do we really think it will be able outperform ios or android?

I have been a Blackberry users since i was 9. (My dad used to alsways give me his old devices to play with when i was a kid) I have always loved these phones, and now that I am a business owner, and a traveler, and can't see any other device ever doing the job that a BlackBerry can.

Believe me, I have tried them all. The EVIL Iphone, all over the Windows phones, and i even went as low to get an Andorid for a few weeks, and NOTHING does the job of a BB.

I get anywhere from 100-1,000 emails a day, and 86% of them need a reply within two to three hours. The only way I can make that happen is on my BlackBerry.

The keys, the phone itself, and just everyhting about the device makes me LOVE answering emails.

Not really sure if im going to like the BB10 devices without the keys. I will try it, but i think my 9930 is going to be with me for a while!

I too have used all the current phones out there. I had an original Droid that one day just started a major update in the middle of the day. Kinda freaked me out and I went to a BB 9330. Recently went back to my 9930 from an Iphone 4S and I am glad I did. Just can't live without the qwerty keyboard. Look forward to see the new BB10 devices. If I do decide to ugrade, I will definitely stay with the keyboard.
All in all the Bold 9930 is great for what I do, (IT guy) and the security is great for work related jobs. Don't fell the need for a billion apps, jjust the ones I need for my daily use.