My BlackBerry is NOT Working - Some British BlackBerry Humor...

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Dec 2010 09:48 am EST

The BBC posted this video preview of The One Ronnie show to their youtube account earlier this week. It's definitely a good little piece of British BlackBerry humor (note for the North Americans in the crowd, that "Orange" is a cellular carrier!). Check it out for a Wednesday morning laugh. I spotted this one on Isaac Kendall's facebook stream, so thanks Isaac!

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My BlackBerry is NOT Working - Some British BlackBerry Humor...


This is really funny.

Sadly (from a male perspective), I laughed at this more than the Virgin Mobile Slutty Claus.....Oh well.

British humor is HILARIOUS, this reminds me of the British comedies I used to watch as a kid back in the day! The eggs box was classic, too funny.

old school stuff... u can't beat it no matter what u try... Wondering if Blackadder, Alain Bstard and Fast Show crew, all together make the same joke.... how would it look like......

That's awesome. Gave me a good laugh as I sit in my empty office working while everyone else is on vacation.

Brilliant!! Hilarious!!
...and @tmwitkemper I know the feeling mate...working double so the Boss can play in the snow up in the mountains.