My BlackBerry is not working - A bit of humor to help lighten the mood

By Adam Zeis on 13 Oct 2011 01:09 pm EDT

We had originally posted this video last year, but since the last few days have no doubt made BlackBerry owners a bit angry and frustrated, we figured we'd try and ease the pain a bit with a few laughs. This was originally seen on The One Ronnie show and takes a bit of a spin on our usual tech problems. It's definitely a good watch to help lighten the mood even though things are back up and running now. Enjoy!

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My BlackBerry is not working - A bit of humor to help lighten the mood


The great part about this clip is when Harry Enfield clearly struggles to keeps a straight face at the 'dongle' point.


I missed that video the first time it made it's rounds. Hilarious! What's truly funny is how things haven't changed much in a year and that video is still very applicable.

I have never been able to see a video of youtube on my Bold 9780. In Puerto Rico the best mobile company or carrier is Claro. I am a Claro client but youtube never function on Blackberry.

I had this problem a years ago. I am a user from Claro in Dominican Republic and I resolve it enabling the APN settings and introduce my ISP APN and Bang! I can watch any youtube video... I dont know if that was the issue but hey i can watch videos now from youtube ;)

I wonder out of all the people celebrating the humor were also the ones to say calm down to the other bb users? I'd put my money on a higher percentage. And yes I love this video from the first time I saw it. Had to watch it again.