My BB Bat - A free app that indicates estimated battery residual time

By Michelle Haag on 17 Dec 2010 09:08 am EST
My BB Bat by nisido
A great deal of BlackBerry owners pay close attention to certain information about their devices such as memory usage, battery temperature, battery percentage and so on. I've never really been one to micromanage my device in that way, maybe because I've never really had a problem with memory drainage or anything like that. The one thing I do have an issue with now that I am using the BlackBerry Torch is battery life! I can't make it through a day without needing to charge midway through. In the CrackBerry app store today I found a free application that may help me more accurately judge how much battery life I have left on my device.

My BB Bat is a small app (40.3k) by nisido that monitors your battery and tells you at a glance some quick information about its status. After installation, device reboot, or battery charging, the app calculates the residual level of your battery, or how much time you have left before your battery is empty. As your battery level decreases, the app recalculates the residual level to the nearest 10%, and reflects that amount with an indicator on your home screen. So for example, if the app shows that you have 1 hour and 45 minutes of battery life left, the indicator would show a 2 on your home screen. Personally, I like that it shows actual time left as opposed to a percentage because I don't have to try and calculate how long that percent might last me.

The app requires no set up or interaction from the user. You install it, wait a few minutes for it to gather information and calculate your stats, and that's it! Other information that My BB Bat shows includes battery status, level (as a percentage), temperature, voltage, and uptime. Best of all, it's free!

For more information and to download My BB Bat from the CrackBerry store
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My BB Bat - A free app that indicates estimated battery residual time


Took several minutes to finish calculating but now seems to be working just fine on my Torch. Thanks for the tip. This looks good and for free is even better. :)

personally waiting for it to become more realistic... have about 80% battery on my torch and it is saying 17 hours... experience tells me that that is a blatant lie lol.

This doesn't show support for the Tour 9630 but I tried it anyway and its working on my device including the leftover, my batt is currently at 84% with 26 hours remaining.

Forget this app and forget that POS MeterBerry. Install BB-Meter (FREE) and get all the best of both of these two apps. MeterBerry is the king of all false promising apps. BB Bat provides a staggering dearth of useful information. (I am not affiliated with the developer, I just call it like I see it)

I installed/uninstalled. My Cross Screensaver/Battery Monitor is better then this app (it WAS free). Plus it solves the "show clock while charging" .973 issue

Did everyone know that other BlackBerries have that info (or at least how much battery juice you have left) RIGHT on the PHONE itself? Any app, no matter how small, drains battery power to tell you how much battery power you have left. A little redundant isn't it? On the Torch go to Options, Device, and then Device and Status Information. There you will find how much battery power you have left. Simple and you won't drain your battery as much by using the phone's inbuilt system. Now that wasn't so difficult, was it? The Bold 9700 has the same information available, so you can relax and know you can check your battery power without the need for apps, free or not.

This is one of the dumbest things ever posted on this site.

First of all, the amount of "overhead" such an app has on
overall battery life is negligible, at best. I defy you
to prove otherwise. Why people who have no friggin idea what
the **** they are talking about insist on spreading this type
of BS astounds me.

Second, what the native function DOES NOT do that the mentioned apps can is provide you with a detail of how much,
in terms of percentage and time, the battery is draining as well as provide the temperature of the battery. These are useful troubleshooting tools that the OS does not provide.

About the free BB Meter is the fact that it reads temps in C instead of F. Otherwise, its a perfect little program. Tried to learn to convert the readings but my forgetfulness prevents that!!!

Nobody reads temperature in farenheit anyways. Except Americans. And we all know how behind the 8-ball they are. Get on that metric system!

J.k. I love (some) Americans