mxDATA bring some more public transport apps to BlackBerry 10

mxDATA Maps
By James Richardson on 25 Mar 2013 07:48 am EDT

Chances are that if you have been a regular visitor to CrackBerry over the years you would have seen us feature TubeMap which is a super application for the London Underground. The app has been available on the PlayBook as well as older BlackBerry smartphones and now BlackBerry 10.

While I was perusing BlackBerry World recently I stumbled upon some more maps from mxDATA which all look to be just as good as the London one and have great functionality.

The ones I checked out Chicago L, Barcelona Metro, Berlin Subway, Toronto Subway, Madrid Metro, Washington Metro, New York Subway and Paris Metro

If you are in any of these cities and have picked up a BlackBerry 10 smartphone I would highly recommend checking them out in BlackBerry World. All are free to download and as well as offering just the maps you can also plan routes - which will tell you the journey time and how many stations you will pass through. It doesn't get much better than that.

Download Chicago L
Download Barcelona Metro
Download Berlin Subway
Download Toronto Subway
Download Paris Metro
Download Madrid Metro
Download Washington Metro
Download New York Subway

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mxDATA bring some more public transport apps to BlackBerry 10


in his defense he contributed to the topic. I got the Toronto Map soon as it came out. I don't use the subway often but when I do I am glad I got this app

And I do care if Montreal does get it, but when it comes, it comes, I'm just glad Toronto is on there.

Well, to start off: he cares. As do I and most BB10 users in Montreal. Don't be so quick to kill the firsters: we've all done it at some point in time and in one form or another.

I know it makes you feel better if you think that everyone is like you, but sorry, no, never was one of these people who is desperate for importance and attention jumping into topics to proclaim "first" as if you win a cookie or something for it... If you want to defend being one of these, fine, but don't speak for the rest of us by claiming we've "all" done that or do it...

Sorry Shebmiller, not all of us think the interwebz are full of forums and people just want to be cool and say first. I've done it in the past to mock people like jojo... I can't stand going into the Battlefield forums because any news that BF posted, so many posters thought it would be cool to post first. First for what? A non existent comment to the story?

If you were to post a real comment, we will still know you are first because you actually responded to the posting and we don't need to see "First" or "1st" or however they want to say it.

Now this is why CB is my daily go to site or RSS feed, I never knew there was a non-android tube map for the PlayBook. I just downloaded it and its completely different to the android sideloaded version I have looks better and its faster too. Nice!!

It's ok. I use the New York one. I wish o can put in my start and end destination and it will plan a trip for me. Like on the my website

Posted via CB10

Unlike London subway, Toronto subway system is much much simpler. This app only confine to the subway system not the street cars or buses. Very limited usage.

For your information I will be speaking to mxDATA later to see what the score is with regards to updates and other locations.
I will update.

Posted via CB10

Considering how much open data there is surrounding Toronto's transit (bus, streetcar, subway) for both scheduled and real-time arrival timings, I'm disappointed in this app since it takes advantage of none of it.

Hi, I'm in Switzerland and it's not possible to download any music or movie in BlackBerry world... WHY?? BlackBerry travel is also not available in Switzerland... (only 3 countries...) help me please... why BlackBerry always forgot swiss people? Can someone help me and give me a response please? It's impossible to contact a support from BlackBerry...

Posted via CB10

It's great to see the Toronto subway version of the app. As a Torontonian myself, I have to admit I get lost sometimes on the subway heading downtown because I need to go downtown and so I don't always take the subway. This app really comes in handy and came out at just the right time.

TTC should make a blackberry 10 app, or the developers that made the iPhone app, should port it to blackberry 10 for all of us to enjoy! :)

I bike it, I used to take the TTC, but only if I can't bike it, will I TTC it, or train/bus/streetcar it.