CrackBerry @ Mobile World Congress 2010: Kick-Off Podcast!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Feb 2010 07:48 pm EST

CrackBerry Podcast 046

CrackBerry coverage goes to Barcelona this week for Mobile World Congress 2010! MWC is the biggest mobile-dedicated conference in the world and this year BlackBerry is going to have a big presence there. On CrackBerry Podcast 047 last week I promised we'd try and bring you some special edition podcasts so we decided to kick things off early on the eve of the event with a quick Smartpone Experts MWC preview show.

While I'll be tackling all of the BlackBerry stuff at MWC, Dieter Bohn and Phil Nickinson will be covering all the non-BB stuff for our sibling sites. In this show (only 17 minutes in length) we quickly cover the things we have seen so far and talk about what we expect to see this week. Keep it locked right here for lots more MWC10 action!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry @ Mobile World Congress 2010: Kick-Off Podcast!


Kevin dropped the S bomb lmao... Like who has never done that :)

Kevin gets a woot for keeping it real!

Didn't hear you guys discuss the Samsung wave at all. You probably have a ton of stuff going on but was really interested in hearing about it. Don't really care so much about the hardware but another operating system really? Would like to hear some opinions. This smartphone business needs to get down to five bulletproof operating systems. RIM, apple, android, WinMo, etc. They should all do a highlander style competition! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

Maybe I'm just dreaming here, but I wish RIM would announce flash support for BB Browser! That's what I'm hoping for most anxiously.

Is anyone else having issues downloading this? I am trying to download it directly. It keeps taking forever to do anything, then when it does it displays an error showing that the URL "timed out". I dont have iTunes so I cannot test that route.

what's up guys? thanks for keeping us posted about the latest and greatest from MWC. Are you guys drinking a lot? Podcasts are awesome. Thanks.