MWC10: Skype for BlackBerry Client Update...

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Feb 2010 07:44 am EST

I know a lot of BlackBerry users out there have been waiting for Skype to drop their official BlackBerry client. Thinking back, it was March 2009 when word surfaced that a client would be coming and at the time it was supposed to be available only a few months later. Here we are, now into 2010, and we're still waiting for it. As I walked passed the Skype booth I fired up the camera and grabbed a quick update. The word? Not what I was hoping for. I got the good 'ole It's in the works, it's an important platform for us, keep waiting answer.

But hey, at least we know it will show up one day. In the meantime, you can still check out IM+ for Skype by Shape Services. Bla1ze did an updated review of it recently - you can check it out to see his take on where they're at with it.



basically means, "we're deving for iPhone/Android. Shut up and wait."



If you see a Citrix booth, please ask them where their BlackBerry client is also. It's another "We'll release around the end of year 2009" :)


Allready bought the IM+ for skype... it rly pisses me off the way they keep postponing the BB version.


This is something that would really be useful...... Even a basic beta or something would suffice..... I mean d@m....... Oh well.... Lmao maybe next year LOL


Skype's supposedly been trying to do this for ages. I use iskoot for now. Personally, it aggravates me everything is for Cr'Apples Iphone and Itampon right now.


... Dont belive its at skype's offices, since skype is available for almost all smart-phones, +many,many non-smart platform(sony-ericsson's,lg's,samsung's) thru lite-version (chat, voice calls with credit... + more) in java form!!! My money is that BB sees it difrent- (maybe peoplez there think skype is childish toy since the ceo's using BB will always willingly throw the money for network calls)..
BB should rethink there whole market-consumer policy cause this aint 1999y-


I had the skype beta application and it worked good. There were two separate versions and the older of the two worked well. The most recent link I found downloaded ok, but it didn't work at all.


Kudos to Kevin for walking right up to the Skype reps and asking the question we all want the answer to. No beating around the bush!

A big BOOOO to Skype for not releasing a version for Blackberry! Just do it already!


I've been using iSkoot on my BB as a Skype alternative for well over a year and it works pretty well. It's basically Skype, you log into your Skype account, it loads your Skype contacts, and you can make Skype calls or IMs with it.


would be nice for a beta to come out soon, iSkoot wont do the job for me, since it still uses your plan minutes (really blows if you don't have unlimited, like me). Then IM+ would be prefect if it didn't have to use push to talk.


They are in bed with Apple. They won't release Skype for Blackberry until they have a push notification version for the iPhone (iPad nano - lol)


I didn't think skype ever plan to ditch BB. I'm just wondering if eBays effort to cut them off was a huge disruption to them. I don't think any real development has came out of skype since then.


I didn't think skype ever plan to ditch BB. I'm just wondering if eBays effort to cut them off was a huge disruption to them. I don't think any real development has came out of skype since then.


I was huge on this bandwagon but this has taken so long, I've started subscribing to other services. Skype is no longer holding my attention even tho I have been a paying subscriber for several years now.

Snooze and lose.


Check out nimbuzz for skype on bb, its free, it is a drain on the batt and isnt the nicest to use but it works.


Is skype coming on blackberry playbook????