MWC10: Mike Kirkup Talks About BlackBerry at App Planet; New BlackBerry Developer Blog Launched

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Feb 2010 07:46 am EST

It turns out RIM's presence at Mobile World Congress is even bigger than I first thought. Over at the App Planet pavillion in Hall 7, RIM has another exhibit setup where their focus is on BlackBerry app development. I caught up with Mike Kirkup, Director of Developer Relations for RIM, who filled us in on the details of what's going. Check out the video above and this link for more details.

New BlackBerry Developer Blog Launched: Mike also let us know that they just re-launched their BlackBerry Developer Blog over at Anybody developing or thinking about developing apps for BlackBerry needs to add this site to their RSS reader and check it out on a regular basis.

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MWC10: Mike Kirkup Talks About BlackBerry at App Planet; New BlackBerry Developer Blog Launched


Man RIM really love to bang on. Re-launching the devblog? Why? Isn't it launched enough already? It is a great resources in a "show hints at startup" kind of way but I don't know what more you are going to get out of it. I was damn excited for BES for BIS, has the door closed on that possibility?

All I got to say is CB rocks, because of the tireless dedication and up to the minute news, information and reviews of BlackBerry and the BlackBerry platform

We all appreciate it more than you know.

no one cares as much! all props! to Kevin :0)

Blackberry application development? Really? Really really? Hey what ever happened to the 2 big applications announced last year? Need for speed and super monkey ball. Hmm. If you can't get your premiere announced partner applications to market why should any major developers even consider such an undertaking? And why should the end user believe a word of what RIM is shoveling?

I have some questions for Mike and crew. Why is BB the only smartphone that can't play Ringtones and alerts through the headphones? Why is the king of e-mail still delivering truncated e-mails? Why despite the numerous settings to enable it, do html emails s not automatically download images? Yeah I got 10 or 12 decent questions that won't ever get asked by the apologists or answered by the powers that be.

For the love of god RIM, get your bloody act together. A stupid blog is borderline useless. I was at DevCon 2009 and I want to know what happened to all the awesome ideas that we attendees gave you on the 4th day of the conference when you asked us what we want to see? Not a single one of the great ideas I heard people offer has been implemented of even hinted at being implemented.

Being the director of developer relations at RIM must be a comfy job since it clearly means you don't actually have to do anything or produce any results.