MWC10: 7digital Music Store for BlackBerry Updated to Version 1.2

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Feb 2010 12:16 pm EST

On the first day of Mobile World Congress 2010, 7digital dropped an update to their popular 7digital Music Store for BlackBerry app. I caught up with James Shannon from DevelopIQ, makers of the app, to give us the run down of what's new and improved. You can catch the video above. If video isn't your cup of tea, then here's the Coles Notes on version 1.2:

  • New: scrobbling support
  • New: 'now playing' support
  • New: BlackBerry Curve 8350i support
  • New: Netherlands store & Dutch localisation
  • New: Rest of Europe store
  • New: 7digital store artist search
  • New: 7digital store playback from locker
  • New: My Music - Browse Purchased
  • New: My Music - Track search
  • New: My Music - Add Folder to manual playlist
  • New: My Music - Delete Artist/Album/Track
  • New: Media card encryption support
  • Improved: My Music browsing performance
  • Improved: My Locker refresh performance over WiFi
  • Improved: Carrier network download performance
  • Other minor fixes & improvements 

All in all it's a great upgrade and James says even more is coming in version 1.3. Good stuff, considering this is already one well-built BlackBerry application. If you don't haven't tried the 7digital app yet, be sure to give it a go by downloading it from App World.

Reader comments

MWC10: 7digital Music Store for BlackBerry Updated to Version 1.2


I downloaded this app on my Storm2, but the app won't work and exits with that error. I've never before required an SD Card for my Storm2. As I understand the Device Memory in the Storm2 is an eMMC, why can't 7digital utilize it?


When I play a play list and then choose shuffle it seems to shuffle through all media on my device. Like the way it looks but I also like being able to shuffle my play list.

So what's the deal with this program then? Does it also stream or does it add my favorite tracks from that site? I don't really get it.

I find this app sluggish (even with the latest version) when the app has to access info from the 7digital server. Anyone else experiencing this?