Must Watch Video: Unboxing the $2,000 Porsche Design P'9982 BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jan 2014 01:51 pm EST

By now you've hopefully enjoyed watching my CES 2014 antics from earlier this week when I went out and purchased the exclusive $2,000 P'9982 from the Porsche Design store in Las Vegas.

Following up the purchase, we went back to our CES Live stage at the Las Vegas Convention Center and unboxed the bad boy for your viewing pleasure. Watching the video now - I was clearly experiencing a little post-purchase "high" from the experience. Luckily, Adam was there to keep me somewhat grounded.

If you want to see what comes in the box of a $2,000 BlackBerry, and hopefully have a laugh or two, this is the video for you. I hope you enjoy it. 

As for the P'9982, I've really been enjoying it. Sure, it's mainly just a really, really expensive BlackBerry Z10, but there's something about it that just makes you smile every time you whip it out and swipe up on the screen. I love carrying around a phone that you're not likely to see in anybody else's hands. And, if you do see one, you're instantly friends. When you get a P'9982, you're not just buying a phone, you're really buying into an exclusive club.


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Must Watch Video: Unboxing the $2,000 Porsche Design P'9982 BlackBerry!


Isn't having a regular z10 that sold in listed edition quantities exclusive enough?

Only what... 0.25% of smartphone market using the z10? That's pretty exclusive!

Posted via CB10

I just saw it! Awesome! Show it off at CES to all the non BlackBerry ppl or BlackBerry haters.. #teamblackberry


Wow that truly is an awesome phone!!

Kevin your right! Your part of an exclusive club!! Well done!!!

Did Kevin just say it has 64 "Meg" of internal storage? Talk about going old school. For $2000 it better come with 64GB of storage (I would actually hope for a couple TB at that price).

I think he is still under the weather so I guess we can let it slide :)

Correct. And Adam didn't even correct me. 64GB.

We were going to edit it out.. but too much work. And I don't mind making mistakes. Glad to see you're listening closely!

Cool. A $2k phone on par with my old Pearl 8100...

J/k. :)

I know Kevin made a mistake.

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Now all the BlackBerrys should have 64 GB internal storage so that we can store loads of apps it would be amazing..

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There wouldn't even be a need for... just allow installation and running from the SD card... hope it's going to be available on 10.3. :)

Ferrari ZetaDieci

Can't do that breaks BlackBerry security rule. The only reason sd card is not allowed to be installed on is it's the only part of a BlackBerry that can be hacked and xfered.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30

Well my I'll informed troll I guess you didn't know we have full access to all android apps now too.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30

Yes I know.. I have Z10, Q10 and the new Porsche.
I downloaded Viber, Bank of America and google maps that kept crashing all the time.

Not everyone opposes your blind opinion means that he is a troll.
Try to discover the reality away from your blocked mind.

with the newest leak all work perfectly havent had a single android app crash now that its been fully unlocked and runs with apk files uninformed again :). That and my device has been full of apps well before android apps came into the picture got alot of games and utility level apps to make the device need more memory.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30

I'll be very thankful if you could give me the instruction of downloading APK and smooth android apps.
My current bb10 version on my Z10 is

Thank you

There are a few threads on loading newest leak and sideloading snap. Snap is an application that downloads from Google store all free apps install as apk and run so very smooth.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30

These days. Games are so large, some are 1G in size. I could easily run out of space when I install a few games indeed.

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Mad to think here in the UK the Z10 retails for £149 and then as porsche 9982 for £1300. Night and day!

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Kev - with the LS1 battery .... sounds like you are going to have "peasant battery life" on a $2,000 phone... when is the "Z30 Porsche" coming out - so you can last a couple of days on a charge?

CB from the Z30

Not to sound like a troll, but seriously, with all of BB's issues, what does a really, really expensive and totally impractical phone accomplish? Look how expensive we can make this phone? And....

I actually agree, but for a different reason. This is how the "regular Z10" should've launched. Look at the Q10. It has a stainless steel frame with a new glass weave back, yet it isn't priced like something "special". All this Porsche Design phone nonsense is ridiculous. It's just a Z10 with a Q10 build quality. At least the P9981 had a significant design change (although the regular 9900 was still very premium).

"totally impractical phone"? Really? You are really a troll or you are simply not aware of all the OS updates since the Z10 was launched.

Kevin, now that you have a P'9982 and showing the love and care it needs your Z30 will feel neglected. If you want someone to take good care of it and show it the love it needs send it my way and I'll take good care of it. =)

Yeah that has troll written all over it buddy but like he said not everyone can buy one and if you can't then just admire it for what it is. There doesn't have to be a negative spin on everything....its an unboxing video bro!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I know how it feels because I have a Z10 and is not a device that is likely to see in anybody's else hands...

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Sadly, here where I live, I am the only one having this phone... but it's just a normal Z10...

To be honest, apart the one I have, I've seen just one Z10 since March 2013 out in the wild...

Ferrari ZetaDieci


but you know what for me the biggest win in that video is?
There is the excitement you also had like in the older videos
(like the unboxing of the 9000 you purchased from e-bay back in the old days)!
I really love that spirit (and kinda missed it)!!!
The last videos had to much "understatement". :)

Kevin is like "Hey Adam, you clean my $2000 phone with this Porsche cleaning cloth now!"
Funny ^^

Kevin, instead of high end of "spare some change" PayPal gig, look like most of your fearless followers want your garage sell items. It might be raise money faster than your PayPal. :-).

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Nice!!!! How much of a donation is required to receive a BBM from a Porsche Design P'9982? PayPal is all fired up and ready to go! LOL!!!!!

Great video, looking forward to the full review after CES.

Contest contest contest contest contest contest contest contest contest contest

Sent from the phone of the gods.....Z30

I heard that! I was "this close" to buying a Lamborghini watch one time, but sensibility step in and reminded me that I will never be able to buy a Lamborghini car, so having the watch would be pointless and have no meaning. It was a really nice watch, though.

Oh damn! What am I doing with my life?? Got to start earning a hell lot of money.. got to find a VC for my business sooner now :D

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I'm sorry guys but I can't get excited about buying a $2,000.00 phone. I know you bought it for coverage on the site but to me its said that people get wowed because this is in a fancy box and cost so much. This phone has the same build quality as the iphone 5s. Maybe i'm cheap or just a hater but I think it's sad that us as a society lets something like this make us feel better about ourselves because we have this thing. Truthfully it's marginally better than a Z10.

The best kept secret is how awesome BlackBerry 10 phones really are. Let the trolls troll and the sheep follow!
I will gladly continue to outperform them daily.


Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

The first plug with the cylindrical plugs works in the outlets in Thailand. Not sure where else, but when I lived in Thailand, that's what the plugs looked like. Hope that helps, Kevin.

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Phone is dope. Just sad that there is no Porsche going with it and even worse if there was there is no Porsche app. Which there is for an iPhone of android phone. So peculiar making a special phone, but only apps for the competition.

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When will the Z30 and porch take over the middle east??? I really want to get one of them :(

Posted via my Z10 performing with OS

so guess adam and the rest of the crew wont be getting any new year bonus's? Kevin cant control his spending lol

I stumbled upon 2 Porsche Design kiosks over the holidays -- one at Sherway Gardens in Toronto and the other at Pacific Mall (the Bay) in Vancouver. Neither one of them had any P' BlackBerry phones. The staff totally ignored me in Toronto -- guess I wasn't exclusive enough :). The woman in Vancouver asked me to order one in so SHE could see it. Yeah, right.

I carry a Z10. Not likely to see that in anybody else's hand either. :p

Seriously, it's a shame because I love this phone.

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How is it I can like and hate someone so much at the same time? :) Fantastic piece of kit.

I almost thought of attempting a donation to see if he actually shares his pin but since I've never known anyone with a BB, I never get to use BBM anyway.

Posted from BitPusher's Q10

Not in price and exclusivity, and the 64GB flash

Other specs, battery life, etc. hands down

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Can you send it to me Kevin after you have used it? I'll be willing! My email is in my account information if you want my shipping address! Thanks buddy, I'll be waiting for your msg! Peace!

I only have one question: How many editors do I have to sleep wi...oh, wait, that's not my question.

How many BlackBerry IDs have you had to sign up for to sport all these awesome phones, Kevin?

Nice looking device Kevin, it these types of niche designs that keeps distinguishing Team BlackBerry from the rest of the heard.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Hi Kevin...enjoy the Kick Ass worked for earned it...BlackBerry rocks and so do I on my Z30...woo-hoo...

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Isn't Blackberry Z10 more exclusive than Porsche since we see more often the cars rather then the awesome and brilliant smartphones around?

I never ever had a phone that knew what I meant to say when I was typing a sentence or a word full of wrong characters, and indeed it produced a perfect sentence.

And besides: it reminds me to a most beautiful poem by Shakespeare, "The Phoenix and the Turtle": 

Beauty, truth, and rarity, Grace in all simplicity, Here enclosed, in cinders lie."

I hope the Phoenix keeps coming back... With or without the Turtle.

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Good to see Kevin back on Crackberry. First charger is for the forgotten few downunder :-)

It's a damn nice phone, stuff the Z30 Porsche Design how about the Q10 getting the treatment!

Kevin, you could've just stuck with a plain old Z10 and still had that feeling of exclusivity! LOL I've had my Z10 for almost 9 months now, and aside from my wife, I've not seen anyone with a Z10 or Q10. I rarely see anybody around these parts with ANY BlackBerry device these days. Even when I was still rocking my 9850, I NEVER saw anybody else with one. Basically, just having any BB device puts you in "rarified air." haha

Dude, you got an opened box. The cable had no packaging, the battery packaging had been already opened, the paper binder holding the booklets had already been broken. Unless you had already unpacked it before this video, it has been previously opened! .....ahhhh just head that you had already unboxed it. LOL.

Oh yeah Kev. As society already judges you for your personal belongings/visually instead of psychologically just wanting to be friends with a human being you have to have an exclusive phone to basically separate yourself from 2 EXACT phones (Z10's) same specs and still ugly looking to be instant friends. Wow, this social modern life is alarming.

I rather have my plain All Black Z10 with an official 10.2 update IMO. and keep $2k+ for practical investments. I get it, it's CrackBerry.

Ive actually seen more Porsche phones then actual Z10's lol

I have people asking is that an iphone...I'm like....pffffff...please.

"I love carrying around a phone that you're not likely to see in anybody else's hands." - I love my Z10. However, I think just carrying around a Z10 is carrying a phone you're not likely to see in anybody else's hands. Unfortunately, I've seen more Z10s on TV than in person. Maybe some day that will be different. But no need to spend $2K to be unique.