Must-Watch Video: CrackBerry Kevin drops $2,000 in Vegas on something young, hot and sexy!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jan 2014 07:29 pm EST

Oops. I did it again. As promised in my last Editor's Desk post, I managed to find something young, hot and sexy here in Vegas to drop some money on and record while doing it. 

It's not a gold show this time, but rather a stainless steel one. Watch the video and enjoy! :)

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Must-Watch Video: CrackBerry Kevin drops $2,000 in Vegas on something young, hot and sexy!


It was Ferrero Rocher, if I am not mistaken. Interesting that they would choose this got the store.

Correct. I spotted it too and immediately wondered why they did not have some high quality Belgian chocolate instead.

If they did, potential customers would eat all the Belgian chocolates and leave without buying anything else ;)

I won't do that ;)
Like mounting an electronic injection in a 1966 Targa !
Keep it strictly genuine (and have fun with others !)

Ha. I can proudly say, I had the P'9982 before the great CrackBerry Kevin! Harrods, we love you.

There's something about
"Spending $2000 on something young and sexy in vegas and getting it all on camera" that sounds wrong to me lol

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You have it backwards, my friend! That sounds so very...right! I'd probably have added "legal" in there just to cover my @$$, though, if I were him. LOL.

I wish CrackBerry Kevin stuck to BlackBerry's instead of throwing down $1500 for an iPhone, gold or not.

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Can't edit comments here, but I rescind previous comment. Should have taken time to read and watch in full.

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Man can I screenshot you in that vid and make this into a quote?

"Having a BlackBerry is not a job, it's a way of life"
-CrackBerry Kevin

PS. Nice Pebble you got there!

I can't believe you spent this much money on a Z10 in a fancy case. How many people sleeping rough on the streets did you walk passed on your shopping trip Kevin?

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Does it mean, he should give his money away to every bum in the street? Come on...
You do the right thing Kevin :D

How about while Kevin is at CES 2014 he donates this ridiculous phone as the prize in a raffle (a prize draw) open to attendees and exhibitors for a nominal ticket price and then before the show finishes he gives the thing away and gives the money raised to a charity that does help those less fortunate than ourselves?

Nothing says "I'm all right Jack!" than the P9982. Oh wait.... Gold iPhone 5s......

"I'm all right Jack!"

2. A thoughtless self-serving person when asked to sympathise or help someone who had lost his/her job might say "Well, I'm all right Jack!".'m%20all%20right%20jack

Classy shop if they have Ferrero Rocher chocolates on the counter. Should have grabbed a few after paying the green stuff over. Hell! They should have thrown in champagne as well! ; )

Whoosh!  Z10 in action! 

That was Adam's entertainment money. Kevin was just holding it for him. But in a moment of weakness Kevin traded two thousand one-dollar bills for something shiny and definitely not female. ;-)

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Adam lives in Jersey. Bla1ze lives in Canada. Halifax, Nova Scotia to be exact. And Phoenix, AZ sometimes.

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You really should have brought your wife to keep you under control Mr. CrackBerry. ;-)

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And he didn't have to be double dog dared to do this...

Just stay away from App World.

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A $2000 phone with bad Battery life give me a BlackBerry Z30 running OS and I'm happy

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You want to buy a Rolex for $2000? Isn't the wristband even on the stainless steel one costing more?

$2,000 for a Rolex and $300 for a white Z10??? lol I wish! I used to borrow a Rolex watch from my dad as a teenager back in the 80's, and it cost more than $2k at the time. Maybe I should steal it from my dad and sell it to you for $2K...Nah, I would not do that to my dad so never mind. ;-)

I wouldn't drop $2k on a P9982. Out and around in the public, nobody is gonna be impressed by an expensive phone, no. Expensive watch, yes. As for Kevin and his P9982, all I can say is "Each to his own".

Wow so neat even matches the outfit he was wearing. Don't see myself getting one but if I did get lucky it would be on display.

I can believe you cheaped out and didn't get the gold one, just kidding looks good I so want one.

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You get to write this off as a business expense at tax time, right?

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That is the holy grail of blackberry phones right now. I think I can justify cost...(Thats what I keep telling myself).

Can't say i'd plunk down 2g's for a phone myself but kudos Kevin. You only live once. Very nice packaging indeed.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

I just gifted myself as well ..... picked up a Q30 for $149 (2 yr contract renewal) on Verizon ... decided I needed to build out the family of Blackberry items at home. Family now has 2 x Z10's, (one black, other white), 1 x Q10 (black) and now the Z30 (black) on route... not to mention three PlayBooks and a 9900 (work supplied).

Enjoy Kevin, flash it around at CES and show the type of phone a 'prosumer+' uses.

So, what does the girlfriend think about that.

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$ you will need to buy the "Porsche Design" charger bundle!!!

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Should I buy a BlackBerry Z10 P'9982 with the $2,000 dollars I have left from the military? T-Mobile doesn't look like they're releasing a Z30 anytime. It would be my money's worth to buy one of these.

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Though I'm not a fan of the model, I'm enjoying that you went out and got what you really wanted and shared the experience. Certainly makes me feel better about the coin I shelled out for my Z30. XD

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No it won't!

The P'9982 is based on the GSM Z10 (STL 100-2/3), the Verizon network (STL 100-4) uses CDMA.

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Kevin, watch your back, you might get another event like Paris. A new pair of good Nike might be wise.

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A tad more expensive than the vitamins you were buying at CVS on the strip when I ran into you. Have a great week and hope everyone stays healthy!!

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So jealous Kevin...better hook the that bad girl up to your pebble watch (saw that bad boy on your

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Easy come, easy go. Thanks for spending you money in the USA.

Kevin, I am curious if Blackberry provides any special support to someone who has purchased their elite phone? Do they call you personally and thank you for the purchase? Do you get a thank-you card...etc.


There's no thank you card, call or something, it's just a phone lol.
What you do get though is a special owners card (proof of owner for warranty) and a support hotline.

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You know, Kevin, just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber... you go and do something like this... and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!!!

∑(っ °Д °; )っ (°□°;)

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Be ...tter buy than the $1500 iPhone 5s.

Get the Mugen battery for it, so you won't run out of juice and have a spare. 64GB on a Berry is awesome.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

So that's how people role for crackberry? Can I work for crackberry?... what is the big difference of that phone other than it being designed by porche? Other than the keyboard does it do anything different than my z10??...are the keys made of platinum or moonrocks? I'm just trying to see the logic behind the purchase.

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1. It's Porsche

2. Isn't it obvious? The looks. That and the high quality materials alone is worth buying it...

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I stand to be corrected if need be, and it could be my delirium due to the weather here in Nova Scotia, but wasn't it dark when Kevin went into the store and daylight when he came out??

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I love the Z10, but I have to agree: 2k for a phone that is nothing more than a Z10 in a fancy case with some UI tweaks has me scratching my head. You could have bought two Z30s and gave one to the wife. That would have been a smarter investment. But hey, it's your money, right? At least you didn't piss it all on a craps table.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

OMG, I thought Kevin is going to kill the Porsche P'9982 in some ways and had to drag the the end to see whether it's still alive. Luckily it is :D

Kevin is not actually a lucky guy... he is a smart guy... for investing US$2K, he will surely get more than that as ROI...

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I'll just wait for it to go on sale next Month. ;)

PS - Leak us your square icon file, eh? I need it to compliment my Porsche wallpaper.

Should make a follow up video showing how the first thing you do is install the newest leak..... :)

Z30, a bit in the heavy side but the Carbonate beta case rocks!

Absolute waste of money. I would could see dropping some cash on an exclusive Z30 or Q10 but this is a waste.

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C. R. A. Z. Y. Expensive. But I like it.
Way to start your year, Kevin. I bet now BlackBerry Santa has his eyes on what a good boy you are now.

I'm not sure that purposely limiting the number of gold iPhones just to drive up sales on launch day makes it "exclusive." it's always going to be available to the public and at the same price as the other options out there. The Porche design BlackBerry is the epitome of exclusive, because only those that have the $$$ and gusto to buy it, can.

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I like the display board in the window. Was it already there or did they put it up because they knew you'd be taping? If it was already there, then Porsche Design is doing more to market BlackBerry than AT&T stores do! :)

This just seems like something I would do if I were at CES in Vegas

Sent from the coolest BlackBerry In the world, The BlackBerry Z30!!!!!!!

THAT...Was a tough watch. Really tough. Native to Las Vegas, I'm about to lose my home here in foreclosure as this housing market is one of the worst in the nation, yet I live, eat, and breath BlackBerry to no end. More than an addiction, but this was a hard watch. God has blessed you Kevin, beyond what you've expected. Never take anything for granted, so use the phone in good health. Mazel Tov. Tough watch...

Why was it tough? I was emailed from a friend at BB that it was all setup. He never paid for it. They knew he was coming and filming ( the store signed a release). It was a freebie from BB just like all the other times.

LOVE IT!! I wouldn't mind one either! =D If they made a Porsche Design Z30, I would be all over that too!!

Ok Kevin, now you should put it up in a contest. Everybody who wants to get sign up in the contest should buy something at least worth $10 from Crackberry store.

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Am I the only one who appreciated all of the sexual innuendo in this video? That's what she saids all around.

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I'm happy for you Kevin. But still I think BlackBerry should have sent you one as a present, I feel you've done greater job than their marketing division!

Why the hell is being an iphone? He should be representing the BlackBerry community!

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I just ended up seeing the Pebble video by Rene and Phil. I never checked out any other videos done by any other Mobile Nations crew other than the CB family (Simon is a the only one a little off tho lol). And I am so glad that the CB family videos are so much better than the other MN guys.

Rene simply needs to go out there and make a Hip Hop video and turn into Eminem or something.
Thanks for doing a great job man!

CBK... I am mildly envious. However, I am enjoying my Z30 just as much as I would be enjoying a P9982. possibly even more due to the larger and better battery. But hey, both are still amazing phones, right?

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I remember Bl1ze saying in his channel "I won't be there to stop Kevin from doing anything stupid "

Then I said... well, I remember that $500 clock app

And then thought, well, he should know by now...

It just seems I underestimated this guy.

You are now in my Bingo Book

Sweet. I would love the gold one... that's only happening in my dreams since I don't have the cash flow of those Kevin O'Leary type people :D

everytime I watch a video of kevin A- I think he is becoming a douche, B- I think he is going to work for apple as he is becoming a douche and C- wonder how a geek with money suddenly becomes a douche?

also they all shake your hand as you leave as they are like, you just got ripped off and got me my sales figures for the year selling that phone, your a douche

Kevin, you suck! Should have given that money to her instead. For that price she could offer you far more satisfying service that you could make the video available to all of us to remember!

Stupid buy. Yeah, it's a nicer design then the BlackBerry Z10. But it is the same lame hardware. And the same os where so much doesn't work.

Funny. U pay 5times the price (Z10) for just a other hw-skin. For me personally, that's really stupid. U got much more for your money with one of the upcoming new BB phones. Are you using your phone or just looking at? I do pay for features and usability ... you pay much more for opticals. But this is just a phone, not a Rolex ;)