Must Watch Video: BlackBerry Messenger w/ Video Chat and Screen Sharing in action!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2013 02:32 pm EST

One of the videos we posted in our extremely long and and in-depth BlackBerry Z10 review and BlackBerry 10 Review was this video demo of the new BlackBerry Messenger.

For BlackBerry 10, BBM has received a massive upgrade. The user interface has been updated to go with the flow of BlackBerry 10. A key change here is that BBM Groups gets a little more in your face, which is a good thing - people should put BBM Groups to use. Of course, the real new WOW features of BlackBerry Messenger are Video Chat and Screen Sharing.

Once you begin a text chat with a person, if the person on the other end of the has a BBM 7 (with voice calling) on a current BlackBerry Smartphone, or a new BlackBerry 10 phone, you'll be able to tap the phone icon on the top right hand corner of the screen. That pops up a dialog box. If the person has a BB10 device, you can choose to start either a voice call or video call. Once a video call has been initiatied, you are given the option of starting a screen share at any time.

Screen sharing is actually pretty awesome, even for the non-business folks. Example - while I was in NYC, Simon was in Toronto and able to screenshare with me back photos he was taking on his Z10, and telling me about each photo has he flicked through the album. Way more personal and real time than emailing or sending individual photos.

BBM  PlayBook Video Chat

BBM video chat is also integrated througout the operating system. For example, if you're having a regular phone call with a person, but that contact has a BB10 device tied to their profile, you'll be given the option to change the phone call on display over to a video chat.

Likewise, if a contact has both a BlackBerry PlayBook and a BlackBerry 10 phone, from the contact info for that person you can actually choose whether you want to start video chat with them on their BlackBerry 10 phone, or on their PlayBook.

As for the capacity of the new BBM, word has it that the max number of contacts you can have is 2000. After that, any new requests from the server will be ignored. The number of max messages is also cappe at 2000 at once. But you know CrackBerry.. we'll put this to a stress test soon. 

Be sure to hit up the video above for a great look at the new BlackBerry Messenger in action! 

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Must Watch Video: BlackBerry Messenger w/ Video Chat and Screen Sharing in action!


Can BB10 phones connect to the PlayBook's Video Chat function, or do we need to wait for PlayBook to have BB10 also?

By watching the video, I'm gonna say BBM video chat is much higher quality for both video and audio compared to facetime on apple devices. Were you on WiFi or cellular network when using BBM video chat?

This Screen Share feature is sick, can't wait to buy my Z10 when it is released in France. Kevin, do you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi signal to get it working or 4G is enough?

OMG as the resident "Phone Guru", the screen share to explain to our salesreps how to use the features on their phones is amazing.

Notice when Kevin goes to the CrackBerry website that the countdown clock says 4 days till launch. No wonder you didn't want visitors at your temporary HQ!

Rockin' the 9900

Nice find!
I noticed that on the first long video posted on the Day 1 and even twitted Kevin about that :-D

Hey can't wait, LOL my heart pokes out at the poor guy you sell your phone to after the Big Contact Test!

Screen sharing is great! Thanks for the demo! You're right Kevin, the fluidity is impressive considering the number of apps you're flipping in and out of. I'm getting mine on Tuesday.

Pre-ordered my white Z10 today at my local Bell store. Can't wait to get it in my hands on it Tuesday. Sadly, I'll still be surrounded by friends who jumped ship a long time ago to either iOS or android.

“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

amazing demo.. love the quality of video chat and speed of the browser..

but the most tip.. "if they don't want do video chat, they're up to no good.. catch them in the act"

Love these A-mazing new features. However 1 key thing I wanted to know is if there is now a way to block those annoying broadcast messages. Let me know please Crackberry nation

Best Video Review EVER !
I want similar detailed videos for every app, feature, button, icon of the Z10 !!!

Have it and it's amazing!. It's a beautiful deign and offers protections. Thought, the back on mine doesn't look so pretty anymore

I noticed that when scrolling through it went to black as opposed to the usual checkerboarding that it does which i guess is an issue with the site....will the site be revamped soon to make for a smoother transaction...sometimes i wait up to 10 sec on my playbook for the checkerboarding to go away (unless i turn off java script).

I'm curious about a few things:
- does it work in landscape mode? I find this convenient when 2 persons are side by side like my elders.
- does it work with hdmi cable?
- does it work dlna?
- I kind of find it boring to have a long arm to make a call: so how are the dock helping out? I mean considering both landscape and portrait although then I would rather like to display on a larger screen (tv or monitor). then what are the screen sharing possibilities?

Can't wait to get my Q10!! Until april or loooonger, depending on windmobile. :)

Or might get it at mobilicity unlocked and use it on WIND. :)

Hi Guys. just wondering if the video chat will work with the people that have the iphones with the new bbm.