Must watch: CrackBerry Kevin talks to CNBC about BlackBerry and "The Ten"

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Sep 2012 01:39 pm EDT

With the stock up after yesterday's earnings announcement, BlackBerry is in the news today. CNBC has been has been hot on the Research In Motion coverage, hitting it from every angle. They interviewed CEO Thorsten Heins. They've spoken to analysts about the numbers. And they followed up with yours truly to get the perspective of the BlackBerry fan base.

You can check out my interview with Squawk on the Street's Carl Quintanilla at the link above. We cover a lot of ground in 6 minutes, including of course, THE BLACKBERRY 10. It's funny. I still don't get why people keep referring to BlackBerry 10 as "THE BlackBerry 10". It's not like anybody ever called it THE BlackBerry 6 or THE BlackBerry 7. But whatever the reason, it's kind of starting of grow on me. Carl even freshened it up by dropping the BB and just calling it "The Ten". Liking that! The Ten. It's more than a phone. It's more than a platform. It's a way of life! :)

Enjoy the show! Sound off in the comments and be sure to spread this link around to everyone you know. 

Source: CNBC 

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Must watch: CrackBerry Kevin talks to CNBC about BlackBerry and "The Ten"


Lol. They needed headshots (I called in from my hotel room in San Jose)... so I sent them one with shorter hair. Not sure the whole world beyond CrackBerry Nation was ready to see my long flowing locks just yet. :)

Props to CNBC for putting "RIM-PIRE strikes back" in there. Awesome. 

Hey Kevin,

Now you are a STAR !! RIM couldn't find a better spokesperson for BlackBerry than you. Personally, I have NEVER given up on RIM. By the way, even 'BGR' on their website this morning, wrote that RIM shares were up 23% !
I think after almost hitting bottom, things are turning around for our beloved BlackBerry.

Waiting with great anticipation for "THE 10."

Hey Kevin. Great interview. RIM is gonna survive and prosper for 3 reasons. Bb10, you and Thorsten. I am really looking forward to bb10 and for the record I watched your interview and am writing this on the best tablet in the Playbook.
Tablets are incredible

+1 back to you and thanks man its true. Kevin has been working his ass off for us, and has done us, RIM and Thorsten proud. Nice to see RIM stock going up and knowing RIM is on the cusp of something big with their comeback. 2013 will be the year of comback for us :-)
Tablets are incredible

Kevin is working his ass off for us? Maybe I'm confused, but isn't he running this website for revenue? So if he is running this website for revenue, wouldn't he be working his ass off for money to maintain his quality of life?

Not being a hater, but isn't a non-profit; the goal is to make money. Yes he likes the platform, but to think he does it for any other reason is quite frankly.... Wrong. Kevin needs RIM to succeed. It's his livelihood.

If RIM goes under, watch how quickly Kevin will become an Andriod Central Fanboy, or maybe even an Apple Fanboy (Imore). My bet is he would go for WP8 (WP Central) if they can get any early traction.

Way to Go Kevin, speak the truth great interview #BB10
a lot of people fail to realize that RIM is building a new platform from scratch with BB10
I'm sure in the coming months we shall start seeing the nervous behavior of the other platforms when they realize that RIM will be back with a Bang

great interview Kevin. love what u said about the new platform. apple does have the oldest system and they better be careful or they'll do a Nokia lol...
love what u said about apps how rim owns their hardware and software and are poised to do better than other android makers u agree that the ten is pretty catchy.

ergh.dunno about u guys but couldn't find a way to quickly go to the bottom of the of the page on this android phone I'm using temporarily just saying

+1. Kevin can we get the comment page numbers at the top as well for the comments? I haven't looked on desktop but on my 9900 I have to go all way to bottom. Pressing B doesn't work

They brought in the inevitable iPhone remarks, and Kevin slammed it back with how great BlackBerry is gonna be. Overall, really great interview and awesome responses. Just one thing though< Kevin missed on the developer question: he should have hammered home the message about how easy it will be for devs who decide to go BlackBerry.

BlackBerry By Choice!

Yeah, my very thoughts :
1)- BB X is the easiest platform to develop for with the highest degree of creativity and lowest overhead.
2)- any devs not on BB X at launch are turning down free $$$!

Inevitable iPhone remarks, so true. Love how BB10 is going to be better than IOS. And like its been said, most people dont realize RIM has made a whole new BB10 OS from the ground up.

RIM is now where IOS was several years ago when iPhone took off. IOS is out of innovation and wouldnt supprise me if BB10 is the new iPhone of 2013/14 :-)
Tablets are incredible

Great interview Kevin! I like the fact that you didn't over sell Blackberry or under sell the other platforms. In my opinion, it was upbeat, informative, and honest.

The way you present yourself makes me think RIM should try to get you in front of every camera and microphone that is having a discussion about them. If they're not, they're clearly not trying to put their best foot forward.

Again, great job!

Great job. I'm amazed they didn't put some Apple Evangelist on there to argue. Just too bad nobody watches CNBC.

The "TEN" lol love it....the "TEN"

"Hey you gonna get that new iphone 5?"

"Nope" ....I'm waiting for the 10!!!!

And wow Kevin thanks for pointing out that Apple is now the oldest platform on the market. I didn't realize that until now.

Apple is soooooo yesterday!!!

Was it just me, or did the CNBC guy laugh out loud when Kevin said this? One more example of the media bias. Apple technically the oldest OS until BB10 is actually released, but in the real world, new phone vs new phone, iOS is an 80 year old man, sittin in the park playing checkers.


I heard it and it kinda made me mad, like, why did he laugh?

just hoping we get the last one, or at least the next one...

Wohoo!! Great summary Kevin. Way to go RIM! Way to go crackberry!!

Thumbs up for mentioning that BB people is all about the experience. And yes, BB owns it!
Can't wait for BB10!!! The TRENDY OS!!!

Hi Kevin,

Greetings from Denmark :-)

Very cool interview you gave and kudos for not sounding biased.
I immediately noticed the RIM-PIRE strikes back - brilliant!

It is quite funny to see how the press can change their opinions in a snap: 3 weeks ago RIM was about to suffer a silent death and Apple was untouchable. During the last weeks Apple has taken a good punch in the press due to the bad implementation of maps and poor scratch resistance) of the new devices and now RIM is suddenly starting to shine.

Keep up the good work at CrackBerry and keep the news flowing.

PS: If I offer to pay for a haircut, would you please consider it? ;-p


superb well said Kevin

hit every single point with not just full bias but with a why this will work why has others failed and how google and android really works true they have market share but who makes it and was very cool to put it forward.

Best part of the interview seems you caught the guy off guard was iOS being the oldest on the market reaction was priceless... however pointing the facts of bb10 in this light was very nice.

Well done Kevin

Great interview. In particular and excellent answer on why to develop apps for Blackberry. Your chances of owing a larger price of the pie is greater!

Kevin, in the last five minutes, I think you showed the world, if not, the united states that which phone is going to be boss.

Keep up the good work!

Action starts here

Let's go bb10!

P.S love the statement (apple has the oldest os.) hell yea they do, I get bored looking at it.

Well done - eloquent, well spoken, no hesitation and over all coming across as far more than a mere fan boy.

You owned that interview.


Nicely done... "from your mouth to Thorsten Hein's ears". It was a good balance of optimism for BB10 and not being a total fan boy. You really should have a better picture though. You are representing all of us crackheads and I think we want to be seen as the people that DO not the people who can waste 2 days standing in line.

On the next one, on the q for devs... I'd have added the bit about how the average BB developer makes xxx% more than iOS Developers and xyy% more than Android developers and the app development is xx% of Android and yy% of iOS (facts on the jam pitch a few days ago). The net is that dev's have a better chance to make money on BB AND it costs them less to do so.

For the iOS comparision, I'd play up the fact that you are a part of the MobileNation and have been carrying all the phones and that you are confident from what you have seen in your previews that we will have a very competitive device.

Those are minor points and I think you did an awesome job. RIM/BB is getting some really good coverage. Everyone likes an underdog that comes back but they won't start rooting for them until they THINK they can come back. People will be surprised at how fast people switch again. Phones are fickle and a discretionary purchase made mostly for the "cool" factor. RIM seems to be getting their mojo back. Keep at it!

Hey Kevin,
That was a really great interview. would love to hopefully see more of those interviews as the time gets closer to launch. Your a great speaker for "The Ten", and The Ten is an awesome platform. Even the keyboard on the multi touch is amazing, and I don't think people realize how much faster they type with he flick. I just wanted to pass on the way to go! Keep those up if you get the chance.

Thank God that Kevin was the one they opted to call and ask those questions to.....
...No One could have done a better job in dealing with those questions.
...Smooth, to the point,VERY positive &" Berry" believable!
...Way to go Kevin!!!!



The pride that came across, without the fandom delusion was quite evident. Every point was well made. It's about liking your platform.......

it is only a phone, but it is the phone we chose to like.

Congrats Kevin.

Great interview Kevin. Speaking as someone who 'jumped off the rim' simply because I couldn't wait any longer, I've been peeping in on Crackberry every week just to see how my old family was.

Saw the video and pics of the two 10 devices and, genuinely, I'm looking forward to trying them. I'm enjoying Android at the moment, and very underwhelmed by iOS and WP, so I'll definitely give it a trial when "The Ten" drops!

Always enjoyed your unbiased, tell-it-like-it-is reviews and this interview is just that.


Excellent communication kevin,clear, fair and accurate.

I like the splashes of reality like pointing out android licensees as lost at sea, and ios as the oldest operating system. When you mentioned it Carlos chuckled as if he had never considered it.

Kudos to cnbc for letting you speak without cutting in.

Just give rim a fair shot, that's all anyone is asking for.

Again excellent job

Great interview Kevin!!
You really need to consider the PR post for RIM. I have been a Bberry user over the past 10yrs. I own a Torch now and have been contemplating on the next phone of my choice. Your interview kinda gave me energy to keep standing in the virtual Ten line. I am an avid soccer fan and I hope there are enough soccer apps for fans like me too because at the moment my friends with Android are laughing at me. I am so curious to see what the Ten is gonna feel like. Also its important for RIM to get the pricing right because of first the status of the Global economy and secondly our competitors. Thank you Kevin.
Lets keep building that steam pressure ahead of the launch.

ScoreMobile FC! Enjoy it till BB10 comes! ;)

And if BB10 dont have it (or something similar), I'm not switching!

Great job Kevin, you touched on a lot of info in that short amount of time and it was well presented, we are on our..........BB10 baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Ditto to all the above. Phenomenal interview. I think even those who do not have the time of day for Blackberry will agree all of your points were factual and even-handed, which made you completely believable and trustworthy. You were also lucky enough to get Carl as your interviewer, as most of the CNBC people are not objective and probably would have made you sound like a goof even if you were making good points. Finally, I really believe that if nobody at RIM has ever asked you before, somebody will now be asking you to do PR for the company. I really can not imagine a better spokesperson. You get the marketing aspect, you get the numbers aspect, you get the cool aspect - Alec Saunders is great in the same way on the dev side, and I think you could bring the same spin on the PR side. Congrats again.

I love how the host, Carlo, states at the begining of the interview "for the few that are still opting for the device" - I guess 80 million subscribers worldwide is a "few"

And the way he sneered and sarcastically laughed when kevin proclaimed iOS is the oldest on the market. As if apple is on a hill they will never come down from. Typical ignorance of the left wing mainstream media. Riding the wave of whoever is popular

I didn't interpret the laugh as a being critical of the iOS is the oldest comment... I interpreted it as a "good point I hadn't thought of that" laugh. I think it was far and away one of the most fair-minded agenda-free pieces on RIM on tv in quite some time, thanks in large part to the editors not skewing or selectively editing Kevin's fair (not fanboy) comments.

Just going on one of Kevin's tweets the other day: "Idea: Rebrand QNX to BlackBerry. Announce that BlackBerry user base is up from 80 to 300 million (cars, planes, routers)". I thought he was going to bring this up in the interview just to say that the software is out there and is proven.

Take a bow, KM! Particularly appreciated your tone of informed, rational enthusiasm. Not a fanboy/cheerleading turn, understated if anything. Good approach for that venue. On the developer front, again restrained and rational, but if smart developers were listening, I think they will have heard the take-away that BB10 is a platform with real earning potential.

Nodreid11:Hey Kevin really proud of how you represented The 10 :o)). I live in Barbados and many have jumped to the BORING apple and Android, but I'm rocking my 9930 until The 10 touchdown. Again very good job on the interview. Come on RIM sign Him UP!!!!!

So I see the new name (marketing-wise) should be "The 10". By inference it will be twice the phone as the iPhone 5!

Way to go Thorsten, bring us The 10!

LOL!! I love your play on words...a great marketing idea. And Kevin, along with everyone else I must say a great came across as straight talking, clear, optimistic without being delusional, knowledgeable and as always, the leader of Crackberry Nation!

Hey good job Kevin

I sent your website to CNBC a few days ago showing your link to the new leaked photos, and complained about 1 analyst who said the web browser was lousy, she had a great smile, but wrong facts !

Wonder if that helped get you the call ! Told them that BB10 is great innovation at work and the fastest web browser on the planet !

If you want my original email to CNBC drop me a note on here and I will email it to you.

BB10 is on a roll...

Numerous people here are saying "great interview" but I would have to go a step further and say "another great interview". I have heard CK several other times in the broadcast media; CBC radio and other TV spots and he ALWAYS presents mobile technology and BB and RIM in particular in a very balanced way. Kudos.

(Can't wait for "From the Editor's Desk: Haircut Edition!

Please let it be January. Maybe Thor can hand deliver a BB10 to the 'Peg in December!)

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Great interview Kevin. It was also great to see a journalist with intelligent honest questions allowing you to actually answer without having an agenda or discredit unlike many others we have seen of late.

It would have been really awesome if Kevin Finished the convo like this. "Thanks for having me, Kevin out!" lol.

Great Interview Kevin... Well done!

I do have one question however. When the issue of a physical keyboard BB came up, I was surprised you did not mention that RIM is coming out with a physical keyboard version of 'The Ten'.

Yes, the all touch is first, but to be followed up very closely with an 'N' model. I've been hearing a lot of reports out of various media in the past week that keep referring to the 'fact' that RIM is dropping the keyboard for an all touch; which is not true at all (certainly not 'fact' by any stretch of the imagination).

I am always amazed how news (print, audio and video) reporters seem to be able to report a story without having any or all facts of that very story at hand. So much is left out and it gives the not-so-attentive public the wrong impression.

if Apple has iphone 5, Samsung has Galaxy s3 or Note 2. and Window phones has Window 8..

..well RIM has " THE TEN "

think of the numbers.. lolz.

really great answers, Kevin didn't stumble one bit, even when he was asked where he'd rather sell his app. I'm always kinda surprised at how well-spoken Kevin is, because so many times, people who run blogs are just better at typing than talking.

When I was watching this clip, I felt like I was watching my favorite boxer or something, hoping for Kevin to hit hard with the facts haha and he did! And there's no bigger place to talk finance and company prospects than CNBC (in the U.S., anyway).

RIM should give the news people some more B-footage though, seeing an 8320 and 8830 like that made me cringe, as my PlayBook and white Bold 9900 sit here on my desk.

Good job, Kevin. You knew the reasons why... and you explained them clearly.
Props to Thorsten, too, for wearing a tie. I'm really tired of that I'm-a-tech-CEO-so-I-get-to-wear-a-turtle-or-a-hoodie look. You're a CEO of a major global enterprise, look like it. Save the "I've got to be me" stuff for Sunday afternoons with a lawnmower and a beer.

I know I'm going to seriously consider getting a 10! LOL, love the 10 tagline, RIM should use that in its ads!

I think you just convinced me to pay the early upgrade fee and grab my BB10 device as soon as I can. A pity I don't have the cash to run two smartphones, or I would use my torch 9810 at the same time (so I still have a physical keyboard even with BB10)! Great job Kevin!

Proudly a member of TeamBlackberry, and in it for the long haul.

Great job Kevin!!!you represent blackberry with so much pride and that's how interviews are done!!!!can't wait for my bb 10 London baby.

Awesome and professional interview Kevin!

The reporter was a bit of a knob when he laughed at the "FACT" that after BB10 .. Apple WILL have the oldest operating system. Just goes to show that some of these reporters should understand a bit about what they're interviewing about....

Kevin -

You presented the facts and your didn't over hype RIM or BlackBerry. Awesome balance of being a fan and being objective. I'm very glad to be apart of the CrackBerry family.

Now if I can get my Dev Alpha B to fit in a sexy case.....

Great job Kevin, a RIM spokesperson couldn't have done better. Seriously RIM should use you as a BB10 spokesperson for the launch.

Great job, Kevin! Totally rational, no hot-headed exaggeration. RIM and Crackberry are both doing great job to turn the tide around. Can't wait for Q1!

Great interview Kevin! Congrats for making it onto CNBC. I was surprised at how you answered some of the questions. But I think you answered somewhat truthfully and realistically as opposed to giving overly optimistic views. You would represent RIM well.

KM you did a wonderful job man..

No logic can make these guys say right things about RIM, even when RIM was making $4 billion profit they said bad things about RIM, I believe only way is RIM should throw some change at these guys and I believe this is what Apple, MSFT and Google are doing to not only say good things about them but also wright bad things about others.

I was listening to the verge podcast and what a bunch of appeared that the only way to appease those guys was to bribe them and it appearded that is what they want

we done! i'm surprised how well you answered the questions - you certainly come across as a fair fanboy... huh... that soundslike an oxymoron.

I find it almost offensive that when they started showing blackberry phone pictures and videos they showed someone using a curve 8300. The phone is not sold anymore and has not been for a while. Typical left wing ignorance that makes the blackberry technology seem more behind than it actually is. But yet when they talk about iOS they queue up the latest high res video of the iPhone 5. The liberal media is biased and oblivious to the very fact that they are infact oblivious.

That was great. Rim owes your a few for that for sure. You put it in a way that no one can rebuttal. Did you have that prepared or was that ad-libbed?

Hey Kevin,
You did us all proud. Excellent and very informative. Now, those who are ignorant to RIM will at least get the bigger picture.

I LOVE it when you said that iOS is the oldest software on the market now. Ha Ha Ha Ha ..... that was great.

I will vote you on to RIM's board if you ever want to run for the position .... and I am sure that the rest of CrackBerry nation will do the same!

Yeah, way to go, Kevin! Great interview! I, too, like BlackBerry 10 (unofficially) being called "The 10"! It's like 10 out of 10 and "twice the phone as the iPhone 5 (@ClearEyes)"! LOL!

Hey, maybe Kevin could be one of the people in the "In the Right Hands" BB10 campaign! That would be epic! Can't wait to see what CrackBerryKevin will do with The 10 phone in one day! xD

+1 Kevin should be the first to do the "In the Right Hands" BB10 Campaign. And he should be allowed to make the first official BB10 release announcement starting here on crackberry with the people who stood behind RIM through good and bad times.

I love when Kevin said that iPhone has the oldest Platform in the market today and emphasized that RIM is now working hard to develop a new platform that is build for the next 10 years.

Well done Kevin! I watched the interview with Heins on CNBC before but only just saw yours now. These interviews will definitely help change the perspective on RIM, and hopefully give them a clearer shot at getting the launch received in the right way by the media and buying public.

You handled the questions extremely well Kevin.
For a second you sounded like an analyst but I guess you become one once you spend so much time involved with something you like. I thought for a second the price of rim shares on the screen was going up as you spoke! Who knows...maybe you give investors more optimism than people from within the organization... :)

To be honest, I have been disappointed with RIM In recent months especially since their botched up release of the play book. Even thou, I still promoted it to colleagues and friends but couldn't any longer as it still lacks basics which are very essential for my personal use and in general lacks some other important stuff but on the other hand it has things other tabs don't.
As for BB phones, again, RIM made few errors in the process of announcing and introducing new lines of phones etc. I hope with the new management it can make a strong comeback as I like the brand and I seem to always side with the underdog! I have not upgraded my BB 9700 bold to BB 7 phone although i was due for one after I saw similar issues with it as the older BBs and on top of it has a weaker battery so I decided to stick with the 9700 as at least it can last for 3-4 days on a single charge. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible it seems or impossible to make a touch screen phone which lasts over one day of average use.
Nonetheless, your interview questions were handled very professionally and I believe instances like these give people better understanding of the issues and actually make them appreciate certain things more and eventually give a general all around positive feeling about the path RIM Is taking.

"as it still lacks basics which are very essential for my personal use and in general lacks some other important stuff"

Can you be a little more specific?

Agreed. My unit satisfies our needs. Rarely do I turn on the pc's/laptops in our home! Incidentally a second unit would benefit us as you know the video chat app is great.

Good job man! I liked how you brought up the point about the iPhone "app lottery". Good stuff!

Way to promote the 10!! Oh crap, now I'm saying it too!! >.<

GREAT JOB Kevin! Way to "Represent"....its difficult to get your story out in such a short period of time, and this clip shows that you (and your team) are the consummate professionals. Thanks for everything you all do... Keep the foot of the gas RIM... Looking forward to 2013!!

When did Carl become Carlo? LOL

Love the interview! Very well done!

iOS being the oldest OS on the market was such a great point!

Marketing cares. I agree it wouldn't matter if we were talking about something of no consequence, like for instance, the size of your mothers penis.

Great job Kevin, you represented the CrackBerry Nation very well! And I'm sure Thorsten was pleased with your performance as well!

Kevin, great job. Very informative interview regarding RIM and its future. I am glad to hear from someone who knows something about RIM instead of hearing from people (critics) who do not know anything...

I am glad that you stated that Apple's iOS will be the oldest operating system because when people think about an old operating system, they think about Blackberry OS. When or before Blackberry 10 hits the market, RIM needs to build on the fact that Apple will be the oldest operating system to change the opinions of the consumer regarding Blackberry OS being the oldest and outdated OS.

Kevin knows a lot more about what is going on then many of these wall street guy.
Kevin's called it right so many times.
Nice going, and awesome job !

Don't go all diva on us now, Kev! Nice job.

I've been thinking about this, and the more I do the more I am realizing that the fact BB 10 is being referred to as "The BlackBerry 10"may actually be a bad thing.

It seems a strong educated guess that the reason people are referring to it in that way is that they are assuming it is a handset. Carriers have all along marketed the supposed latest and greatest by hardware, not software. The various iPhones, the Galaxy III, the Razr...all have been marketed as a singular model (or its variations ultimately) and not by the OS it contained. Even for BB historically, we've had Curves and Pearls and Bolds, not OS 5 or 6 or 7...or 7.1.

As such, the public at large is conditioned to learn about and talk about new cell tech in that way. By the hardware's name, not the OS name.

If RIM is trying to attract new devotees, which of course it is, they don't give a rats ass how many versions of the OS there have been. Because they have been conditioned to do so, they probably don't think much about the OS at all. The disclaimer being that we Crackheads here are not the norm. We're the minority.

Of course, I realize that one of the things RIM is attempting to do is differentiate on its OS. I get that. I don't think that is an entirely new idea, though. Yet, by a very significant margin (as in almost always), companies have still sold those OS improvements by the package in which they come (the hardware).

Now, I'm not sure if this matters, per se, if the L series BB is released first and everyone goes out looking for "that BlackBerry 10!" Maybe it turns out to be a distinction without a practical difference, but it is certainly not how other successful marketing of phones has been done and it raises the question if a company that is already facing enough hurdles hasn't created another one of its own doing.

And now that I've thought about that, it concerns me.

...and responding to myself, another thought on the marketing.

It seems "BlackBerry 10" isn't exactly a "sexy" name from a marketing standpoint, and in fact is likely one that only has a positive connotation right now for those of us who are still the true believers.

The sooner they get some (official.public) model names on these and start marketing with them, the better.

Just as everyone is saying, well done, Kevin. The points you made were honest and got to the heart of Rim's situation in a really positive way. You have made my day, as I have owned my blackberry 7290 (!!!!!!!!???) for 7 years and have a playbook in the post! The qwerty keyboard points are extemely well made! Well done again

Bravo, Kevin! Your eloquent interview and fair assessment of the BlackBerry and RIM was spot on. Some people have this negative perception of BB and it's great to see that you have represented all of us BB users at Crackberry so well and made us proud. :-)

I was a Droid user for a while and switched back to BB after three years. I missed the physical keyboard and I'm glad to see there will be a QWERTY keyboard model, which is the thing we all love as BB owners.

I am going to CES in January and cannot wait to see "The 10" in person. I was skeptical in the beginning, but now that I keep seeing that RIM is turning the smartphone game around, they'll be giving Apple and Android a run for their money. I have renewed confidence in what RIM is doing now and I'll be upgrading my 8520 for a 10 once it comes out.

Kevin, I know you have received many positive responses and this is one more. That interview is an example of why I still visit Crackberry every day, or every other day, even though I haven't owned a BlackBerry as my primary phone since the 9900 came along. I feel as though I have learned something when I read what you write or hear what you have to say. It is also rare that what you write is less than 100% accurate. I appreciate that a great deal and hope it continues to influence the other Mobile Nations sites.

Basically, great job and thank you!

Kevin, please let RIM know that we need the touchpad on the N series.... I use the 9900 but i still find myself using the touchpad for navigation in most cases.....dont let them scrap it...the other buttons maybe but not the touchpad!

btw amazing interview

As an investment professional, I have to say, impressive interview. Well done. (and yes, pass on the need for the touchpad on the N, imho). No touchpad, and I might as well stick with my iPhone. Nothing but nothing inserts cursors in existing text (and copies and pastes), like the touchpad.

They should make an touchpad/trackpad app, if not rim then a thirdparty. Wich would basically be a resizable square, (for the ones that like it smaller or bigger) that you are able to move to any place you would like on the screen -mid bottom, right bottom corner etc. Just an idea though

Great interview Kevin! You are a trully a leader for all users that want something different/better out of their smartphones. You are definitely a big part of whatever success BB10 will have.

Great interview Kevin.

RIM should really have you doing interviews for them as you directly answered the tough questions in as unbiased a way as possible and pointed out real positives of the RIM BB10 environment.

Loved the part how you said Apple has the oldest OS but you could have mentioned how with Android fracturization of the OS and screen sizes it is really hard for developers to make apps for to run well across the Android platform.

Kevin you are the man!

Well done Kevin!

I think you need to do a post on how people need to realize that RIM IS coming out with a QWERTY keyboard. It seems that there are at least 10 posts on this thread from people who are worried that there will not be one. People! Rest assured a QWERTY keyboard is in the works and is coming!

Lastly, for the folks in the comments.
Calling CNBC part of the liberal (left wing) has NOTHING to do with this interview! I'm a so-called liberal and a HUGE BlackBerry fan. If anything, it's all mainstream media that's keeping the true story from being told. Let's keep politics out of this!

the one question I cant find an answer to is wether BB10 will still allow the direct import of, say, an mp3 file ... Basically wether BB10 will be like bb5,6,7 in that using the desktop software is optional