Must-Have Free and Paid BlackBerry Apps for the New BlackBerry Tour Owner

Must-Have Apps for the BlackBerry Tour
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jul 2009 12:05 pm EDT

Things are always a little frantic around and with the recent release of the BlackBerry Tour the site is busier than ever. When an overdue, highly-anticipated device like the Tour finally hits the market it means a big group of experienced BlackBerry users quickly make the upgrade and it also means a whole new contigent of smartphones owners are discovering the world of BlackBerry and visiting for the first time. That said, we've been taking the launch of the Tour as an opportunity to revisit some BlackBerry basics.

Shortly after the Tour launched, a great thread popped up in the forums called Name the First Five Apps You Will Put On Your Tour. It's definitely one you'll want to check out for a lot of great ideas for which software applications to install on your device. After covering on the blogs How to Get Apps On Your BlackBerry, I thought it would be fun to poll some of our CrackBerry contributors and moderators to find out their first five must-have apps. Keep in mind that while we've geared this article towards the Tour, these software suggestions are valid for pretty much all models, including the Curve, Bold, Pearl and Storm (though you may need to find Storm-specific versions).  Read on for Lots of apps!

The First Five Apps I installed on my BlackBerry Tour

So I asked each person to return their first-five installed apps. Of course, we have a few addicts on the team who don't follow directions well, so in a few cases we have the first ten. We've hyperlinked the titles to download locations for each app, listed a brief description and listed the app's price or that it is free. Keep in mind that sometimes apps are free to download, but then you may be enticed to pay for an upgrade to unlock more features or get premium services (sometimes these change - the developer launches with a free app then down the road introduces the pay side of the equation, so always check the details before downloading). For each person we've shown one screen capture - that the title that belongs to that screen cap is listed in bold. Be sure to list your first five apps in the comments to this post! Editorial Contributors

Kevin Michaluk, Founder and Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation

Bolt Browser

1. CrackBerry Launcher - CrackBerry Mobile Site Launcher - Free
2. CrackBerry App Store Client - CrackBerry App Store Mobile Client - Free
3. CrackBerry Viigo - RSS News Reader - Free
4. Bolt Browser - 3rd Party Web Browser - Free
5. BlackBerry App World -BlackBerry App World - Free

Adam Zeis, Editor & Forums Manager


1. SocialScope (or any Twitter client) - Free
2. Berry Buzz - Custom LED alerts - $5.95
3. Berry Weather - Weather App - $9.95
4. SmrtGuard - OTA Data Backup - $3.99/month
5. Bolt Browser - 3rd Party Web Browser - Free

Bla1ze, Editor & Forums Manager

I Love Blackberry
that's 16 days worth of Bla1ze's use on this screencap

1. I Love BlackBerry - Track your BlackBerry use - Free
2. Evernote -Free
3. SocialScope - Twitter client - Free
4. BBFileScout - File manager - Free
5. QuickPull Pro - Simulate battery pull -$2.95
6. QuickLaunch - Application launcher - $4.99
7. FlyCast - Internet radio - Free
8. CrackBerry Viigo - RSS news reader - Free
9. Poynt - Local search - Free
10. Berry Buzz - Custom LED alerts - $5.95

Craig Johnston, Podcast Co-Host and Enterprise Expert


1. Nobex Radio Companion - Internet radio - Free or $3.99/month
2. WorldMate - Travel app - Free or $99.95/year
3. BlackBerry Wallet - Store shopping information - Free
4. QIK - Mobile video sharing - Free
5. Podtrapper - Podcast manager - $9.99
6. SlingPlayer - Control home TV & DVR - requires SlingBox
7. SmrtGuard - OTA data backup - $3.99/month
8. Vlingo - Speech recognition - Free or $17.99
9. Audible - App - Free

Ryan Blundell, Apps Reviewer


1. Berry Buzz - Custom LED alerts - $5.95
2. BerryPopup - Preview Email/SMS - $6.95
3. Wifi file transfer - File Transfer - $9.99
4. Bartender Pro - Drink Catalog - $2.99
5. Bubble Defense - Tower Defense Game - $4.99

James Falconer, App Round-Ups

Texas Hold'Em

1. Trapster - Speed Trap Database - Free
2. Texas Hold'em King 3 - Poker Game - $6.99
3. Facebook - Social Networking - Free
4. CrackBerry Viigo - RSS news reader - Free
5. Scoremobile - Sports Scores - Free
6. WeatherBug - Weather App - Free
7. Shazam - Identify Music Tracks - Free (paid upgrade for more features)

Gary Mazo, BlackBerrius Maximus


1. Slacker - Internet Radio - Free (paid upgrade for more features)
2. Pandora - Internet Radio - Free
3. Poynt - Local search - Free
4. Google Lattitude - Mapping - Free
5. CrackBerry Viigo - RSS news reader - Free
6. AP Mobile News - News App - Free
7. Shortcut - MLB Shortcut - Free
8. BlackBerry App World -BlackBerry App World - Free
9. You Mail Visual Voicemail Plus - Visual Voicemail - Free
10. Nintaii -Game - $6.99

Al Sacco, Contributor


1. CrackBerry Viigo - RSS news reader - Free
2. Pandora - Internet Radio - Free
3. TeleNav Navigator - GPS - $9.99/month
4. Facebook - Social Networking - Free
5. Poynt - Local search - Free
6. Flixster - Social Network (Movies) - Free
7. Shortcut - MLB Shortcut - Free
8. Google Voice for BlackBerry - Google Voice Mobile App - Free
9. Movela Netflix Queue Manage - Netflix Movie Manager - $2.99
10. Capture It (OTA) -On Device Screen Capture - Free

CrackBerry Forums Moderators



1. Amazon App - Mobile App - Free
2. Spider Solitaire - Solitaire Game - $3.99

3. Bank of America - Mobile Banking - Free
4. Mara Tick - Shopping List App - Free
5. VZ Navigator - Installed on VZW Devices - $9.99/month



1. BeeJive IM - IM App - $19.95
2. Gmail App - Gmail Mobile App - Free
3. UberTwitter - Twitter Client - Free
4. BB Tetris - Tetris - Free
5. VibAndRing - Ring and Vibrate - $2.95



1. SocialScope - Twitter Client - Free
2. MIU Tunes - MP3 Player - $19.95
3. QSMS - Quickly Compose SMS - Free
4. GoogleTalk - IM Client - Free
5. Shrink It (OTA) - Shrink Images - Free



1. Berry Scanner - Police Scanner - Free
2. Berry Weather - Weather App - $9.95
3. Capture It (OTA) -On Device Screen Capture - Free
4. Google Maps - Maps - Free
5. Google Sync - Sync Google Calendar - Free

Let the Downloading Begin!!

There you have it. If your new BlackBerry is lacking in apps, you have plenty of suggestions to help get you started. Keep in mind you can always find more free and paid apps in our CrackBerry App Store and in our BlackBerry Apps forum.

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Reader comments

Must-Have Free and Paid BlackBerry Apps for the New BlackBerry Tour Owner


1. BB App World
2. Score Mobile
3. Facebook
4. Viigo
5. Poynt

Im a new BB user so these have been changing by the hour

Weatherbug, Facebook, Pandora, Flickr, crackberry, viigo,, and Twibble (Twitter client) are some of my faves. Working well on the Tour and all are free!

Want the slingbox for my Tour but in typical Verizon's not allowed.

On Adam's Top 5 picture there is an icon that is a yellow conversation bubble that I have seen it on multiple screen shots. What app is that?

Not the main picture. The one that is directly above his top 5 pics. It looks like a conversation bubble for some type of twitter or messenger app

Empower BES
Berry Buzz
Berry Pop Up
Quick Launch
You Version Bible (free)
Bonus App
Google Maps (Free)

Chrisy, you listed the app but when I tried to download it I got an error message saying the app is not compatible with my Tour yet :(

1. Pandora
2. Google Maps
3. Facebook
4. Ubertwitter
5. Weatherbug

I have more...
Google Mobile App
Texas Hold Em 3
Google Talk

I guess I'd have to say (in no particular order):
Berry Weather
Pocketday Lists
Crackberry Viigo
BBSmart Alarms Pro

Some other awesome ones are:
Nav4All (FREE gps. DL @
File Manager Pro
UberTwitter (best twitter client IMHO)

1. GTalk msg'r
2. Viigo (with Twitter)
3. ZonaSnap
4. BBFileScout
5. AccesMahjongg :)
6. e-mobile weather
7. SMS Sheduler

As far as I can tell QuickPull isn't needed on the Tour as the Ctrl+Shift+Del command actually does a full reset of the device as opposed to what it did on previous devices. I also find it funny that Qik was on some of the lists, as according to their own website the Tour isn't supported yet.

I have been looking for something like QuickPull for my Pearl, so I am very glad that he mentioned it.

why would ryan blundell tell us to download WIFI file transfer? the tour has no wifi. uh oh, did ryan get caught copying and pasting his list?!?!

1. Quick Launch
2. myFunambol Sync - syncs BB and Outlook wirelessly, love it!
3. Berry Weather
4. BBSmart Alarms Pro
5. UberTwitter

Just want to comment that all the Crackberry Experts/Gurus above except for Yester18 (the last one) failed to mention google maps as one of their top 5-10 apps. Intresting.

And all us crackberry posters (6 including myself) have google maps on our BB. We probably move around and find the real time traffic updates and street view useful and a must have for being so mobile (and the Experts do not???)

I just thought it was interesting to see the Experts maybe push their agenda/applications.

If you look at my list I have Google Latitude listed. For me, Google Maps is implied in that - but I chose Latitude specifically because that is how my wife and I keep track of our kids!

Hi maroot,

I did not "fail to mention Google Maps" as one of my top five to ten Tour apps. Google Maps is NOT one of the top five to ten apps on my Tour. In fact, I haven't installed Google Maps on my Tour at all, though it's been on my Bold for quite some time....


2 different experts posted apps that aren't available/aren't compatible with the tour. Was this list just tossed together, or are they pushing the apps they want to see do well? Something's amiss. And no one runs google maps?

2 weeks in and I'm loving the app love. Although I've found a few that didn't like my curve. Those that did are:

Berry Weather

A few of these apps listed are not compatible with the Tour. Kinda disappointed since the blog is for the Tour.

I saw that someone posted that they put Flycast on their Tour

i tried to do an OTA download to no avail

I then tried to download the file to my pc and then sync it

it downloaded as a .jad file

This is my first blackberry and im kinda learning as i go

when i tired to sync via the desktop the Desktop told me that the file was incompatible with my device

Can someone shed some light on what files can i sync and is there a way to convert that .jad file so i can listen to Flycast

Sorry for the long post

thanks in advance

These are the first 5 apps that I got for my 8900

1. Pageonce Personal Assistant (free)
2. Ubertwitter (free)
3. Pandora (free)
4. Google Maps
5. Google Sync

Those set me up nicely!

Amazed that no-one mentioned Funambol ( Free, over the air, syncing on Contacts, Diary and Notes from my desktop Outlook to my Blackberry (just like the Jesus phone's MobileMe service).

Works a treat.

1. Google Maps
2. BOLT Browser
3. CB Launcher
4. BB App World
5. NY Mets MLB Shortcut

Sorry, got fired up to post, then realized it's for the Tour. At any rate, I'm using the 8900.

For those that had trouble downloading the app, try again. Just downloaded using the link on the blogs and it worked great! App looks good and runs smoothly!

I'm a new blackberry user and I think some of these apps will get me going in the right direction. Thanks.

How are you listing BerryBuzz, Berry Weather, and QuickLaunch when those pages in Apps Store all say, "This product is not compatible with 9630 (Tour)"?

I've written the support links and they say they are working on it, but that it's not yet compatible.

1 eWallet (had been using on my WMD, so didn't want to re-enter data)
2 facebook (free)
3 QuickPull Pro
4 SplashShopper
5 Franklin Covey PlanPlus add ons (projects, memos, tasks)

The other 5
1 audible
2 Mobiola xPlayer
3 UberTwitter
4 File Manager Pro
5 WeatherBug

1. CrackBerry Launcher - CrackBerry Mobile Site Launcher - Free
2. Facebook Link
3. CrackBerry Viigo - RSS News Reader - Free
4. Opera Mini
5. BlackBerry App World -BlackBerry App World - Free

1. QuickPull (simulates battery pull)
2. Opera 4 (browser)
3. SureWipe (app eraser)
4. Call Later AutoSend (autoreply for missed calls)
5. Nintaii

These are all usable without a data plan.

2.BlackBerry App World
3.Crackberry App Client
4.QuickPull Lite

p.s.tried loading a game called GT Slots,wouldn't work on my Tour

blackberry app world

and iv just downloaded crackberry launcher so that will be in there :)

I have it and use it daily. Have it set to automatically every morning at 7 It is free I don't pay for it

1. holy bible
2. telenav vs vzn navigator
3. trakster
4. pocket express
5. google maps

I've always researched what others have and what works with the greatest of efficiency, effectiveness and even fun!

I was restarting my BB 8900 and I did pull out the battery for cleaning, since then when the BB loads it shows JVM Error 102, reset, and I tried to push the reset so many times but still the same thing. Please help me...

In order of importance. All are Free.

1. BlackBerry App World (how else would I know about these great apps)
2. Pandora (I listen to it every day)
3. WeatherEye (awesome app)
4. Viigo for Blackberry (a well-presented one-stop for info & now owned by RIM)
5. Associated Press app (hard to beat AP for immediate, quality, unbiased news)

I also like the Google Search app (using this app makes searches much faster and more convenient than going directly to the browser, plus the font is much larger on the Google screen).

Not an app, but better than most apps, I have the mobile version of the New York Times web site as the home page of my web Browser, and it is incredibly well presented for BlackBerry use. Very easy on the eyes and you can set it to a large font, which makes it look awesome on your BB Tour. It's my first "go-to" place for news.

Thank you soooo much for this great info!!! I can now view my online classroom whereas I couldn't with the default browser on my BB 9700:-)

1. Google Maps
2. iSkoot (skype mobile software)
3. jmIrc (chat system)
4. Pandora (customizable radio station)
5. Opera Mini (3rd party browser)
6. Blackstar Nav (GPS software)
7. Blip by Blackline GPS (GPS Social Networking software)
8. MemoryBoost
9. Memory Cleaner

All free. MUST HAVES!!!