Music, Movies and TV Shows go live on the BlackBerry World web storefront

BlackBerry World Web Storefront
By Bla1ze on 29 Jan 2013 10:32 pm EST

With BlackBerry 10, it's been known for a while now that BlackBerry World will offer up an integrated solution for music, movies and TV shows. In preparation for the release, RIM has now updated the BlackBerry World web storefront as well. If you head on over to the BlackBerry World homepage, you'll be able to peruse through all of the content available. Again, it's important to note that for now the option to purchase content will only be available for BlackBerry 10 devices at launch and only in supported regions, being the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

BlackBerry World Web Storefront

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Music, Movies and TV Shows go live on the BlackBerry World web storefront


Um, the campaign is available for $19.00 WTF? 19 bux for a digital copy of a film? Thats outrageous. Other than that, things look nice. Although most of those top apps look totally uninteresting to me.

Still can't wait til Launch.

I haven't done extensive comparisons but from what I've seen the prices seem to be about average with iTunes or XBox Music/Movies.

I'm waiting for the day when I can get a digital download of a movie DRM-free so I can use on all devices. Until then, I'll keep buying Blu-Rays.

On iTunes, The Campaign is $19.99 Buy $4.99 Rent
On BlackBerry World, The Campaign is $19.99 Buy $3.99 Rent

The selection looks pretty decent for launch. I'll probably buy a few movies just to support the movie store company that worked with BlackBerry to get the movies (IDK if it's 7Digital or the other one).

Wow! This is going to be the first big product launch that I view (through webcast) by BlackBerry. I know RIM makes them phones but it's the CMO who is converting the ID cards and other things to the BlackBerry name.

Let's Rock and Roll This!

Wow I am loving BlackBerry World...previews of songs and trailers for movies are great! It is something that is to be expected, but to have it all up and running smoothly already is a great sign that RIM clearly has everything thought out and planned out perfectly!! Tomorrow will be an AMAZING day for RIM and BlackBerry lovers!

Why do I get the feeling RIM will launch a BB TV device as well tomorrow :O just after seeing this new storefront.

I believe there were rumours about a BB TV before actually...and that would definitely play well with RIM and their statements about the devices and OS...BB TV would allow BB devices to connect to TV's wirelessly by connecting to the TV and all content on the device will transfer into the TV...would be a nice accessory to make! Similar to BB Music Gateway...a BB Video Gateway or TV Gateway!

Just buy a Playbook (or a BB10).

You don't need anything else but a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable. And you can control your Playbook remotely using your BlackBerry. Not that a new TV device wouldn't be useful of course.

Agreed, microHDMI and PlayBook works wonderfully! I love it and use it often! BUT there is something to be said about ease and simplicity that the average user loves. Walking into a room and either sitting there with your PlayBook connected to a super long chord isn't ideal, and also Bridge is a great feature but its not the same as using the device itself. In comes BB TV Gateway, and you can walk into a room and have the phone instantly connected to the device (or use NFC and tap, whichever) then sitting on the couch with your Z10 you can do whatever on your phone and if you are sent a youtube video through BBM you can click it and choose "Play On BB TV" (Similar to the Play on feature when bridged to a PlayBook), and ahhh there it is playing on your TV...

Very simple, very elegant, very useful!

BlackBerry 10!

My friend you need to be in RIMs R&D department, that would be an amazing experience especially because of QNX, I can only imagine the possibility's.

Ha thanks man I would love a job in RIMs R&D department! Help me get there as that would be a dream job for me. I do have some good ideas I think lol. But yeah this is hopefully a surprise at the launch event!

That seems to be where they're headed based on the QNX article... excellent read. Basically machines talking to machines so yeah your B10 device talking/sending data to your TV, car, thermostat, whatevs...

Youtube allows you to do that. Just simply through wi -fi. I do it all the time on the Playbook. I don't know if it's only certain tvs but I have the playon option after a short moment to pair. As for the phones and media files, I do believe BB10 will have DLNA.

It's actually really good, works and is priced well. All they need is comments on the apps and its a go.

Looking good, but they are hold a ton back. Not much longer the WAIT is FINALLY over!!

What a great way to start 2013.

After a brief browse, I like that TV episodes are $2.50 each, that I saw anyway. Could be nice for catching up on the occasional episode. Is it known whether a TV show can be watched once per purchase, or would the viewing rights be perpetual?

Nice! I wish they didn't forget to add closed captions for deaf and hard of hearing (hearing impaired). But it still niiiiice!



First off, posting in ALL CAPS is rude, as it is considered yelling. Secondly, this topic is about movies, music and TV shows in BlackBerry World.

I was just looking around on BB world. I found a problem with the link for "Pop" music. You get Christmas music instead. I hope they fix it. I don't want critics to have anything they can run with.


I'm VERY impressed. I normally do NOT listen to mainstream music.
A quick search shows:
Eric B & Rakim, Juicy J (of 'Bandz To Make Her Dance' fame; its not there but other tracks are), Kool G Rap (WHAT!!!!), Masters At Work, and ... Black Coffee (an Afro House producer/DJ ... with the current DJ Longest live mix session globally).

Yeah man ... RIM is BACK!!!!
Since the music is there ... I'm now able to ween off of iTunes! I'm still a Mac OS X user in my life (Win7 during work), but ... the iPhone 5 is already for sale, iPhone 4S goes to my son for the next few months (don't want him being jumped at skill).

Question:. Why would I use this instead of netflix? Or is this a sign that BB10 will not get netflix? Just something I've been worrying about, I mean, we ARE trying to gain more customers correct?