Music on BlackBerry 10

Ready to rock out with your Z10 out?

By Simon Sage on 5 Apr 2013 02:38 pm EDT

One of my core uses of the BlackBerry Z10 (and any smartphone, for that matter) is for music. I'm openly boggled when I see people carrying around a full-fledged smartphone and a dedicated music player. There are many third-party apps for BlackBerry 10 that can help you stream tunes, but for the most part, I stick to locally-stored music to save battery. The native music player in BlackBerry 10 provides all of the core functions you need in order to keep the tunes rolling - playlists, shuffle mode, album art... the whole shebang.

Loading up

First things first - you’ve got to get your music onto your BlackBerry. By plugging into your computer over USB, you can simply drag and drop music to either your SD memory card or the local storage built into the BlackBerry Z10. Just open up your computer’s file explorer, navigate to either BlackBerry drive, and drop files into the music directory. Make sure every artist and album has their own subdirectory, or album art associations can get a little screwy.

It sure would be nice if there was a tool built into the media player to make sure all of the music metadata was in line...

BlackBerry Link

The more elegant way to go about loading music onto your BlackBerry Z10 is to use the desktop software, Link. Wireless sync is supported, so your tunes can match up with what’s on your PC, so long as your BlackBerry is plugged into a power source. When you’re first setting up Link, you can point it to a pre-existing iTunes or Windows Media Player library to populate your Z10. You can find out more about backing up and restoring data through BlackBerry Link here.

Of course, BlackBerry World is now home to an extensive music store so you can buy tracks and albums directly from your device. Downloads are fast, the selection is good, and since they’re DRM free, you can move the music to other sources without any hassle.

Plugging in

Music library for BlackBerry 10

Most headphones with an in-line microphone also have a mute/pause/play button which should work perfectly well with the native BlackBerry music player and any fully-optimized third-party apps. This works for stereo Bluetooth headphones as well, including my trusty Plantronics Backbeat Go headphones used in the video above.

Read here for more details on how to pair a Bluetooth headset to your Z10.

One little bug I’ve noticed when working with Bluetooth - make sure your volume is bumped all the way up on the device before you pair; for some reason, volume controls get locked down after connecting to a Bluetooth device. If you’re using headphones without in-line controls, you can use the Z10’s hardware keys to adjust volume and pause music.

If you duck into the system settings, you can also enable a shortcut that lets you skip tracks by holding down the volume keys.

Rocking out

Searching for music on BlackBerry 10

Navigating the Music app in BlackBerry 10 is pretty self-explanatory. The first tab you open on shows which albums have been recently added to your collection, and which you’ve listened to recently. The Library tab shows your entire collection, organized by either artist, album, or genre.

Universal search from the home screen works great to find specific tracks, though I’m a little disappointed that in the transition to BlackBerry 10, they still didn’t manage to fold in artist or album search into the same field. At least searches initiated from the music app’s overflow menu breaks up results across track, artist, and album.

Playlists for BlackBerry 10

The final tab shows your playlists, which can be created right from the device - just check what’s Now Playing from the overflow menu in the bottom-right, and hit that button again to Add to Playlist. The playlists tab also shows a few automatically generated collections at the bottom for all songs, recently added, and playlists by year.

Music for BlackBerry 10

The overflow menu lets you quickly launch into shuffle and play all from the collection or album views. There’s an option there to select multiple items, but it can only be used to batch delete, not play select albums or tracks. From the Now Playing screen, you’re able to add the track to a new or existing playlist, as well as shunt music out to DLNA devices on your local Wi-Fi network (such as a connected speaker system or TV). You just have to make sure that both machines have permissions to see one another.

The Now Playing screen also has shortcuts near the top to enable shuffle and loop modes for the album. Tap the loop button a second time to keep the same song playing - perfect for those days where you're feeling particularly obsessive. 

And that’s Music for BlackBerry 10. It provides all the important stuff you need to have something to listen to, but if you find the experience lacking, there’s a wide selection of third party music apps available on BlackBerry 10 -  be sure to check them out. 

Music in this video by an awesome indie mobile game developer, bignic. Go buy his stuff!

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Music on BlackBerry 10


Mps players and I pods are so last decade. The built in music app, plus full bluetooth functions. What else do you need, really

Posted via CB10

There are times when my Apple iPod Nano is the better choice for portable music.

For streaming music I enjoy the various applications available for the BlackBerry Z10 including Slacker Radio and Radio Player+. Does anyone know any application which streams WarpRadio stations?

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

I miss BBM Music. i like to be able to choose what i want to listen too. I dont like streaming because its the DJ's choice. i have over 700 songs on my phone i enjoy but damn why cant bBB offer 19.99 a month all the movies and music you want a month? now that i would do. I am not saying download but stream like a Netflix and BBM music.

I do as well my friend. The service was interactive and the music discovery was fun. There are some titles I would love to track down that I only had on there.

Posted via CB10

Is there no way to sort the songs by their title? The only three options I saw were artist, genre and albums


I feel there are lots of blue icons in my music app for the songs that do not have images. This is very confusing. Also, it'd have been nice if you could see the title of the songs and have them in a list format. I find the present layout to be very cluttered. Also you have to open the now playing song from the side menu and only then you can select shuffle/repeat. Not a very user friendly app.

Thankfully I get a nice Deezer add on with my EE contract. Has to be the best add on ever. Does not cost a penny and you can download albums to the phone

Posted via CB10

I live the fact I can download music straight from websites. I'm Tamil when new songs are released I just download it directly to my Z10. On my iPhone I had to download it to my computer, upload it to iTunes then load it on to my phone.

Posted via CB10

RIP BBM Music.. There is nothing out there that matched having 10,000 songs for $5/month.. It sucks that they just didn't advertise it more..

Jeff I so agree. BBm music was AWESOME and BlackBerry made a mistake by killing it. They could of tried advertising it. Doing something different idk but nothing is as good

Posted via CB10

One thing j was was the same from bbos is that when you search a song, you can click on it, it will start to play, and then will play more songs in order or on shuffle afterwards. I finally noticed that under plays lists there's an option called all songs, but even within that you have to manually scroll to the one song you want to start listening to. Because if you search it, only that one song will play. Does anyone get what im saying?

Posted via CB10 - FINALLY

I was just about to type that all out then saw you did for me. That is my biggest issue with the music player on my Z10. I used to pick a song, then shuffle the rest of the songs. Now if I do that, it'll only shuffle the other songs by that artist. It is an annoyance.

Thanks for pointing out the "All Songs" at the bottom of Playlists. That mostly gets me there.

Was wondering if you would consider doing a follow up article reviewing neutron music player...

Posted via CB10

Just wondering if there is going to be an update that will give us a equalizer but still loving the app

Posted via CB10

Streaming from Music via bluetooth to my car is broken. It sounds like I'm streaming over the Internet using a very bad connection.

Posted via CB10

Just a note about earbuds. I use Skill Candy 50/50s. In addition to supporting pause volume up and down you can also hold volume up and down and skip tracks forward and back same as rocker on side of Z10. When you buy it says it supports that function on iPod/iphone. It didn't work on my 9900 but works great on Z10.

Posted via CB10

Does anyone run into this issue where when bluetooth music starts up in the car, it is 5 times louder than normal? I have to manually turn it down every time.

I guess the only option we currently have is to turn off your bluetooth option in the phone before you get in the car.

It's so horrible. I never know what it's going to play. And it does this no matter what blue tooth audio output it connects to.

I've had cases where it started playing private voice notes I recorded for my self over speakers at get togethers with friends!

I've almost had it blow my speakers because I didn't have time to turn them down before an overly loud recording came on (loud compared to what I had been playing before turning on bt).

I loathe that "Feature " :(

Posted via CB10

Happened with me too, it started playing someone's saved voicenotes while my friends were in my car. So embarrassing.

When it comes to bluetooth, you don't need to have the device volume cranked, it just can't be all the way down. I've discovered that having the volume one or two ticks up is enough to give you full control through your bluetooth device and phone.


Posted from my brain via CB10

No. You want to have your phone at max so your audio source volumes are balanced. If you have the z10 really low and subsequently need to turn your stereo up to 100 just to hear anything, then if someone switches the audio source to radio... bye bye speakers...

Posted via CB10

Simon, I wanted to get a clarification: if I read this right, you say to have volume turned all the way up on the Z10? Or on the BT device?

I've had lots of trouble pairing with devices that have no independent volume control, and they wind up way too loud, but the volume controls on the phone are locked so I can't change it at the source. This only seems to happen with certain devices (the BB Gateway, for instance, still allows volume control from the phone).

I did break down and buy a Monster iClarity, which I'll admit is actually a really great device, but now I've got a couple of smaller devices that I can't seem to get functional.

Yeah, if it's too loud, then you'll want to set the volume on the Z10 down to about the middle before your pair up over Bluetooth. Usually my issue is that I have my volume muted on the device before pairing up, so I don't hear anything after pairing and assume that there's something wrong with the headset. 

I love my music on my Z10, and largely like the built in music player. However, I find the layout lacking in options, l like to have the option to display my music in a list format as well and also the player lacks functions like the equaliser ( unless I haven't come across it?). The sound on my 9800 was way better than on my Z10.

Have had to invest in a decent pair of Sennheiser in order to enjoy my music.

Hopefully future updates will bring more improvements to the player.

Posted via CB10

The Music app isn't too bad, but i wish we could do a list view when searching songs/albums and such.

Another IMPORTANT feature that I would love to take advantage of is a Alphabet list such as in the contacts application when your in All Songs. So you dont have to scroll through forever trying to get to a letter!

This simple feature would be sooo useful. Hope it comes up in 10.1

Eh, my Z10 wont show up in explorer. Connects and disconnects over and over. And no idea how to use this program. Grrrr


Just to add that PlayCloud 10 permits you to edit your MP3 ID Tag (artist, title, album...) metadata.
At last PlayCloud 10 is able to show your art cover embedded in your audio file.


One of my core uses of the BlackBerry Z10 (and any smartphone, for that matter) is for music. Me too, please come to BB 10 Spotify :(

Disappointing to hear they haven't update the crappy bluetooth stack that was on the PlayBook. not having volume controls when connected over bluetooth is lazy IMO especially when connected via stereo gateway to a car or home audio system.

How is the search, ffwd rwd, on the Z10? it is the thing i hate the most about my 9900 which i use as my primary audio player for work,car,home.

There are volume controls when connected through bluetooth. I use the BB music gateway hooked to a couple of powered speakers and control the volume though my Zed10. if by ffwd and Rwd you mean skip then it works just fine. But you can jump ahead or back a bit using the song timeline.

Hope this helps. I actually love the music app on the Zed10 and like you I use it as my exclusive music player for home, work and car.

I downloaded an album but received a 'server error' message that said to try again later. That was a month ago still says same message. Sent three emails to support with absolutely no response/assistance, let alone reimbursement. Very disappointing. Works good other than this issue and some disappearing album art.

Don't use BlackBerry Link! Drag and drop music like this article suggests.... You can also export playlist files from iTunes, drop 'em onto the Z10 SD card, then move the playlists to the "Device" music folder, once you've ejected (and unplugged) the Z10 from your computer. BlackBerry link cannot be trusted! It's buggy, slow and literally DELETED playlists, playlist information and songs from MY ITUNES library!

Posted via CB10

The MP3 player on the Z10 is absolute crap. I love my phone but the music player is by far the worst feature on it.

I need folder view. Got over 20GB of music nicely put together in folders but it gets messed up in the blackberry.

Great review! For myself is my BlackBerry a all in tool! I hate to carry it around with me thousands of devices!
But one thing I'm really missing on the Z10, the equalizer presets and the audio boost!
I'm dj and produce a little bit of music and use the Z10 and PlayBook for DJING!

Posted via CB10

The native app is as good as any I looked at. I would pay mucho dinero for an app with the capability to shuffle by complete album. So far the only software I have ever seen that does this is Itunes. (Not sure if the mobile version does, or even if the latest version does because I avoid it.)

Posted via CB10

Glad this was posted. A lot of people had issues with music on it and I feel some people didn't like the idea of a worst case copy paste to media card. I think z10 and link are working great so far

Posted via CB10

Has anyone tried Neutron Music Player on BlackBerry world? Looks super awesome!

Posted via CB10

Have it on my PlayBook...superb. Can't see that helping sway our blinkered iPhone loving IT dept from taking a fresh look at BB10....:-(

I have tried Neutron Player several times and each time get more and more frustrated with it. I can't play all of my playlists, a major bummer.

2 things i don't like about the music app/situation. (or else i would use it over my ipod)..
1) You cannot convert songs to a lower bitrate EX: 128aac to take up less room.
2) Link does not copy over extra info from the songs from itunes like where i set the song to start from.

I don't know if its just me but i liked the old Music player better. Really loved the option of while listening to a track being able to click on an artist name or album title and go into the artist whole catalog or go into that particular album from which the song you were listening to was from. Now if you swipe down while listening to a track it just displays the playlist in which you are listening to, not the music related to just that particular artist.

I have always carried a dedicated music player and for the foreseeable future will continue to do so, despite having a Z10.

There are some good reasons for it:
First if all, my MP3 player is smaller and can reside in my shirt pocket, nevertheless it has 32GB of space.
I do not have to worry about my battery getting drained by playing music. I had it play over night accodentally.

Finally: I have a habit of often changing songs, so using my phone as a music player would kill the battery with me scrolling through it all the time.

When at university I have streamed music from the web on my Z10 - web radio, while charging it. And if I am going home I might do so too just because I won't mind the battery dying.
The other advantage of using a dedicated music player is that you can keep your phone hidden from public view - it is doubtful someone gets interested in your MP3 player - at least less likely than a high end smartphone.

Posted via CB10

How in the world do you not mention Neutron music player? That is a true audiophile's music player.

Posted via CB10

Maybe you could write a short review on it? :)

I am very very interested in purchasing it. Looks totally amazing.

Posted via CB10

Is it me or going to the next song (or previous) using the volume keys is slow? Happens also on bluetooth in car. On my Torch going to next song using volume key was instant (and on bluetooth in my car as well).

It's as if there was a delay/lag going to the next song...

Posted via CB10

I have always loaded my phones up with my own tunes. I'm not sure why you would need a seperate music player?

I have a dedicated player, and will continue to. Other than being smaller, it is alot cheaper to replace if I break it when Im tearing through the trails(been through 2 now). I found when I used to use my old phones as a player and then would go ride, the phone just took a beating and started to show fast. I dont want to risk that with my z10.

Anyone know how to save as an mp3 link? I tried switching to desktop mode and i couldnt find it

Posted via CB10

I love my blackberry but nothing beats a stand alone mp3 player. Reasons being.... battery drain....can't stand when a song is constantly interrupted by a phone call, text, email, or one of the many notifications I get....and storage. Songs occupy a lot of ram and I like my phone running smoothly. I have a 120 gb ipod with all my music loaded onto it.

Same concept as to why I own a kindle.

Gripes w the music player are u wish list songs was an option in the library where it says albums artists genres. Also wish I could skip a song by holding down the volume up or down button as opposed to having to unlock the phone and navigate each time. That's it. The music app on the PlayBook is great wish it was just like that.

Posted via CB10

I would like better sorting abilities of the music. I'd like to be able to rearrange music in playlists by date added and it would be nice if there was a way to select multiple songs and "move to top" more easily.

An EQ would be nice too.

I noticed with my Z10, the music apps stops producing sounds. I literally have to restart the device just for it to work again. But this happens to all audio on my phone. Even when I receive a call In my car with BT is connected. The device gets picked up and fools the device into thinking it's connected to a headset. Weird. Huh?

Posted via CB10

My main problems with the default audio player are that there doesn't seem to be an EQ, and I mainly listen to 2 hour live sets stored in a play list...I wish it would remember my track position and play list position. Also, lock screen controls would be fabulous for car use.

I have downloaded neutron, and while it has a ton of features, it failed to read most of the files from my SD card, like, it only picked up 6 tracks. Also, it's interface is absolutely awful, looks like it's designed for 14 year olds.

I would love to be able to use something like PowerAmp for Android, it's got a lot of features for audiophiles with a clean sleek interface. If anyone has one to recommend for BB10 like it then please suggest!

Posted via CB10

Have you found a good player? I already have exactly the same issues as you have. Using Neutron just because it remembers track position.

I actually prefer to have a stand alone media player. That way I do not use my battery up on my phone. When my media player dies, I don't miss it. Just my opinion.

Posted via CB10

Maybe someone can help me. I have a Z10 (bought it on release day in Canada) and I love it. Unfortunately, as far as audio go's there is something I can't find a setting that is a total deal breaker for me. I listen to a lot of audio books but I like to take in as much information as fast as I can, so what I do is crank up the speed of the playback. If regular playback is 1.0 speed, I listen to audio books at between 1.4 and 2.2 speed. I would be willing to pay $20 for an app that would let me do that on my Z10. If anyone knows of anything please let me know!

I love the music player on my Z10 but it keeps losing my album art. All of my album covers were on there when I first got my Z10 now I'm getting all those blue album covers. Everything is stored on my sd card. Any suggestions?

Posted via CB10

I have not be able to find the EQ settings that the 9900 had... you know, live, dance, bass, treble, rock, stereo, headphones...

Anyone know?

Posted via CB10

Me too. They didn't add it to the current app, hopefully the 10.1 update would have it. Kinda upset its soo barebones though :/

Posted via CB10

I've had my Z10 since Canadian launch day, but just started using the music abilities of the device a few days ago.

I'm frustrated by the onboard Music apps technical weaknesses:

1) cover art is not right: every track has embedded high-res cover art, and the Music app seems to use one cover for many albums. I don't think I have DOZENS of Siouxsie & the Banshees tracks on my Z10.... just 3.
2) I had added a whole album then noticed that there were a couple of tracks with gliches... so I reripped them from CD, confirmed they didn't have any audio glitches, and copied them over onto the device via USB (not using Link) and the replaced tracks are not showing up... and there's no way on the device (that I can tell) to force a "rescan"... not that I should need to force anything anyway.
3) Sometimes the Micro SD card just disappears from the device. Having to restart the device to get it to show up again is more than a little annoying.

So, I'm looking forward to an OS update that will bolster the quality of Music playback on the Z10.

I bought Neutron but the player can't see my MP3 albums on the SD card.
I installed and re installed but no go.
Hopefully it will be fixed although I won't hold my breath.
To date I still don't have a player matching the built in player and I just have to live with the glitches in album recognition.

Posted via CB10

They mention that they currently don't support SD on the download page in BlackBerry world (I assume you bought it before they added the note).

They also state on the same download page that this is functionality that is coming.

Posted via CB10

I hope an update is released that enables landscape view, kinda like cover flow. Defn not a necessity, but it'll add to the 'cool' factor :]

Posted via CB10

Every time you want to set a ring tone for a particular contact you have to scroll through every song you add to your z10 it's easier to carry a dedicated mp3 player!!!

Posted via CB10

need to showcase Neutron MP on here some day. Great app and has gesture controls. hands free gesture controls. I made a special rack to mount my z10 in my car, the phone is inches away from the gear shifter and I just wave a finger past the sensor and voila, skip tracks. Also the sound in neutron mp is far above that from the stock player. It also has the option to stream your favorite music streaming service. It does it all in one tidy cool futuristic looking package. And it gets updated a lot.

A few of my own observations with 10 Music:

1) Also a problem on the legacy device, but more to the point, with the legacy BBDM and now Link: why only *Tunes and WMP for options from which we can pull music? Should not the program read and recognize the media player we use as a default, be it Zune (which I still use and generally appreciate, and it beats the pants of W8's Xbox Music app), Winamp or whatever? Not everything in Zune is in WMP, so my options get limited without having to resort to click and drag through Windows itself.

2) Hopefully this is just a bug that will get fixed, but reloading the app, my random play options default back to standard settings. Even my crusty old 9650 remembered that I kept my player on shuffle.

3) Actual performance is commendable, if not a tad on the quiet side. The app is fluid (flowing, perhaps?) responsive and I find it to be resource-light, which is welcomed as opposed to the legacy devices. It truly relieves a person from having to have a media player and a phone.

4) I wish they'd bake an equalizer into the app, but that's just me as a frugal and part-time audiophile/tone chaser talking. I don't think I ask for too much this way, plus it would be a nice nod to those of us who are serious about work and play.

5) For being fairly simple, it's really a nice player. What it does, it does well; it just leaves considerable room for improvement. Given the person at the helm, and his drive for doing things right, I expect to see a more robust package in the future.

" I'm openly boggled when I see people carrying around a full-fledged smartphone and a dedicated music player"

And I'm boggled when I hear people pretending that their personal habits should be universal.

There are many reasons to use dedicated gadgets, battery life (as mentioned already in this thread) is just one of them.

The reason people don't load their music on the BlackBerry devices is that a lot of old BlackBerry did not know they could. It was a professional device so to speak. I am not kidding. Now the z10 is much better and you really don't require another device. The music player uses very little battery power.

Posted via CB10

hello there :) been a quiet reader for quite some time but now I had to register and post for the first time ^^ don't you dare calling my cowon j3 and using a dedicated device obsolete just because any smartphone nowadays supports a bunch of audio formats and has a rudimentary music app on board to play those :-P kind of like saying you don't need a cam anymore just because a smartphone is able to produce a semi-decent snapshot. or like saying beats by dre headphones sound great lol differences are huge imho: usability, choice of views, search, eq and other enhancers, library and playlist handling, and battery _of course_ (my cowon lasts weeks without needing to be recharged), etc.... for all the benefits I gain don't mind walking around with two devices. besides I do not want to pay for apps to get a more or less decent player, phone has been expensive enough. don't get my wrong, I like my z10 a lot but it's just not a device that will make me get rid of my cowon j3. unfortunately that z10 still lacks in more than just a decent audio player.... mentioning the cam above: why the heck isn't the z10 able to geotag pics anymore as the 9860 has been able to? and where is the ability to take a panoramic picture (not talking about 360 panoramas like that app in the store is offering)... ? there's still a lot to improve @ BB10, don't act like it's all around perfect yet...

Ummm, my Z10 go tags my photos perfectly. You do know there is a switch in the camera settings to turn tagging on or off, right?

Posted via CB10

yes, I do... but that geo tag only shows in the details section of the file properties, in the form of gps coordinates, as far as I know... pretty useless compared to the kind of geo tagging I have been used to @ os7/9860 where geo tagging meaned the pics will be saved with a geo location in the filename (Vienna - date - file number.jpg) which was very convenient.... not sure what I'm supposed to do with plain gps coordinates hidden within the file properties?! sorry, didn't describe the problem well at the first attempt, to my defence I'm Austrian ^^

The music app os decent but I have nevef completely stopped using an ipod. The podcasts app for Bb10 is helpful though.
For music I actually liked the BB7 music app better. Navigation is poor in the new app, however, the Link desktop software is much better than the old desktop manager.
Overall, I am ok with this as it is a new release, but Blackberry had better continue to improve the app

Posted via CB10

One thing that puzzles me is why the music search is so slow, much slower than universal search. The search results are great though.

The other thing is that there is no search iccon on the main app screen.

A feature I would love to see is search by swiping down from the top of the screen.

Posted via CB10

I think the locking of the volume control is intended functionality to avoid turning up both the device volume and the bluetooth receiver volume. Turning both up causes feedback noise in your audio playback.

Posted via CB10

I really like this native app, but it would be wonderfull if they put it like some feautures to see song lyrics and also a 'share' command to tweet what you are listening to... besides this it's quite good!

Good post. I personally love the BB10 music player. Rely on it when I'm at the gym and often plug it in to my car. Haven't bothered with my ipod since I got it. Love that I'm able to DL music right off the net and delete stale songs from my phone. Also noticed some of the features ppl are whining about are actually available on the music player? Just have to know how to use it.

That said I've had issues with album covers not showing up for some song, but it's a small percentage. Of all my artwork available only 1 albums is missing. It's not an unheard of issue. Funny enough 2 of my friends (both own S3s) were just complaining about how all their album artwork had been replaced by a picture from our whatsapp grp lol

Posted via CB10

Love the music player on Bb10. I use it way more than I did on OS7. Once I get a media card from the Crackberry store I'm really going to dump some music on my Z10.

Posted via CB10

"One little bug I’ve noticed when working with Bluetooth - make sure your volume is bumped all the way up on the device before you pair; for some reason, volume controls get locked down after connecting to a Bluetooth device. If you’re using headphones without in-line controls, you can use the Z10’s hardware keys to adjust volume and pause music."

This is hardly a bug. Blue tooth devices report their capabilities when pairing. If the device reports that it has volume and/or track controls, then BB10 disables the handset controls and expects you to use the ones on the BT device instead. I have a really nice Sony BT audiophile headset will full controls, and my Z10 disables the volume buttons after connection. On the other hand, I also have a little BT adapter pod with a short cable and mini stereo phono plug that bluetooth enables any audio input. This device only has one button, for power and pairing. When I connect to this my Z10 allows me to use the handset volume buttons since the BT adapter has none.

The important thing to note here is that when I use the headset there is no need to maximize the volume before connecting since then buttons on the headset actually control the Z10 volume remotely. I can crank up the volume as high as I want even if I start the connection with the handset volume all the way down to zero. I do acknowledge however that maybe not all headsets with volume buttons work this way. Some models may only control the volume of the cans locally, so in this case the author's device could be valid.

Posted via CB10

Useful info. When I connect my Z10 to the of it doesn't show the Blackberry drive through my windows file explorer for some reason. My PlayBook shows up no problem. I have no choice but to use BlackBerry Link to add music. Any suggestions?

Posted via CB10

This Z10 lacks a function which help us play the whole library, which has been seen "All songs" on previous OS generations. Sometimes i wanna play all the songs across albums without attempting to add which songs we like in the Playlist!!!!

Does anyone using BBLink installed on Mac OSX over here? Mine takes quite a long time to load music as well as syncing, how 'bout yours?

You can't just plug in your phone and drag and drop files into the built in storage. You need blackberry link installed. There room for improvement on the music app.

I wouldn't know anything about this since BlackBerry Z10 (Verizon) doesn't ship with headphones or even the old school BlackBerry holsters they used to ship lol.

And for work I drive forklifts for about 10-12 hrs a day. And I use my ipod touch 5th gen. Nothing can compare to an ipod. My ipod lasts a week without charging it. Using it 10 hrs a day at a time. If I played music on my Z10 my battery would be completely red and dead within 5 hours. So unless your sitting in one spot with a charger the Z10 loses the mp3 battle. I keep telling my girl that I own a wired phone not a wireless one. Because the Z10 has to be plugged in every chance you get.

Don't take get offended to this post. I hate apple and love BlackBerry. I only use apple for there excellent ipods. And iTunes is quicker than loading music than link. Link takes forever

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No ability to use a sound equalizer, like in previous BB OS media player versions? I had an equalizer on my BB 9550 on the media player when I played music...

Hey Simon, 'Music for BlackBerry 10' is going to need an update ... check out the Rdio webapp that a developer has built and posted in the OS10 apps forum.

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I can't figure out how to not play all my ring tones when I want to shuffle my music. Thus still have my Ipod for music.

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Doesn't scroll album names. It is about impossible to distinguish between albums and song titles with long names since there is also no way to see the full title name anywhere.

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Why does my cover art disappear when I download my music to my Z10? Tried several fixes several times but it doesn't work. Very frustrating. Definately a bug that needs to be fixed with link and os 10.1.

Hi There, I happen to also use plantronics back beat headset with a blackberry Z10. Very nice. Love to carry only my phone with a proper music player inside. But to my despair, I can't get any sound notifications through the headset when listening to music. I would expect music to fade, hear the notification for an email for example and then the music comes back but nothing. Just plain music and must check from time to time if the led is blinking... Is anybody faced with the same problem and managed to find a solution?

When I use the Quickmix station on the Apollo app (just shuffles b/w all your created stations) it will only play one song and then stop. It will not proceed to the next song unless you manually swipe to the next. There is no continuous or shuffle setting to navigate to. I noticed that when I switch from the AT&T network to Wifi or vice versa it will then proceed to the next song after being stuck. Is there any way to fix this?

New IOS update included an equalizer for those that have been asking.

Greatest thing to ever happen to Blackberry music in my opinion is ID3IOT. It is a free app that lets you tag songs right on your phone. Helps clean up your tags and organize music the way you like. Love this app soooo much!! You can download it for free from Blackberry World in about 5 seconds.