By Kevin Michaluk on 26 May 2014 10:03 am EDT

To all my friends in America — especially those currently serving in the country's armed forces — have a quality Memorial Day. Put down your phones and spend time with your family and friends. Remember all those who have served and died while protecting your rights and freedoms.

As a Canadian, I have a lot of respect for my neighbouring country and the role it has served in the world. And don't worry - I'll be still be working away today, so you'll all have plenty of reading to catch up on tomorrow.

Have a great Memorial day!

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I was not born an American, I became one by choice.
I am very thankful to the U.S. of A. and to those who have had the courage to defend it, and especially to those who gave their lives for her. I am humbled by their sacrifice.

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God Bless America, and all its immigrants from China, ummm also Mexico, also India, and England, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Germany, France, Vietnam and many more!

I'm with you qbnkelt, my family immigrated here to escape China's communism. I hate when I see these kids who grew up here talk about how much better it is over there or Cuba, they have no clue, they don't realize the "stats" and info coming out of those countries are all lies. I wonder why they never question why everyone flocks out of those countries and why so many of them come to the USA...

Anyway, despite all of the joking around, Canada is our #1 ally, we love you Canada!

I think Canadians and Americans poke fun at each other in a brotherly love kind of way. But to those who seriously intend to insult Canadians or Americans, screw off...

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Awesome Kevin, yes put down your phone and spend time with the family.

Does that extend to not adding another two posts within a matter of hours?

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Thank you Kevin!
And thanks especially to all our military personnel; both currently in service and our veterans! We salute you!

Although we may not share the holiday, we share the gratitude. Merci à nos amis!

A friend from Montreal.

Thank you, Kevin, for taking the time to write that post. And thank you to all of our servicemen and women who offer their lives in our service, especially those who have died. May God reward you.

respect to all the men and women that gave their heart and soul to defend the US, us Canadians are thankful we are allies with the US.

Yup! Look at us!

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Thank you Kevin, and all the Crackberrians, for your regards. May God bless you All, including those of a heart of stone, and minds full of mush.

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Well said :) it's all a money based dictatorship anyway. But also kind if irrelevant to the purpose of the post (honouring those that have passed)

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War is the continuation of diplomacy with different means. - Bismarck, German Chancellor (1800's)

Nobody deserves to die for this. Why does diplomacy have to end? War only creates losers, but let us still mourn for both sides of any war, they have families, lives, purpose and souls, too.

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What the hell do they teach you in school? Try googling which country was the first to give ALL its citizens the right to vote. An education is a wonderful thing.

Thank you Kevin. Heck most Americans don't recognize this day for what it is. Most seeing it as a day off and bbq day. Thank you.

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Almost thought you were being ironic, the Canadian military record in peacekeeping is second to none. Respect.

Obviously you are not speaking to me as you have no idea what I do each day to help "fix" America's problems...

That is correct. It's just a generalized response to an oft-repeated phrase. No personal insult intended.

I don't think the Constitution needs fixing, but its **application** and the multitude of by-laws, exceptions, circumventions that have been created around it...

In the original spirit of the document, the Bill of Rights and the other Amendments, many of these new Homeland Security, surveillance and privacy invasions wouldn't be possible. And it's spreading to other freedom-loving countries as well. Just my take. God bless America anyway, it needs him, and others do too :-)

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"Greater love has no one than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Thanks to our veterans. Happy #MemorialDay to everyone.

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"America" does refer to the United States if it's being used to refer to a single political entity. Otherwise one would say "North America" or "the Americas" or the "Western Hemisphere". Would you really argue the "Canada" does not mean Canada unless you say the "Dominion of Canada"?

Ps. The US Navy still loves BlackBerry - no Air Force turn coats here!

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The day is of remembrance for the fallen. It is not a day for politicizing.

The soldiers of all nations gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. We who are left behind should respect that gift and leave the political back and forth for another day.

Six to one, half a dozen to the other.

I'm think that "the fallen" want to be remembered by their friends, family and countrymen for sure, but I bet most would rather see that none of their friends, family and countrymen share the same fate as them.

The only way that's going to happen is to discuss politics and foreign policy and how to change/fix the broken systems that are in place now.

If you want to remember someone go visit a memorial or share some stories with your friends and family. Leave the political stuff for the blogs and forums, better yet go help with some organizations that promote peace and prosperity.


All nations, well said.

Here in Australia, even the German, Japanese, Vietnamese etc. descendants and immigrants are welcome to memorial services. This is now very well accepted and respected, even encouraged. Both sides had victims and terrible losses in this senseless, brutal game called war. Fosters forgiveness, makes you aware were all human, fragile, weak, mortal and need love. :'-))

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Thanks Kevin and a moment of silence for those that have fallen.

I can't believe some of the responses and I'll leave it at that.

I would encourage the advocates of the United States military to take a look at the national crime statistics, because even the government publish records that show Americans kill more Americans than there are even potential threats from foreign states.

Imagine the USA with better policing and fewer militants.

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Today isn't the day for us to be imagining that. Instead I'm imagining that all the rain here is the tears of the soldiers in heaven missing their families.

Today I'm not patronizing anyone.

Thanks to those who have had the courage to defend this country for as far as they coils have. Not an American by birth but recently one by choice.

Shame the people upstairs with power are using that loyalty to do some damming deeds.. but that's a discussion for another place at another time

Happy memorial day everyone!

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Thanks much Kevin!!! It's like a born again CrackBerry of yesteryear seeing you make that many posts today.

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Wow!! Some of these comments are horrible. This is a day we should be giving thanks to all those that gave their lives to protect a way of life, not just here in America but in other parts of the world as well. Their families don't want to read this stuff.

To all of you that hate the U.S. Government that's fine but today isn't about the politics, it's about real people who died protecting the right of freedom. Their ultimate sacrifice is what allows us to post things on this site or move from country to country freely.

Please just show some respect for ONE DAY. You guys can go back to hating the U.S. tomorrow.

Semper Fi

I think that people do honour those who fought for their freedom, such as in world war 2, but the more recent wars were not so much about defence. For better or worse, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars probably should not have happened. It is sad to say, but it is a lot of rich people in government and top business that sent often poor soldiers to fight their battle and further their wealth gains. I know some good came about, such as for women in Afghanistan, but the motivations of those who had the most to gain were not pure, they were profit.

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Happy memorial day to everybody below the canadian border. :)

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I need to get me a Kevin Michaluk wig. Daym that's some styling hair!

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And a big thank to Mr. Ken Taylor for saving your American brothers and sisters. You're a true friend.

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By just looking at the picture at first, I thought Kevin was doing a commercial for the Z10. It could be a nice poster.

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We will celebrate 6th June 1944 in a few days. We French do remember the huge tribute U.S.A paid for a free world. So please add my voice. To Kevin's.
From France with respect,

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As a 20 year military retiree and then a 7 1/2 participant in "other work" in the Iraq theatre of operations, I'd like to give tribute to the friends I've lost and mourn for this day. I'd like to also pay tribute to the foreign military personnel I've had the pleasure of serving with which includes the Canadians (no better friends), and the French (forefathers of my Louisiana birthplace).

You look like you should be wearing a cape and shouting I fight for the truth and the American BlackBerry way. Hzah!!!

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As a fellow Canadian, I couldn't agree more. Thank to the men and women in the US armed forces, and a shout-out to the Canadians, too!

Thanks Kevin! And thank you to all the men and women who have served and are currently serving! I agree 100% Memorial Day is a day to spend time with your family, and it's not all about having a barbecue!

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America. Spreading freedom and democracy... lol.. in 1998-99 we had Osama Bin Laden (helping us) bomb our Allies (Kosovo).
America.. Spreading freedom and democracy..

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Greetings from Japan. We're also very grateful for dropping atomic bombs on civilians.

Bombing Japan with atomic bombs was a huge misfortune but if ya miss with a bull you'll get the horns.

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Yeah, bullying is the correct wording. Yugoslavia was always a US ally, and was still bombed.

In Memoriam to ALL murdered people in different uniforms who are forced to kill each other in the name of its dominant systems... The people who lift their fingers to shoot another never want to be murders- they are ALL only (more or less loyal) tools of political, economic, religio-cultural doctrines....
It will never stop- in the so called named of justice, freedom, agrreable to God or what ever for factitius words...

Pan inclusion. Empty,vacuous trite. Be thankful that you live in a place where you can express your opinion because someone else already paid the price to allow you to do that!

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I´m thankful for the fact, that I´m living in a country, who feels ashamed by its own crimes against humanity, a country which doesnt glorify wapons, a country which doesnt forced me to be proud at the own wars, a country with memoriam days for ALL victims of war... a small difference to the USA. And last not least I´m glad to live in a country far away from you- I´m sure, your tolerance for dissidents is limited... BTW- thank you for YOUR due for my freedom of speech, and CocaCola...and McDonalds... and GM corn... and Disney World.... and General Motors.... and NSA.... and the education of Osama Bin Laden (during the russian occupation)... and fracking.... and so on...