Mupen64Plus-PB - Nintendo 64 emulator for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Mupen64Plus-PB N64 Emulator
By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2012 11:50 am EDT

If you've exhausted your SNES skills on the BlackBerry PlayBook, it may be time to upgrade to some Nintendo 64 action. CrackBerry forums member Catalystg let us know that a Nintendo 64 emulator dubbed Mupen64Plus-PB for the PlayBook is now available. Before you go jumping in, you'll need a bit of geekness to get it up and running. You can download the .bar file from the thread below and then sideload to your PlayBook, but when it comes to finding games that's all on you (they are out there if you know where to look). This is one of those "do this at your own risk" deals so don't blame us if you screw anything up. You can head into the forums for more help and discussion or hit the link below for more info.

Mupen64Plus-PB N64 Emulator for the BlackBerry Playbook
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Mupen64Plus-PB - Nintendo 64 emulator for the BlackBerry PlayBook


cant wait for the iOS emulator/runtime that has been making the rounds in the forums to be available as a sideload. Sideload, go to Cydia, then get iOS app goodness if needed!

PlayBook is for GETTING THINGS DONE!!!
Give us Citrix Receiver that sends capital letters properly!!!
Give us Evernote that has offline storage!!!
Give us a pdf viewer/annotater with Bookmarks!!!
Give us Docs To Go that has real editing capability!!!
Give us a file manager where WE select which program opens a file!!!!
Give us a Browser that allows control of bookmarks!!!!
THAT is what we need. Not stupid games.... Ugh!!!!

Cool to have games but i do agree with you 100%. these stuff are more important than games imo

Can't agree on this one. There are independent developers out there who make us these great emulators and share them with us, RIM has nothing to do with this. I agree on each of your points but I think the comment line under this article is the wrong place for them.

The issue with piracy is that people are pirating things as opposed to buying them... running N64 ROMS, although technically piracy, let's be serious.. nobody is choosing ROMs over going to a store to buy an N64 cartridge, if you're even lucky enough to find them. Plus, the people downloading this emulator and whatever ROMs they choose are more than likely owners of the real game cartridge as well.

It's more complicated than that now as you can find most of the top quality N64 games on the Virtual Console for Wii (and soon Wii U). But this isn't so much a question of whether or not it should be illegal, but more that it is and that Crackberry is advocating it. Personally, I support the games industry and so I don't pirate games. It's a simple as that for me. I'm not going to sit here and tell you not to pirate games, but I don't think that Crackberry should be advertising for the piracy of games.

I don't believe emulators are piracy. What would be piracy would be downloading roms that you don't own; downloading roms you do own may or ma not be piracy, but I believe you can legally have an electronic backup copy of any game you own.
I am not your attorney and this is not legal advice.

I agree. I think it's somewhat of a gray area, like torrent sites and P2P. These sites don't have anything to do with what the people uploading and you can upload things legally (some free software is distributed via bittorrent) but it's often used illegally. I don't think it's a problem of the person making the emulator, but it's a problem of whoever is downloading games they don't own.

Honestly i rather the ROMs than to embarrass myself going in a store paying for a old cartridge.

If I was a programmer, hacker, coder with great skills... That N64 would be running linux, and then it would be playing SNES and NES roms on it. ;)

But I'm a plain (skill-less in those three areas listed above) dude who just does things. :)

But the consoles that have been emulated are out of market. Technically it's not stealing from the company since there is no longer a place to buy those games. If I want N64 games either I buy them for my N64 or emulate them. I'm not going to buy a Wii just to download games I had already bought for the original console.

Now if only there was network play like one of the SNES emulators have on the PC. Ah the days of playing games online that weren't intended to be played online... It was fun.


I've tried installing on 2 different playbooks, it starts but crashes right after.
Any ideas or help would be great.


I have been waiting on this...ALL my Video Games Are back on ONE device...thats cray-z

I had Super Nintendo, Playstation and N64

Street Fighter II on SNES, SMACK DOWN Know Your Role on PSX and GOLDEN EYE on 64 all on my Playbook!!!! wow...

Ivan S. Harris