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MTV News for BlackBerry 10 arrives in BlackBerry World

By Bla1ze on 2 Jul 2013 03:43 pm EDT

If you're looking to keep up to date on all the latest pop culture news on music, movies, television, celebrities, and even gaming, then MTV News might just be the app you need in your life. A new arrival into BlackBerry World, the app is available in the US for the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10 as well as the BlackBerry Q5 with a minimum OS of 10.0.0 or higher required. Being in Canada, I'm not able to give the app a run through myself but it looks like they've kept it pretty feature rich for BlackBerry 10:

  • Exclusive Videos, updated throughout the day from everywhere MTV News has access.
  • Articles by categories. Customize with My News to get just the stories on the celebs you care about.
  • MTV News, Shows, Music, Movies, and Gaming Blogs.
  • Exclusive celeb Photos from MTV events and beyond.

The app is live in BlackBerry World right now, you can grab it by hitting the link below. I'll rely on you all to let me know how it is in the comments. Does MTV still play music videos or is it all just Jersey Shore reruns? Serious question.

Download MTV News for BlackBerry 10



MTV still exists :o

Posted via CB10

RP Singh

Uhuuuuuh he thaid "thtill".... yeah yeah that'th pretty cool

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF


Sham news yeah. Mostly social activism though.


Yah, their news is a complete joke, especially during election time...


I think I can wait to get home to see MTV news LOL :)


They should bring back "The Grind" :D



Sent from my sexy Z10 in Sin City ;-)


And like many other apps it's says it not available for my device, but I have Z10 with latest software update???

Posted via CB10


USA only apps blow! Give us some love in Canada!!

Posted via CB10 on my sexy Z10


Now that's an app that will sell some Z10's LOL

jason yonk

I loathe MTV!

Used the awesome Z10 to type this!


It's in Spanish...

Cracked it out with the amazing Z


MTV used to be good in 1985. I don't think my kids watch it at all.

Posted via CB10



Sent from my sexy Z10 in Sin City ;-)


I have it blocked so my kids CAN"T watch it!


It's funny how it tells me to get the MTV at the app store within the app itself.

Posted via CB10

Siddharth Bucktowar

Sucks that its not available in Canada

Posted via CB10


Yet another app I can't use. Yay. (not that I would use it anyway)

Posted via CB10


Yes! Mtv, crackle, mass effect.. in addition to Skype, Whatsapp, BBM, nytimes, wsj, Kindle, Facebook, Twitter, angry birds, shopathon... I love it that BlackBerry has NO Apps!

Posted via CB10


One time, like in the 80's MTV played music instead of reality shows. True story bro.

Posted via CB10


WWE App is also available for the wrestling fans....


The apps are slowing coming

Posted via CB10


I remember when MTV really was all Music Television and may I add good artist. No more music video. So much for wanting my MTV of the 80's.

Posted via CB10


The 80s was the Golden Age of MTV. It's called VH1 Classic now.

Sent from my sexy Z10 in Sin City ;-)


Funny, when I bought my PB with the HDMI out, MTV died instantly. Guess it is karma!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!


US only....again

Posted via CB10


Guess ppl out side of the us don't exist stupes another reason to turn off users regional updates region locked apps what else BlackBerry!!

Posted via CB10


MTV is lame. But, I guess some people need an app full of news about morons to keep them distracted from how reality keeps getting more and more lame.

Posted via CB10


Not a fan of MTV, however ; the app runs great.. nothing like a native app!!

Posted via CB10


What! Nobody complained that it's regionalised app :D. Lol. Or did they read. Btw. It should have been better clarified that it's usa market only :D. And I never complain. I hate to reread twice :D.

Posted via CB10


Not available for z10 =(

Posted via CB10


For those who REALLY want it, outside of the u.s. You could TRY using a vpn... don't know how good it would be or too much hassle for an app, or if it would even work... . but there are free ones like

I'm just saying......

Posted via CB10


Again, not available in my country (switzerland) ... this time I'm done... goodbye BlackBerry...

Posted via CB10