MTV India app shows big-name brand interest in BlackBerry 10

By Simon Sage on 4 Dec 2012 02:02 pm EST

Another BB10 app that we spotted earlier at BlackBerry Jam Asia was MTV India's. It has a lot of the content you would expect, such as access to relevent Twitter and Facebook feeds, streaming videos, and bios for the local VJs. 

Though I'm not exactly what you'd call the target demographic for MTV India content, I think the bigger thing to take note of here is that recognizable brands are showing an active interest in BlackBerry 10 during this pre-launch phase. RIM showed off a whole bunch of major partners from around the Pacific region that are getting involved with the platform, and this is just one of them.

Any Indian readers in the house? How many of you watch MTV? Which major brands would you like to see supporting BlackBerry 10 at launch?  

Reader comments

MTV India app shows big-name brand interest in BlackBerry 10


Not a big fan of mtv ,india or not (i believe its just not it used to be ) but in any case ,its good to have these guys on board
I would like to see, big name apps netflix ,flipbook ,the one especially i really need right now is skype ,i know microsoft probably has a deathgrip
On skype ,but for me its a crucial app so i would love to see that

I agree. MTV is not what it used to be. Its just Bollywood music and a few shows. I dont remember watching it for atleast a year if not more.

I understand you love those two apps you listed that many also want or love just to be there, but if the two companies don't submit their apps at all, we won't have a skype or netflix, ever.

I'm from India and most of the apps that I need are already on BB OS7.( PVR Cinemas, Meru cabs, Easycabs, Tabcab, HDFC bank, NGPay ). BB's being popular second to Android, 95% of the apps are there for BBOS.

P.S. The genre watching MTV India are mostly college going kids, who opts for the low priced 8520 or 9220. This app on BB10 device, which will be priced higher, will have a very low d/l counter.( There are college kids that spend big money,so there will be some users for sure).

RIM said that they will have entry level, mid level, and top level BB10 handsets (not at launch but eventually).

I might dive into the indian culture. I find it neat. I hear too much of the north/american music and lately, I'm tired of it.