MTS now taking BlackBerry 10 preorders

MTS now taking BlackBerry 10 preorders
By Bla1ze on 25 Jan 2013 10:52 am EST

Despite being a smaller regional carrier there has been plenty of folks asking whether or not MTS would be hosting preorders for BlackBerry 10. Today through their Twitter account, MTS has now confirmed they are indeed taking preorders and you can stop by one of their participating locations to learn more.

Source: Twitter

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MTS now taking BlackBerry 10 preorders


I really would like to see MTS make a post on their website about BB10!

I phoned this morning, on the list! BOOM!

Hehehehehe. For a second I got all excited, because thought you're talking about MTS Russia...


When is Russia going to become another BlackBerry nation?.......

I dont remeber but has a US carrier ever taken pre orders?
I was able to order the 9930 on VZW 1 day ahead of release so they overnight it to me and I got got it on release day.

Did the same for my 9850, but the diffence is, these phones were already on the market. It would be great if VZ has the Z10 available on launch day!

Guess I was a little to impatient. I asked Kevin about MTS yeterday in another thread. Great news for us Peger's!

Just called the MTS Store at Polo Park and they had no clue. In their defence, it is new news.

So I am on top of an unofficial list that hopefully, will not get lost.

Still, they should know about it because they are questioning others about it. Usually, the fault with MTS is just their outright arrogance.
I have to deal with them on phone lines and can honestly say they are the most inept company I have ever dealt with.

Now just to get to one of there Stores to pre-order does anyone know if Selkirk's MTS connect store is taking Pre-orders.?

Now what network is it going to be on I know MTS's 4G LTE network is just in Brandon and The Peg right now.. only time will tell.

The thing to keep in mind about connect stores is that all connect stores, with the exception of the connect store on McGilvary Blvd and Waverley, are all franchise stores. They are owned/operated by Advance Electronics, Elite Communications, IDC, or various other places.

MTS sets what to sell, tells each franchise companies head office, and then it's up to them to tell all their employees. So if a connect store doesn't know, it probably means their head office hasn't told them yet.