mSpot Brings Streaming Movie Rentals To BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 30 Sep 2009 10:04 am EDT
mSpot Brings Streaming Movie Rentals To BlackBerry

mSpot has launched their new mobile video rental and streaming service for BlackBerry Smartphones. More commonly known as a company which has offered ringtones and music downloads for a number of platforms, mSpot has teamed up with some big media players such as Paramount, Universal and The Weinstein Company which opens up access to a selection of movie titles.

One thing mSpot has over other offerings such as PrimeTime2Go is that they are utilizing the carriers network to bring you all this new content so it's available as long as you have carrier coverage. Pricing models are realistic as well which mSpot I'm sure hopes will give them an edge over the rest. A quick look into the services reveals:

  • Mobile Movies works on 30+ different phones (incl. iPhone, Blackberry, Android and more)
  • Watch movie trailers for free
  • Rent single full-length movies for only $4.99
  • Up to 4 movies for $9.99 when you join the Movie Club
  • Not all movies are available in the Movie Club. 
It's great to see big media lossening the strings a little and offering these kinds of things. Long have they ignored the mobile market and now to see some of them embrace it is a good sign of things to come. However, in my testing I did come across one thing that struck me as weird and i Hope mSpot sees it as well. While visiting their site on my device it immediately told me my device was unsupported, yet in their FAQ section it says if "previews" play on your device you will be able to purchase and view the full length video. This could be a bit confusing for the unintiated so mSpot might wanna look into that so that they do not have customer just assume it's not going to work. Check it out on your device and let us know how you feel about the service in the comments.

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mSpot Brings Streaming Movie Rentals To BlackBerry


I dont see the usefullness of a streaming solution. Let us download the movies (like Itunes+iphone) and then you have a compelling product, IMO.

Agreed. Streaming will use more battery than a downloaded movie you are just playing back.

Though I might check out the site for the trailers......

Five bucks for "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"?! I think not. I could see paying a premium to download a crystal clear version of the movie that could be saved to SD card, but not a limited-time streamed version.

I don't understand why there are so many companies popping up offering movie downloads and online rentals that have prices that are not competitive! RedBox wins again! I wish RedBox would offer an app for movie previews and rental!

I havn't used it, but im not paying $5 to rent a low quality movie. Maybe a lightly drm'd movie I could download to my device, but not rent. Sorry hopefully the next idea will be better.

I tried it just for fun and I got an error message stating that it doesn't work on my phone. Now, I am running OS 5.0.238 on the 8900 which may have something to do with it.

This is for guys that travel a lot and want to catch a quick movie and could care less how much they pay for it. $5 is a bit heavy in my book for a 72 hour rental. Will pass on this deal.

Redbox is $1.00 and I can return it anywhere there is a Redbox. I can grab one in Salt Lake City, watch a movie on the flight over on my laptop and return it in a Redbox in Oakland. The obviousness is that we're paying for "convenience" and not having to drive that extra mile to drop it off at a Redbox... but when you factor in gas & time are you really saving that extra $3.99? Also, how long of a wait are we having to look forward to?

Now there's a novel idea. Why not put Redbox movies in Airports for travelers who might want to watch a movie on their laptop while flying. Opens up a whole new market.

Same thing happened with my 8900....Also When I watched the movie trailer, the screen size was tiny and it was on full screen. I dont know if it did this cause it was a trailer or what but it only filled up roughly 30% of my 8900's screen. It was painful to watch. Blaize, I dont know if you noticed the same thing but hopefully it fills up the whole screen while playing the actual movie

i'm in count me in for this contest oh wait it's not a contest hmm i'll have to go buy this one then

I like the direction that the BBs are going in. It looks like they are trying to find ways of adding multimedia to the BBs. Streaming video isn't bad. I am interested to see what the quality of the movies will be. If they are like the YouTube videos then I think it will be a tough sell. If the quality is decent, I think people will buy. But I agree with one of the previous posters. BB needs to find a way to download movies straight to the device like the iPhone does with iTunes. That would be a great addition.

Rent the movie from iTunes, use Tunebite to remove the DRM (and the time limitation) and format it for the Blackberry, then copy to your media card. You'll have a much better quality, permanent copy of the movie for about the same price you'll pay for the time-limited, low-quality stream you'll get here. You can also make a permament copy formatted for your PC while you're at it, and you're actually getting two copies of the movie for your money.

Thank you. I use to own a G1 and it had a movie site called "luk Luk", so I've been looking for a movie site for my storm. Although it's not free it still provides me movies.