Mr. Number Professional - Enter to win one of 25 free copies!

Mr. Number Professional
By Michelle Haag on 13 Oct 2010 05:04 pm EDT

A while back we mentioned an application called Mr. Number Call Block, a free call blocker for your BlackBerry. Well the development team has been hard at work, and has just launched a new premium app called Mr. Number Professional, which combines two of their most popular and functional apps (Call Blocker and Caller ID). If you get a lot of spam calls or texts, or calls from unknown numbers, you will want to check this application out.


  • Manual and automatic reverse lookup (Caller ID) for US numbers
  • Control what other users see when you call them
  • Block any caller with custom blacklist and whitelist
  • Block known telemarketers automatically
  • Send blocked calls to voicemail or hang up
  • History of every number looked up, every call blocked and why
  • Optional: back up your contacts online and move them to any supported phone

Check out Mr. Number Professional in the CrackBerry App Store today!

Contest: Mark at Mr Number has given CrackBerry 25 free copies of Mr Number Professional to pass along to our readers. To enter just leave a comment below before midnight PST this Sunday. Winners are chosen at random, good luck!

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Reader comments

Mr. Number Professional - Enter to win one of 25 free copies!


I received several calls this week all for pollitcal canidates. I would love this app to be able to fight off the dreaded telemarketers and political callers!!

Love the control this places in the hands of the end-user. I like the option of placing tele-marketers and others on a block list. Looks like a great product!

Ohhhhhhhhh I sooooo want this app!! I would've bought this but I'm afraid to use my credit card here in nigeria and won't ever risk it!!! I wanna call friends and make them say "HUH?!?! GOD's Calling me?!?!" Amazing! :p

every app if not at least every app that looks to be as great as this comes with a free 30 day trail at least so we can thoroughly try them out and then decide if they belong in our group of apps especially since we are so limited on app space and all.

This is an awesome app. My cell number is out there everywhere so I get bunch of crap calls I need to block.

With this app you can do many things, like that people that always call you for credit cards YOU CAN BLOCK IT! NICE APP!

Love the free version, would love the Pro version even more it sounds like!!! Thanks Mr. Number & CRACKBERRY for another awesome CONTEST!!!! You're the BEST!!!! :)

I have remained fairy spam-free on my cell phone, but being in business, means my phone number is everywhere. This is just the app I need to reduce potential non-productive calls...

I use the free version of these apps and really enjoy them. Would love to have one app that does both functions :)