Mr. Number Professional - Enter to win one of 25 free copies!

Mr. Number Professional
By Michelle Haag on 13 Oct 2010 05:04 pm EDT

A while back we mentioned an application called Mr. Number Call Block, a free call blocker for your BlackBerry. Well the development team has been hard at work, and has just launched a new premium app called Mr. Number Professional, which combines two of their most popular and functional apps (Call Blocker and Caller ID). If you get a lot of spam calls or texts, or calls from unknown numbers, you will want to check this application out.


  • Manual and automatic reverse lookup (Caller ID) for US numbers
  • Control what other users see when you call them
  • Block any caller with custom blacklist and whitelist
  • Block known telemarketers automatically
  • Send blocked calls to voicemail or hang up
  • History of every number looked up, every call blocked and why
  • Optional: back up your contacts online and move them to any supported phone

Check out Mr. Number Professional in the CrackBerry App Store today!

Contest: Mark at Mr Number has given CrackBerry 25 free copies of Mr Number Professional to pass along to our readers. To enter just leave a comment below before midnight PST this Sunday. Winners are chosen at random, good luck!

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Reader comments

Mr. Number Professional - Enter to win one of 25 free copies!



I just recently started using this, and let me tell you its been a life saver! Being able to reverse look up numbers without the use of a computer is great!

This app is suuuper useful especially if you do a lot of mobile stuff on the net. Someone always gets your phone number and bugs you. I hate it! :( Definitely need this app.

I love having a vanity number, but I really hate all the spam calls and mistake calls I get.
Mr. Number Professional would be so great to have.

I am absolutely fed up of random text messages asking me if I want to fix debt I don't have. Good luck everyone! Hope I win!

I currently use Mr.Number FREE version and I must say its a very convenient app and a must have app! I would certainly love to win a free copy of Mr.Number Pro! :)

i need this app really bad. i get so many call from telemarketers and it would be great if i win a free copy. thanks CB

Count me in! I'm using the free version and it is awesome! This would be a great addition to my blackberry arsenal.

I could definately use this so I know which calls are telemarketors or bill collectors or people I actually need to answer lol

I tihnk this is great application! i've used the trial but it expired =( it'd be great to have a full version!

I have been looking for such an application. one that does Reverse Look-up. Fantastic. Would be overjoyed to be a winner. Cheers. AD

I currently use this software's free version and it is indespensable for me. I would love to get the pro version. Thanks for the chance to win it.

I think I'd like to win this app.....
so if you just pick my name, everyone is happy....................thx alot


I am a school principal and I REALLY need something like this help me control my cell phone. You would not believe what can happen when the wrong parent gets your cell number. I assure you it is much worse than a bill collector. All they want is your money.

I'd like a copy. I'm running the free version and I like it a lot but I would love to have the pro version.

the features look good and very useful. its very convenient especially when u are busy and u dont have time to answer all the unknown number.

this is an app i refer all my customers to whenever they upgrade or activate service with a blackberry device. Even my android friends I tell them about it. A must have for sure

The free version is pretty good but the pro version would be even better! I'm tired of getting spammed for the credit card I don't own!!!!

I have another Call Blocker and it doesn't really block the way I want it to, it rings for a second and then it blocks it. I would be so excited if this one worked better, i.e. I don't even know it rings. I'd even buy it if I didn't win if it worked the way I need it.

...I would be very happy and for sure lucky, looking at high volume of comments... but you never know and so I wanna try! thanks

Would looove to have this kinds of app on my torch.. .soo many annoying telemarketers calling these days....

I love this app! It come in handy so much. As for some reason I'm always getting those spam calls, and wrong numbers. Its very easy to use and works great. It would be great to be able to block text's as well.

boy oh boy this is just what I was looking for!

I haven't won anything in a long time so I reeeaally really hope I win this one!!!

thanks! :)


I get so many spam calls.I was thinking if there was an app with which i could block. i guess i found one :D