MPACaseMaker packs a BlackBerry PlayBook, scanner, printer and more into a portable case

By Adam Zeis on 12 Jun 2012 03:05 pm EDT

We've seen the BlackBerry Police Cruiser and all of its awesome BlackBerry PlayBook powered goodies time and time again, and now Mobile Innovations President Gary Bauer is hitting the road with a portable version of the same gadgets. The MPACaseMaker is a 20lb Pelican hard-case that incorporates all of the tech found in the cruiser and makes it available to other services as well. Bauer says it can be used by "any type of work truck" - EMS, fire, ambulances, municipal vehicles and many more. Included in the case is a PlayBook, keyboard, drivers license scanner, magstripe scanner, printer and power supply. The entire package runs around $2500, which is a pretty good deal since you can easily move the case from place to place and one vehicle to another. Check out the video above for more and be sure to hit the forums for some discussion.

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MPACaseMaker packs a BlackBerry PlayBook, scanner, printer and more into a portable case


Cool but I'd be worried about a company that cant spell "printing" in their official promotional video @1.47

Just plain cool. Playbook is great for so many things. You break it, heck, buy another, always cheaper than the competition.

Who are they trying to fool? That's only 2/3 of a playbook shown @ 0:09. At first I thought the image had been stretched, but the rest of the hardware and UI seem un-stretched. Also, this all sounds interesting-especially printing directly from the PlayBook.

WOW! 3 comments and 2 of them already pointing out flaws with "printing" and somebody calling it a "fake"! Lighten up boys!!!

@1.47: Ok... "Prining" instead of "Printing"... honest mistake, probably by someone who made the video. And you are worried about the company? What about the fact that they are able to PRINT from a Playbook using the USB port, and that perhaps that technology will become available to all users in the future? It would definitely be cool to add some printer drivers and allow the Playbook to drive a printer don't you think? Tell me how they solved that one!

@0.09: So you think they are using a "fake" 2/3 size Playbook? Really? Maybe the video *IS* stretched. Unstretch it and see if the case looks more proportional. Maybe again it's the person doing the video, who stuck in a SQUARE image into a 4:3 or 16:9 format video and instead of cropping it, had it squish in!

Here is the original image, have a look:

How are they printing direct from the Playbook.

Anyone have any insight on this? Just a standard bluetooth printer?

I looked into this in more detail. Actually, Mobile Innovations is legit. They have a history supporting BlackBerry products.

HOW did they get USB host support on the Playbook to allow for printing is a great question. Two possible answers are, they have early access to developer software apis since they are partnered with RIM, or they highly modified the actual Playbook software.

Either way, KUDOS to these guys. Let's support them and push for this kind of technology to be released to consumers.


It isnt USB host on the Playbook. They use a small PC on a board (beagleboard) solution running Linux as the host. They are working with RIM to get USB Host working in the next iteration and removing the beagleboard.

These guys are very real and do the in car solutions for law enforcement as well, they do have some pretty big clients in Canada and are working on some in the US.

Someone should have told "PRESIDENT?????? Gary Bauer" to stop the DAMN BOUNCING, sorry RIM, he spoiled your video, times are bad enough for you.

Really? RIM didn't make the video and clearly telling from the wobbling, the man has a muscle issue which makes his neck muscles make uncontrollable movements. RIM isn't in trouble.