The easiest way to edit MP3's with MP3 Ringtone Maker for BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 8 Sep 2012 03:32 pm EDT

Editing MP3's for use as notifications or ringtones on your BlackBerry has never been easier than with MP3 Ringtone maker that I found in App World this week. There have often been times when I have thought I would like a snippet of a track to use on my BlackBerry and although there are other apps out there that do this, (and for the PlayBook) this new one is the simplest I have found to date. You can literally complete the task within about 30 seconds or so which makes me happy. The user interface is smart yet simplistic and getting to grips with it takes just a few seconds.

The MP3's you use do need to be unlocked so I suppose that if you purchase your music from iTunes you may struggle. In the above video I thought it would be cool to edit the podcast intro music and as you will see doing so is a piece of cake. I can now use the track as any notification tone on my BlackBerry if I so desire.

• Simply choose a song, select a starting point and save your new Ringtone file
• Users can also set the end point if desired
• Use any songs stored in your BlackBerry® or on a media card to create your Ringtones
• Ringtones can be stored on your BlackBerry® or media card
• No computer software is required
• No subscription or monthly fees
• Only MP3 files are supported
• Does not come with any songs

On the downside I have now discovered that if you wish to save the MP3 you have edited you need to purchase the full version which is $2.99. Give the free one a try and see what you think. 

More information/Download MP3 Ringtone Maker free from BlackBerry App World

Reader comments

The easiest way to edit MP3's with MP3 Ringtone Maker for BlackBerry smartphones


Just a quick reminder: you can, of course, use any MP3 loaded onto your phone as a ringtone, without having to buy software to do it.

The software just lets you edit the mp3 so that you can pick a specific part of the song that you want to use - something you can also do for free on your desktop, but it's not as convenient.

I use Myxer it's free after creating an account ,but it tailors to the PC or Mac. Normally I just create my ringtones when I am at home. I have about 7 done.

I've used this app when it was free. The problem with it is it doesn't use the BB file viewer so you can't go directly to where your mp3 files are saved it makes you throughs folders and then getting the precise part of the song is a royal pain

Hello does the full version save the clip as an mp3? It would be better if it saved it as the format that the default ringtones are. I don't want snippets of songs within all of my songs when I'm listening on shuffle and 20 second clips all over.

Apple has had an app since 2005, hmm if the iphone came out in 2007, how would you use an app for a phone when the phone was released two years later...just saying...

Well, being someone who dislikes paying for something I can do myself, the way I've done my ringtones, very simply, is to edit the mp3 with Windows Movie Maker and then convert it to a mp4(m4a) file to make it smaller before transferring it to my device memory. Of course, converting it from mp3 to m4a is not necessary if you have a lot of device memory to play with!

Froze up each time after saving the ring tone. Also got a spammy email within minutes offering me discount apps. I would steer clear of this. Most free apps are free for a bad reason. Deleted.

The emails have continued. Looks like they sold or gave my email address to some more companies.when you try and click unsubscribe at the bottom it says page cannot be found. What a nightmare.

I downloaded this 2 find I needed 2 upgrade 2 the paid version 2 save the ringtones I made, which I did...however the upgraded version won't download 2 my phone & attempts 2 access the support service have just been directed elsewhere. The same thing happened with another of this app makers apps. Might not be loads of cash but I've still been skanked!!!!