Movistar Venezuela Bold Launch Party!

Movistar BlackBerry Bold Launch Party!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Sep 2008 11:19 am EDT

Felix sent me in some images and links and tidbits of info from Movistar Venezuela's BlackBerry Bold Launch party! For more images and info you can click here, Here and HERE! If you want to pick up a BlackBerry Bold in Venezuela it'll set you back 1,999 BsF (~ $928 USD). That's why Movistar gave away a 4GB SD card instead of a free Bold as a gift to those in attendance. :-)

Now.. for the most interesting part... Felix says, "One tip we got from the press conference is that the JavaScript bug on the browser navigation will be fixed by allowing full page navigation (as on the iPhone) with unlimited JavaScript Support. This will be done on the next Operating System release for the Bold." So I guess maybe my 4,700 word rant wasn't completely without merit!

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Movistar Venezuela Bold Launch Party!


Some of the "Third World Countries" have pretty big mobile phone markets despite their population... And those launches may serve both for early profit and, like it was previously said, to test bugs. In that last scenario, RIM would have more time on their hands to resolve issues and get back to them as the regulations and consumer protection laws are not as effective as in other countries (i.e. U.S.)

where did you get this information? I have been through two blackberries that have not worked and I back-up 100% what you say, where can I get proof of this?

I'm just as P/O'd as anyone about these delays, but maybe RIM releasing the BOLD in all these countries because they know there will be bugs in it, and they want to see exctly what these bugs are before they unload it into their biggest market....just a guess

Kevin - when can we expect an update to your Bold browser evaluations via a blog post or a podcast? Us Bold info junkies want to know.

hey turk54,

Well... as of now there's nothing new to report. I updated to OS, which is the latest avaiable OS for the Bold that was recently leaked. No difference on my issues (though some people are reporting a much improved Bold). So whether it's a location driven error I'm getting (which I've heard is the case but find hard to believe...especially on the WiFi side) or not I'm not sure.

In the meantime, I still can't get through my browser test as I've been trying to. Otherwise the device is pretty killer.

Podcast - Craig and I are going to start up on a regular schedule again..just deciding what that will be. Either going to record Thursday nights or Sunday nights. So look for a podcast soon and will definitely be talking about it there.

Right now I'm in the middle of my one month KickStart review (should be up Thursday morning). Then working on a longer Bold review from there.

Kevin - Thanks for the mini update. We (at least I) look forward to your rants & insights on the Bold. I am waiting patiently for the US release, and until then, I can only wait to read about your exploits with the Bold until I can get my own to play with. By the way, there is a thread going that Sept. 15th is a possible ship date from RIM to the AT&T stores. Local AT&T manager told me that also today, with the warning that that was based upon good test results from internal testers. He also confirmed that most local reps have been trained on the Bold already.

Now we'll just have 6 months to go for the release in the US since they're fixing the browser.

I'm excited!! Sorry for you suckers not on AT&T *sarcasm*

Hi estimated people, users and abusers form CrackBerry.

I am the site administrator of

Venezuela is a third world country as you name it, but we are the country with more BlackBerry users in latin america so RIM have to give something to us.

I must indicate that to the date there is NO 3G in Venezuela, it is going to be tested on October and officialy launched on December, so maybe this is another reason to lauch it here, as we are not going to have issues with the navigation on the 3G until December, And before this occur RIM is going to release an updated OS for the Bold fixing the JavaScript issue.

Felix Briceno

Venezuela ain't a third world country, neither is Chile. Get your facts straight. It's funny how some of you are spinning this whole "US is getting it last" hoopla as a positive by saying that RIM is using "3rd world countries" as testing grounds, but when the US gets it first it's because America is the shit... common

I am from Venezuela, and i do not care whether people think we are third, second, or first World Country.

I got money and i can buy whatever i want, we are the country were gas literally could be drink as it is cheaper than water.

Ahh, and we are getting Bold first!

Felix Briceno

I'd hate to break it to you Felix from Venezuela but Canada already has the Bold and we have had it for awhile already. And I'm sure we where not the first to get it either.

I work for ATT and stores will be getting inventory on the 16th of september. Release for consumers is the October 2nd. Boy Genius was right. $299 for 2 year act. is the price point right now.

...Because RIM wants to become or is very close to being a global handset company. From my knowledge, RIM never really released BlackBerries globally until after they were released in America (incl. Canada?). But with smartphones being a hot item at the moment, RIM is taking advantage of the opportunity to deliver globally now rather than later.

Also, the bug theory also works. I, too, was thinking it was perfect for those other countries to test out the bugs before it hit the major market - the U.S.

RIM seems to know what they're doing. No way do they leave out the States and miss out on revenue for no reason. At the same time they're capitalizing elsewhere. RIM is nowhere near Nokia in terms of a global handset company, but eventually it will share that same title.

I got Bold for a week, it is so cool! fast internet browsing, full page and column review; resolution is very good for video watching, audio headset can be used, synchronize with itunes; documents can be edited.......

however, battery doesn't last long!

We got it for free in Hong Kong with 2 years contract!

So.. recently.. I realized my current phone (a 3 year old Motorola Razr, Im a college grad give me a break) was on its last legs of life after years of abuse at college.. I found the Bold and said "hey, I need a new phone, BB's are super sweet, and this is BRAND NEW! I'll wait for this!" It has been a 2 month waiting period as I watched push back after push back and random countries around the world get their Bold...

All I am going to say.. Is any of the problems being presented from our Neighbors from the North and across the big Pond are talking about, BETTER BE FIXED! Don't get me wrong, I will still go to my AT&T outlet and buy a Bold the day of its Release (Oct 2 better be it!) but all this waiting better ensure a top of the line practically if not completely Bug free device..

As for my Razr... its dead.. RIP old friend.. I now, am using.. ready.. you sure...

A 4 1/2 year old NOKIA box that makes me feel like Zach Morris (for all of you who missed TV in the 90's, Saved By the Bell, Watch it on DVD)

But.. I guess its the price you pay for an excellent device. So Kevin, PLEASE keep us updated on the AT&T release of the Bold and any bug fix updates! I would greatly appreciate it..

CrackBerry site junky,


So Rimm shipped the bold with a bad browser. Way to go Rimm. I will enjoy watching all the blackberry nerds saying I love my bold and Rimm will fix my browser some day (I hope). Risk is that they may never get it right and then you have a $400 piece of junk.

say the same thing about copy and paste hoping someone will put an app on the Apple store so that they will be able to have that function.

Way to go Apple!

I'm sure it will get fixed. Is it going to be perfect? Who knows. But everyone says it's an upgrade from the previous browser experience, which is good enough for me.

It seems that Cable & Wireless Ltd in the Caribbean are launching the Bold today in most of their locations. Starting with Cayman.