Movember Madness: The crazy things I'll do to grow a moustache and raise funds for a worthy cause

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Nov 2012 09:54 pm EST

Hit play on the video below and be amazed!

We're ten days into November as I type this, which means ten days into Movember and my quest to grow a moustache and raise funds for Prostate cancer research (and other men's health issues).

A third of the way into Movember I was hoping to have a pretty sweet 'stache by now, but to be honest, it's still pretty pathetic. So I took to twitter earlier today and asked if there were any foods I could eat that would help encourage my facial hair growth. 

A few seconds later good 'ol Derek Kessler, the Editor in Chief of our sister site webOS Nation, was quick to reply with his advice... eat a raw onion. Derek is a smart guy, and I had heard similar moustache-growing advice from Nick Offerman, so it seemed like the thing to do. I told Derek I'd run to the store and buy a big white onion and eat it raw if he then donated $50 to my Movember campaign. He agreed. And I did. Check out the video above to see how it all went down. Lol. 

The 10k for BlackBerry 10 Challenge: I'd really like to see our Mobile Nations Movember team raise over $10,000 this month for Movember. I've been growing out my hair (the stuff on my head) since April waiting for BlackBerry 10 to launch. I haven't tied that initiative to any fund raising efforts, so we're doing it for Movember. My fiance is now to the point where if I don't get a haircut the engagement is off, but if we raise over $10,000 I think I can ride out the hair growth until BB10 launches. So if you're a BlackBerry fan, a RIM employee or a long time CrackBerry reader, hit the link below and donate. 

Visit my MoBro page and make a donation!

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Movember Madness: The crazy things I'll do to grow a moustache and raise funds for a worthy cause


I felt like one of the crazy awesome contestants in our old What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? contest...

Maybe it's time to do up a What would you do for BB10 contest?! 

I have tweeted you this already but: "FU MANCHU" you need to grow one!
Also, if your fiancée can cope with your hair, I'm sure your breath is the least of your worries!
Next week's post "DAMN IT KESSLER, IT DIDN'T WORK!", or maybe "It worked, but not sure if it was worth it..."

There is also the "Peanut Butter Solution"... Also claims to grow a lot of hair!!! Not sure if anyone remembers this movie but it is something of my Canadian early 80's vintage. Worth checking out. :-)

Double thumbs up to the raw onion eating!!! Way to go Kevin!!!

Yep, that's Bla1ze. He's visiting for a couple weeks. 

it's fun having him in the office... have a feeling we'll have a few more crazy posts up here before he heads home. 

I really hope she doesn't make you cut your hair! You've come too far!!! Besides I think its past the awkward ugly length now. Its actually working for you. Okay maybe not but still.. ;)

That's crazy and amazing at the same time. You're probably gonna have to buy $10 worth of Listerine to get the stink off your breath if you wanna be by your fiance, but you'll be $40 ahead. And do a follow up as everyone wants to know how your fiance reacted to this LOL.

PS Whether or not this onion makes your moustache grow faster is in question, but raw onions have a lot of anti oxidant in it, so its really healthy...even if its stinky.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Yeah, right now I'm using my Dev Alpha, but since it doesn't have a phone in it, I'm running it off the WiFi Hotspot on the iPhone 5.

Hoping to pick up a Lumia 920 shortly and also give Windows Phone 8 a try for a bit.

Then onto BlackBerry 10.. can't wait! 

When you've been using Apple products as long as Kevin, it's not a "world tour", he's got Dual Citizenship!

Dam I can tell you dont cook much. Yes peal the onion. LOL It could be very interesting with Bla1ze there he just left Phoenix and it rained lol

Man, you guys are too lucky! That's the one thing I miss most about Winnipeg.

Real Snow!! Not the wet mushy stuff you get in Toronto.

In the future, wear swimming goggles. I'm going to donate as soon as i get home.. .just because you look so miserable. LOL!... make sure RIM matches your donation!

When you cut an onion, you break cells, releasing their contents. Amino acid sulfoxides form sulfenic acids. Enzymes that were kept separate now are free to mix with the sulfenic acids to produce propanethiol S-oxide, a volatile sulfur compound that wafts upward toward your eyes. This gas reacts with the water in your tears to form sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid burns, stimulating your eyes to release more tears to wash the irritant away. There will be no permanent damage.

- 3rd year Medical student.

CB Kevin, I admire the moustache run for the worthy cause. I'm involved myself. And I admire the the hair run for the slightly-less-worthy-but-more-relevant-to-the-site cause. I'm also invovled in myself, though I still get frequent haircuts. Finally, I admire your stomach.

But sometimes I think you're just finding any excuse you can to turn yourself into a dirty bastard.

Kevin, I thought I was gonna hurl!
Admire the determination and it is all for a worthy cause.
I'm also trying to raise Movember funds.
I think I'd rather eat a raw onion than have a moustache.
I think for the next while you better go outside to fart, otherwise you'll be down one fiance and one writer!

When I cut onions I wear my contacts it usally blocks the vapor from the amino acids that are in the onion that make your tear up and sting your eyes. Next time try that. But over all good job. I as well am growing out my Mo for Movember donate for the cause Still waiting fro BB10 gonna be great!!!!

I eat at least one white onion a day, never affects me at all, there are health benefits to eating onions if you can handle them but the reason for the eyes is,

When you cut or bite through an onion you break open a number of the plant cells, these cells contain enzymes, also amino acid sulphoxides. When these escape, these react and decompose to form sulphenic acid, which is a volatile gas.

The gas reaches your eyes and reacts with the water in tears producing a weak sulphuric acid, which irritates the eyes.

Your body's natural response to the irritation is to produce more tears in an attempt to dilute the irritant and wash it out of the eyes. When this happens, the temptation is to rub your eyes, but as there is probably onion juice on your hands this only makes things worse.

Excellent explanation and couldn't have said it better myself. I eat one white onion at least 3 x a week because of all the anti oxidants and enzimes. However I dice mine up and will either put it in a salad or on a couple sandwiches.

Ever try pure black strap molasis? It is loaded with tons of vitimins, minerals and a great side effect is if you are turning grey it will reverse it and give you back your natural color!! This takes about 4 months of daily intake but is well worth the health and esthetic benefits. I have at least 2 tablespoons daily in my morning oatmeal. The taste takes some getting used to, but its well worth it.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Brave! Wow! I love onions and prob wouldnt eat a whole onion like that. Id love to see you try with a red onion though! That would be hard!

What about a whole raw garlic? I assume it would burn like hell. Never tried the entire thing, one clove made me heave.

Visited the page, and saw this:

Alec Saunders
And I'll throw in another 50 if you eat a whole clove of garlic on camera! Go kev!

So, what do say Kev? Do it!! :D

Kevin, always wash your friuits and veggies before eating. There are a lot of stuff that grows on the outside that you are not aware of. I do not even put lemon slices on the outside of my glass of tea. Lots of bacteria in the pours of the peelings you can not wash off. Use caution.

That's one way to not get your fiancee to be around you (long hair, a mo and eating an onion) LOL