Update from BlackBerry OS 7.0 to BlackBerry OS 7.1 and get some free apps

By Bla1ze on 3 May 2013 01:39 am EDT

If you're still running BlackBerry OS 7.0 on a BlackBerry OS 7.1 capable device I first have to ask -- why? Whatever your reason might be, BlackBerry 7.1 brings plenty of changes and improvements such as Mobile HotSpot, BlackBerry Tag and even WiFi calling where supported and updating is easy. Second, I have some good news for you. If you live in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom and you update your device from now until June 30th, you're eligible for some free premium app downloads:

  • EA SPORTS FIFA 13-Electronic Arts
  • The Sims 3 Supernatural-Electronic Arts
  • BeWeather-Bellshare GmbH
  • Screen Muncher™-Motek Mobile
  • Color ID FREE-Motek Mobile
  • InstaPhoto-Smarter Apps
  • DriveSafely Pro-iSpeech
  • N.O.V.A for BBM-Gameloft
  • UNO and Friends-Gameloft
  • Photo Studio PRO-KVADGroup

Need a list of devices potentially still running BlackBerry OS 7.0 to see if you qualify? Here they are: BlackBerry 9360, 9380, 9790, 9810, 9860, 9900 and the Porsche Design 9981. To check your OS, you can check out this quick tip and if you need to know how to update your OS, the best way is to do it wirelessly. But you can also do it using BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Windows and Mac or directly through the BlackBerry update website. Mind the supported areas folks, not everyone is eligible.

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Update from BlackBerry OS 7.0 to BlackBerry OS 7.1 and get some free apps


And who said BlackBerry forgot the legacy BBOS owners? Still footing the bill for promos like this, nice!

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Just grab an official one for the 9790 any carrier version, delete vendor file(s) and DM should prompt you for an upgrade!

I download the latest OS's for the 9900 use it as a base for hybrids and do other things before loading.

I think it's to convinve users to upgrade to the latest Legacy version, which is also the best one after BB10 too. Bug fixes and such too

Good on BB for still supporting OS7. Many OS owners I know that are due for upgrades soon are sitting on the fence...BB10 owners are doing their bit.

Posted via a BlackBerry 10 - iPhone killer device

I must also mention that although i've upgraded to BB10 as you can see, my 9900 was the best Legacy device that i had. After upgrading to 7.1 even my battery life has improved tremendously, so, whether you get free apps or not, it still pays to upgrade your legacy BBOS device.

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I would guess it may be related to getting a bunch of the users on the new BBID and may help BlackBerry on their network services.

This is very welcome for my personal BBOS 7.1 phone, which complements my work Z10 nicely. Thanks BlackBerry!

Unfortunately here in the UK I can't see the 2 Gameloft games available for free for me. Maybe those games aren't available for my cheapo and obscure Curve 9380.

I do wonder though why BlackBerry didn't offer a promo like this when 7.1 came out a year ago as a carrot to get the user base with OS 7 phones up to the latest software at the time. The new features it brought might have, back then, persuaded more people to stick it out with BlackBerry on the long wait for BB10 instead of leaving for iOS and Android.

Mind you you're average legacy BlackBerry user unfortunately didn't know about or bother installing Desktop Manager / Software on their computer
and plugging their phone in so would never know you can upgrade the software. The software probably only got upgraded on the average legacy BlackBerry sold to a consumer if it went back to the carrier with a software fault and they wiped the phone and installed the latest OS version to fix it. This is where Over The Air OS upgraded from BlackBerry, not the carriers, are sorely missed. Apple had the market clout to do OS upgrades the right way by the time iOS 5 came along, not so BlackBerry. It's quite possible the ancient design of the Java based BBOS and the tiny amounts of app RAM and storage on cheap low end handsets also had something to do with it. It would have been messy and fraught with bricked BlackBerry's I'm sure.

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