Motorola MOTOROKR T505 - Wireless phone integration for your car

Rear Controls of the T505
By Joseph Holder on 1 Aug 2011 02:08 pm EDT

One lucky reader will win a MOTOROKR T505! Read on for details.

If you've caught any of my other Bluetooth device reviews (even back to my very first CrackBerry Idol review), you know that I have a certain... dislike of wires. They tangle. They limit and tether your device. Any technological thingamajig that can take the place of those wires is a good one in my book, and the MOTOROKR T505 is a welcome addition to my car.

Motorola MOTOROKR T505 is, for whatever reason, difficult for me to say, the words don't trip lightly from the tongue. The device itself though couldn't be easier to use. After a simple and standard pairing with my BlackBerry, music; podcasts; and phone calls come over the speakers of my car.

Like many newer cars, I can now stream music from my phone - even web services like Pandora - over the speakers in my car, free from the tyranny of wires.

FM Transmitter

The T505 works like any standard Bluetooth speaker phone. The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth and indeed has a speaker within the unit. It's not a great speaker, but it does the job. That speaker is really not meant to be used that often. After all, the T505 has a much better feature up its sleeve.

Connecting the device to your car's stereo is done by using the device's short-range FM transmitter. The transmitter uses a good bit of power to function, so it's turned off by default. A quick press of the button in the back changes that, and the device announces the FM radio station it will use.

The T505 is sometimes good at picking a good radio station to use, and sometimes it is not. You need a frequency that doesn't already have a radio station using it. Even weak signals can cause static and hissing in your speakers as two transmitters (one nearby and the other far away) battle for the frequency. A touch of the button on the back of the T505 changes the frequency in use. Longer car rides will require more frequent adjustment.  I wonder if the unit would be better suited with a more powerful transmitter, but I imagine that the relatively weaker signal makes for better battery life.

A2DP and phone

Front Controls of the T505 

Like all of my favorite Bluetooth devices, this one supports A2DP. This Bluetooth profile allows the T505 to control media functions on your smartphone. Using the controls of the device clipped to your sun visor, you can play; pause, and skip tracks forward and back. The buttons are large enough and well placed to be used in the dark and without taking your eyes from the road.

Phone features are, of course, a big part of what the device can do. A simple press of the large button on the left starts the phone's voice commands (and answers incoming calls). Voice commands have been a part of BlackBerry smartphones for a long while now; chances are, your phone supports it. Through the built in voice recognition in your phone, you can make any number of calls completely hands free.

Incoming audio from your call is piped through the car's speakers, letting you hear your caller in exquisite detail. The audio pickup for your voice is through a tiny port at the top of the T505's enclosure. Listening to the audio of a test call, the microphone seems to pick up audio from a limited area, acting like a condensing microphone. This is a very good thing in the noisy environment of a car.

In Conclusion

What was once possible only through expensive receiver units and professional installation, I can now achieve with this small box, the Motorola MOTOROKR T505, clipped to my sun visor. With the press of a few buttons on the device, I get streaming stereo sound beamed out from my BlackBerry to the T505 which then plays it on my car's audio system. Phone calls are routed to the car's audio as well. All in all, the T505 allows your phone to integrate with your car. All without a single wire in sight.

Contest: Want to get one of these for free from Just leave a comment to this review and tell us how you would use the MOTOROKR T505 in your life. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave a single comment. One lucky winner will have this device shipped directly from 

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Reader comments

Motorola MOTOROKR T505 - Wireless phone integration for your car



my car 'had' bluetooth built-in, but the prior owner put in a 3rd party stereo and now I have a useless bluetooth button on my steering wheel. This would be perfect.

Want! I would use it to make phone calls as I work on the road all day, and to play music from my Playbook with my BluBridhe Mini-Jack!

I rarely make use of all the music I have stored on my BB just because I'm not one to want to walk around with headphones on. This gadget would allow me to easily enjoy my music or other audio files during my daily commute.

Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

Bought one of these for my wife last christmas. It work's great! Now I need one for my car. Crackberry, hook me up!

Great review! My wife and I got one (earlier version) for xmas one year and, like my Father-In-Law, been jealous ever since.

My wife could use this in her car, with two 1 years olds she needs hands free as much as possible.

I would use it to make calls from the road to make me more productive, and use it to call to see if the beer store is open today.

This would be extremely handy. Driving is about the only time I have to listen to podcasts, and so this would really fit the bill. Plus then I could still listen while my kids play with my phone.

Thanks for the chance to win!

this would be a great product as i am using wires right now to feed into the aux jack on my head unit but it can be a bit annoying when i have to make some turns and my phone falls out of the cup holder or falls off of the seat or whatever, this would allow me to keep it in holster on my hip and stream away.
Thanks in advance CrackBerry , ShopCrackBerry, and Motorola!

Would love to have one!!! My current "wired" hands free is great to keep my eyes on the road while I drop and pick up my baby son from daycare, now enter this bluetooth solution! Perfect!! I want!!!

So, how well does it filter out engine noise.? My alpine unit sucks, all ithe other person hears is my motor.

Hey Joseph, do the voice calls play on your cars stereo system?.. Sign me up for the contest, please? I've been looking for the perfect device for these features, but they were too expensive. My Wife uses all my money :(

no more holding the phone to my ear to talk while I'm driving! ...and I can finally listen to my BB playlists in thr car!! Yes!!!

I've been looking at this Moto product for a long time. Based on your review I'm ready to step up, but if you send me one for free it would be all the better. I'll be able to stream my Tune In Radio selections (OTR) on my car speakers rather than drive with one earpiece in.

i would use it to make calls and listen to music on my phone....i would love it...and it would safe too...

I've wanted one of these for a long time. My pickup has only an am/fm radio and sometimes there isn't anything on that I want to listen to.

I've been wanting one of these forever now! I love listening to my phone's streaming music and it would be nice to use navigation with this device :)

Wires everywhere. Currently use an MP3 tape player plug-in. Great for music, Pandora, etc. but oh, the wires!!! Right there with you on that one. And when a call comes through, I would have to unplug the wire from my phones 3.5 jack. Clearly a ROAD HAZARD!!

Wireless is the only way to go! Would really like this device. :)

I have the classic BlackBerry VM605 with which I am quite happy. But it is in my car. Not in my wife's minivan. Definitely need a second one so I don't have to keep remembering to swap it out - plus, my wife's phone could probably use it too!

I would love it to play music from my Storm 2 or PlayBook through my car speakers since my car doesn't have a AUX in jack. Also for hands free talking on the phone.

I definitly need this one cause i have a lot of music on my BlackBerry and i spend to much time on my car! Taking calls on the go would be great too!!!!

Pick me !!!
I hate wires too... My wife´s car don´t have a built-in bluetooth, so if i win this, i do not need to buy a new car !!!
Thanks CrackBerry.

I'm currently using a cassette tape adapter that was previously used for playing cds from a discman in my car. On a whim, I plugged it into the earphone jack on my Curve and it worked! I suppose the MOTORKR would save me the embarrassment (and tangles.) Seriously, my dash looks like it threw up black spaghetti.

I use my Torch with my car's sync system, but if I want to listen to podcasts, audio books, streaming or "native" music, etc., I wind up using the 3.5 jack to the car sync 3.5 jack and it works but not to answer calls. So I wind up having to switch on and off my BT headset because not everything meshes. This looks like the ticket.

I would actuallly use it to stream musuc in our boat. That way I dont need to get a new radio with an aux in. Thanks CB!

I would love to win one. I spend all day in my car and to be able to easily stream music to my radio would be a great bonus.

I would use it in my Wrangler...when the top is down I might as well have my phone off!!!! Thats right I go topless with the

The laws are changing here in September so I will be in need of 2 such great devices. This would make one!

I spend almost 3 and a half hours everyday on the road, so it'll do miracles paired with my Torch. Count me in.

I want it to my car because my bluetooth headset is nor working and this would be amazing to make phone calls on the road. Please crackberry!!! :)

She has small ears so no wireless headset works. Phone features of this device are perfect. She also has amaing music on her BB which would sound amazing on her car stereo. Fingers crossed on this one.

I currently use my old 2gb iPod with tape adapter, or a CD, or tape, or BB with tape adapter, or the radio. Lots of shifting, unplugging, replugging, etc. For phone calls, sadly, I'm still using my speakerphone. The MOTOROKR T505 would really help me out, clean it up, and make my phone calls legal :O Thanks for the contest!

I've ot bluetooth in my car, but the wife's doesn't. Having this in her car, would let me have my car back, lol.

I'd use the Motorola MOTIROKR T505 to losten to my PlayBook and BB handheld usic and also for handsfree. This would be great on long trips as I'm not familiar with all the local stations on route to the destination.

Spend a lot of time driving in my car fighting busy traffic around Chicago and could really use one of these for hands free calling, especially since it is illegal here to use non-hands-free cell phones. ;)

This would be awesome.. I use so many different cars that I have always been stuck with wired headsets..

I have a plug-in transmitter at the moment, which only allows me to play audio. I'm currently looking for a good bluetooth headset / speaker. To win one would be great!

Would use it mostly for the phone calls. My BT headset is coming slowly to an end, with the battery hardly getting through the half of my usual routes:(

About to move from a car w/built-in BT to one w/o (hey...the economy is a scary thing these days!). Count me in, and thanks for the opportunity, CB! (Now...about that yet-to-be-released 99xx...)

I would love one so I won't have to risk getting a ticket by talking on my phone while driving. I pull over now to talk would be nice to go handsfree

These devices are great! I would use it for phone calls and to listen to my music over the FM frequency.

This would be great for my commute to and from work with my 9650. Hand free and wireless would be a great pair.

This would be very handy. Hands on the wheel and eyes on the road all while talking or listening to music...what's not to love?

I presently use an FM transmitter that I have to plug into my dash's 12v cigarette lighter. If my girlfriend wants to charge her phone, I either have to stop my music and swap it out for the car charger or bring my USB cable to attach to the FM transmitter. Cables everywhere!

If I were to win this, it would free up the 12v port for her to charge her phone while I stream my music wirelessly and uninterrupted!

This is awesome! I just upgraded my memory card on my phone to 32gb so I could load more music on to it so that I don't need to use my ipod and have been looking for a device like this for my blackberry since my car doesn't have an aux cord. I'm done using my ipod with an fm transmitter and this would be perfect to help me complete my set up in my car! Great review sir! Well done!

My F150 is one year older then when they started putting Sync in them. This would go a long way towards easing that pain....

oh, that would be sooo much better than the iTrip i'm using. that plus the charging cable...what a rat's nest. i would be happy to win this, but as eeyore says, "i never win anything."

This could be so useful to me, my jobs keeps me driving most of the day and this gadget could make my life much better. Beside using it to speak while driving I could also get rid of the iPod i got to listen music and the most important part is that this could actually save my life... I live in Venezuela and we have an huge rate of BlackBerry Smartphones stolen from people in traffic all days (I've seen many people get mugged and heard stories of ppl getting killed)

Hope i can win this... but it's already in my bday wishlist

having to depend on my girlfriend downloading podcasts to her ipod nano, then remembering the fm transmitter for our many many traveling trips is a huge nuisance. this would go a long way in keeping me up to date on NPR podcasts and getting me my pandora fix in the car!

Would love to be able to listen to the music on my phone through the car speakers... that would be awesome, not to mention being a safer driver by talking handsfree! Thanks for the review!

This should work great for streaming music and podcast listening in my older vehicle. It has to sound better than the hiss of a cassette tape adapter. Maybe the extra usage will put me in the top 5% of AT&T unlimited data users!

This thing is 3 years old - pretty long in the tooth. There are better choices these days like the BlueAnt S4 with vlingo voice integration. This moto thing is old technology.

I wouldn't mind this unit to put it in my other car, but my BlackBerry Visor Mount is pretty reliable as well.

I spend a lot of time on the road now, in different vehicles... this would go well with the 9700 I just got an extended battery for!

This would be awesome because of my inability to disconnect from my berry while driving. Now this will be illegal in my city :(

I have an older vehicle without an audio jack or Bluetooth capability. One of these units would be a much more cost effective solution than upgrading the audio system in the vehicle. Especially since I only plan on keeping the vehicle another 2 years.

I love this device! I love how it automatically pauses music when I make/receive a call, then automatically un-pauses after the call. My wife got me one for Christmas, and I haven't used my BT headset since. She has a longer commute than me, so if I win one, I know she could use this in her car to listen to music from her BB and make/receive calls through her car's speakers too.

I would definately make use of this little device as I do not have a handsfree in my car and the FM transmitter is def an advantage as I am always listening to the music on my phone with the headset.

I'm on the road alot. And I love listening to podcasts in the car - that's often the only time I get to listen to them. This would be a fantastic way to do that and take phone calls when they come in as well!

tell us how you would use the MOTOROKR T505 in your life...

firstly, awesome review, Joseph! the editing in your video was excellent and so was your music selection. can you send me that incoming ringtone? very slick.

i would use this to stream my mp3s from my phone over the car stereo! that is one thing i am missing, an audio-in jack :(

thanks for the opportiunity to enter this contest!

the brother

I still use the plug in ear piece that I got with my BB9000 when I am in the car. This would make life much easier.

I dont have an aux input and have been dying to have something like this! Sat radio doesn't cut it anymore. Could put this to good use. Thanks for the giveaway!

This would be great for answering calls while in the car, radio features are an added bonus. Would love to have one of these.

Wow this is a sweet device. I really need one to be able to listen to my music as well as to be able to talk on the phone hands free which is the law in CA. I hope to win this contest. Thanks for the chance Crackberry.

My car does not have any built in blue tooth, So a device such as this one would be an excellent addition and big convenience to my life. I am having so much fun exploring all the ways i can use my playbook and this is something i would defiantly love to be able to experience. - Brian

I would like to be this lucky winner.

How would I use it?
I would use it in my car of course. But I wouldn't stop there. I would throw it near my computer while I'm not out cruising around town.

Hands free calling would be perfect while gaming on those rainy nights.

I would use it on my ride to and from. With a 3 hour commute each way, I use my car ride to keep in touch w/ friends and family. In addition, I would use it to play music since the radio is not always the way to go.

wow! There are so many uses for such a gadget like this. First the obvious "Listen to music in the car and make hands free calls". but what about using it at home for connection to the stereo to stream in the background while playing Comb Over Charlie on the couch with the playbook? or how about to make wireless headphones out of those old am/fm headphones you bought at Radioshack in the 80's? The uses are endless!!! Would love to win one of these.

With Motorola MOTOROKR T505, I would dig out all earlier Crackberry Podcasts and start listening to them again when I'm on the road. :)

EPIC! I could finally replace my now obsolete cassete player with a state of the art bluetooth fm player. Yeah! Do you reckon that little piece of magic could be slotted right in that opening? Not only that, but with one of these guys, I'll make the roads safer ;) No more talking with one hand on the steering wheel and the other trying to hide the fact that I'm driving with the phone stuck to my ear (You know what I'm talking about, we all had our moments of trying to look innocent at the wheel) And my old father who refuses to get a headset, well, now he'd hear a phone-call through the truck speakers! Brilliant!! Pulling the "I can't hear you" card wont be appropriate anymore.. muhahahahaha *cough* *cough* Right.. Well..

Thanks for the consideration, and the wonderful contest!

id love one of these! please pick me crackberry! you guys are the best forum ever! id use this to for any emergency accidents if i get into any and call 911 for help. thanks

this device is a great add-on. I can't use bluetooth device as my ear will feel uneasy and pain..this device will help me receiving calls while driving...

I have to connect my pb to the car through an 'aux' 3.5mm port at the moment. Its not great cause I cant change tracks and I have to keep the pb in an awkward place...with this, I'd be complete!! Please crackberry...pleeeease :D

I've used a T505 for the past 2 years and love it! Wife keeps stealing it so would love one for her car too!! :)

I transfer product between stores for my company, 125 stores encompassing the entire state, I'd use the hell out of this thing driving product around. :D

this would be awesome, we have to use hands-free in most areas were i live. i would love to have this!!!

I would like to use this device to avoid getting a ticket and save my life from accident because of talking on the pone while driving...^_^

It would let me talk safely to my kids while on the road. Oh yeah and play some Kick A$$ tunes as well.

I'd give it to my dad. He takes a lot of calls while on the road, but he can't stand using headsets. I would love to win and give it to him so I can break him out of the habit.

Half of my work is done calling while driving.
The times when I'm not on call, I listen to lectures/sermons.
I don't have AUX jack so this will very much help me in these two areas.

This would be the ultimate tool for me! The hospital is a 45 minute drive from home, so I could order exams, ask the nurses for information about the patients, etc etc and get a lot job done beforehand while I listen to my playlists on my Torch! (Old car, no aux input jack on the radio :( ).

Crackberry help me save some lives here!!!!


im in a rental car 3 days a week. would very much enjoy this product and put it to great use. hands free com with clients would be great. tired of the ear piece.

I had generally been using an FM tuner to stream music and a bluetooth headset to take calls from the car. Having to tether it to my Torch with an audio cable to the FM tuner and using a bluetooth headset with glasses on is a pain. I had no idea this kind of device existed outside of those already built into those newer cars! I have a trip planned in sept for a roadtrip to Minneapolis, it's something I will definitely look into picking up!

I don't have an aux port or a tape player, so this would such an awesome way to play music off my BB :)

My brother currently fiddles with a bluetooth ear dongle while driving. This product would be a fantastic gift to him especially as it will keep him safer than he is right now while driving.

The obvious - hands free calls.
The not so obvious, letting my son watch movies and play games while using the car stereo system. I suspect it will add a whole new dimension to handheld movies and games.

Yet another excellent contest! I would use it to overcome the shortcomings of the BT system already in my car - the lack of A2DP!

I would love the option of not even needing my headset in the car and the ability to stream music is an added benefit.

Trust me...if you are driving anywhere there is a lot of FM, this device, as with any using an FM transmitter, will be more trouble than it is worth.

But it is worth it enough to me to win one! :)

If you don't have vehicle built in Bluetooth then this is a great addition. I have one in my car so if i win, then this goes in my better halfs vehicle. Thanks CB.

Almost like the BB Gateway but on battery power and FM transmitter. Till the new BB Gateway or Sound whatever they are going to call it comes it this seems like a pretty good alternative.

I travel via car a good bit for my work and this would be a fantastic tool to make my trips less boring!!!

i would really love to have one of these as my car stereo doesn't support mp3s. This would be a nice addition to my car.

Nice. I need this. Just got a new truck that doesn't have any phone integration and I have been looking for an easy solution that doesn't require a trip to the car audio shop to install something.

My iPod is dying and I hate having wires strung all over my car just to listen to music. A wireless device like this would be awesome because it would eliminate all the stupid wires, plus it would make my driving a lot safer because it would free up my hands to talk. Now I just have to ignore incoming calls because I don't want to talk and drive at the same time.

Wow! What a fantastic device. I'd have never thought to broadcast a Bluetooth signal via FM. Brilliant. I'd love one of these.

I have no bluetooth in my car.. i only have the crappy headset that BB sends with the Storm.. My Wife has the super cool built in BT in her jeep and I am so jealous! I need this! Its illegal in NY to talk on the phone while driving and they nab people all the time for it. PLEASE! thanks CB!

I rarely, if ever use headphones, so this would be a welcome addition to my travels ... yes, have some! Cheers!

My wife's car had BT built in. Mine didn't. She wanted a different car REALLY, REALLY badly. Since my car was paid off, she made me trade it off for the car she wanted REALLY, REALLY badly. Now, I have BT built in (her older car), but she doesn't in her new car. She misses her built in BT REALLY, REALLY badly. I'd like to win this REALLY, REALLY badly for her sake.

Finally, a way to solve the dual issues of my wife trying to hold a handset while driving AND having no way to play tunes from anything other than the CD-only receiver. Problem-solver for her, peace of mind and no more nagging for me. Pick ME!!!!

Safer, easier and more convenient to use my Torch while driving. I'm already using speakerphone when driving, but this will make sounds so much clearer.

i would love to have one of these. i work all day in a van that i cannot alter to add an aux jack. this would make my driving a lot safer and quite honestly easier. please cb nation id love one of these!

Getting one of these might force me to replace the failed head unit in my car. No tunes! Throw one my way, and maybe a new deck to go with it.

Count me in for this one! this would be an awesome accesory for my car and i love music! this will make things so much easier. Thank you CB for this contest

Would make a great present for my wife. She has to drive a lot for work, and needs to stay connected to her offices. She works for a non profit, so they don't pay for any perks. A device like this would really help her out in those great Niagara winters.

As someone who travels I believe a device like this would be a great addition. Whether it is used for listening to music or hands free calling, I would use it ALL THE TIME.

My BT headset fell apart last night. It's in pieces. Would love to win this so I can use it when I'm driving. Also syncing to my car stereo and using my BlackBerry to listen to music would be cool! Great contest!

this would be great for my job as driving instructor, no need to use those tangling wires again. would make life alot easier and wireless <3