Motorola Files With ITC To Have Ban Placed On BlackBerry Smartphone Sales in the United States

By Bla1ze on 23 Jan 2010 09:31 am EST
Motorola Files With ITC To Have Ban Placed On BlackBerry Sales

In what seems to be a never ending battle between Research In Motion and Motorola, Motorola has once again filed patent complaints against Research In Motion. This time however, things are little different. Motorola has stepped up to the ITC (International Trade Commission) to ask them to investigate RIM and their continued use of Motorola patents as well as impose and Exclusion Order to stop RIM from importing, selling and marketing said infringing products. The five patents listed in the complaint pertain to WiFi, power saving methods, application management and user interface. For lack of better word, Motorola is pissed off at RIM.

"Through its early-stage development of the cellular industry and billions of dollars spent on research and development, Motorola has created an industry-leading intellectual property portfolio that is respected by the entire telecommunications industry. In light of RIM's continued unlicensed use of Motorola's patents, RIM's use of delay tactics in our current patent litigation, and RIM's refusal to design out Motorola's proprietary technology, Motorola had no choice but to file a complaint with the ITC to halt RIM's continued infringement. Motorola will continue to take all necessary steps to protect its R&D and intellectual property, which are critical to the Company's business."- Jonathan Meyer, senior vice president of intellectual property law at Motorola.

All of this comes just shortly after RIM sued Motorola for their usage of RIM patents, neglect to pay royalties and yet, still expecting RIM to pay them for the patents owned by Motorola that RIM was making use of. Eye for an eye? Seems to be the case here but let's also remember that despite sales of the DROID, less then a year ago Motorola was ready to shut down their mobile division. An influx of patent usage funds could help out quite a bit. I don't think we'll see a ban on any BlackBerry devices rather a settlement for some large amounts of cash that will likely be rehashed again in a year or two due to changes in "economic structuring" or some other crazy legalese.

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Motorola Files With ITC To Have Ban Placed On BlackBerry Smartphone Sales in the United States


This is the oddest argument that Motorola has here. The user interface between BlackBerries and Motorola phones really are not that similar at all...

Guys guys guys let me clarify something, I have been selling mobile's for 12 years now I have used every smartphone outthere and we used to have a saying let me share it "its a fucking motorola" which in a nutshell means this, they have no brand power thought of as the budget phone for the unemployed&homeless have u seen the price of that stupidily expensive phone moto brought out last year on the recycling sites, not worth shit coz its a fucking.... Yeah ur getting it now!!!

everyone is just mad that rim basically has the best smart phones and cant accept that fact. moto. ur phones aint nothing compared to a bb. take that, roll it up, an smoke it.

Highlighting the need for patent law reform in the US...I can't speak to the merits of the case...but anyone that has dealt with RIM's legal department is in for a serious uphill battle! I should have been a laywer...pays better than app developer!

This seems a little ridiculous. While im sure what Moto is suing RIM for is mostly under the hoods of the blackberries, how can you really for Wifi and things like this? It seems like all the money they are wasting on lawyers (and i work in a court, so i see how much they make) could be spent on developing new products/technology and possibly try to get back in the market, because one new phone isnt going to do it.

For those of you saying there's no similarities between Moto and BB's, you will not see the similarities because they will be on the back end. From what I read the patents are not for design but for processes such as the way the OS handles requests from the UI. You wouldn't see them, but they very well could be there.

As Regardvs said, Patent law is a very touchy and interesting subject.

RIM to much for you? Quit whining. Maybe RIM knows something you don't. That Cliq is a POS. Droid sluggish at best. Still waiting for that device that will make drop my Blackberry. Long live RIM and huzaah to Blackberry!

Everyone and their mother knows that RIM is the best at push email, period. Aside from that, is there anthing else they're good at? I was/is a huge BB guy. I admit I was curious about the Droid, so I used my upgrade. It took roughly 2 weeks of switching between my Storm2, but I conceded to the Android OS. Android is everything RIM's OS should be. Androids push email is horrible. I repeat, horrible. That being said, RIM's OS is archaic. 4.5 to 5.0, OS leaks, there is no research in motion. Android should be the blueprint for an OS. You talk hardware? I would gladly go back to BB once their OS is revamped. I can't speak for the Moto Cliq, but my Droid? It converted a die hard BB guy. Until RIM gets their OS straightened out, DROID!!!(robot voice).

Sluggish!! The Droid is way faster than any blackberry ever made. Don't get me started on the quality, the Droid is better made than all or any blackberry.
If you have been a member of crackberry for a while you would know about all the manufacturing defects in ALL of RIM's products in the last few years. The Droid seems to have the least amount of defects of ANY phone made in the last few years. Talk to Tour, Storm, curve or Bold owners about all the defects. I am not saying the Droid is perfect but at least it is better than any RIM product. And ya I have been converted from Blackberry to the Droid. I have owned the pearl, curve and tour, and played with both storms. I don't hate RIM, I would like to see their OS and phone quality improve. Who knows, maybe in a few years RIM can get me back.

i have to agree with you . i had the 7250 ,8830, 9530 , and the 9550. i got the droid in dec. this this thing smokes all of them.

i had to stop lying to my self , like every blackberry owner out there. all the bullshit i put up with rim for all them years . all the battery pulls , slow ass browser, 30 minute boots, fucked up trackballs, worthless click screen, the same os , over and over again. dont get me started on the storm 1... i could go allday about this .

when i got the droid , i was looking for problems, and cant find one yet.

i thought i would miss the bbm, thats another smoke screen. the sms on the droid does what the bbm does without a problem. and the app store is worth looking threw. bb app store is worthless.

research before you bash. android phones can sync with outlook. its called companion sync or even exchange support will do it.

that was the only comeback that you had? your the 70 year old man that still believes cadillac is the best car out there.
i was like you a few months ago, thought blackberry was the best thing smoking . i have the droid now, and because of this phone , it just lets me know how far behind bb truley is.

Why is it in our society/economy whenever someone comes up with a new and popular selling item/service, someone litigates for a piece of the pie. i.e. the video cassette and health insurance industries, to name only several.
Guess Motorola isn't thrilled with NAFTA either.

I've got a great idea, STOP FIGHTING AND START INNOVATING! I swear these companies are acting like a bunch of children.

If Motorola has all of this great technology, WHY are their phones so poorly manufactured? I agree that settling with RIM would give them tons of cash, but for what? Another poorly thought out pos? They spend more money sending out replacements for their screw ups than they make in sales.

What Mizmimi said! Just because you own some technolgy does not mean you know what your doing. Its like me, I have Theme Studio and I cant make S*&%T. Smart for Moto just to sell there Technolgy and leave quietly in the night.

it would be funny but if they did that then there would be a huge problem because the major phone brands will be fighting and not comming up with better stuff

I feel you there. Razor what?

I from here out vow to never own anything Motorola. This move is one of a bully and they are only doing so to try and get a leg up or if you will put RIM into a financial ruin where they will stale up from lack of funding to develop further devices.

RIM Call sony. Get there PS3 processor technology combined into a Touch screen and keyboard hybrid keep the track pad. Some people do not want to smudge the screen when they have filth on their hands.

TRUST ME IF YOU ARE READING THIS RIM! Sony's processor is lightyears ahead of what it should be. Tap that and PWN all.

This is my opinion, no facts here are backed besides by me! hahaha

PS3 uses Cell processor, which is mostly IBM. and you know the second use of technology? blade servers. can your phone battery produce 100W of power? btw, xbox 360 xenon processor is built by ibm too. and no, you cant use it in a cellphone.

you don't get it. EVERY cellphone maker has patents, and EVERY one of them infringes each others patents. It's called "defensive patenting". It works, as long as no one sues each other. When one starts to sue the other, the other one sues back. It's happening between RIM and Motorola, and Nokia and Apple, and everyone else.

...after having 3 different moto's before switching to my pearl I really think moto should invest in product quality not lawsuits and litigations. or better yet how about working with the companies instead of suing, like be a OS developer for the companies and make $$ that way. suing is only going to hurt both companies and the loser will lose the most.

Maybe Motorola should go to 8 or 9 standard deviations from the mean instead of 6. If they do they thier quality might go up. I had one motorola before my blackberry days and it was awful!!!!!

Motorola makes the majority of Boost Mobile's phones. That takes away all of their rights to sue ANYONE, in my opinion.

That last good phone they put out was the StarTAC back in 1999. That phone was awesome back then. Only thing they got good now is the Nextel stuff and that is even so-so.

Motorola needs to get back to their roots. Making two-way radios again. It's not like anyone can take that market from them right? Oh wait,... Kenwood, Icom, Midland, Yaseu/Vertex, Harris Communications.

Oops... I just gave Moto a list of companies to sue that make two-way radios.

If roles were reversed, and most people on here owned a Motorola, then BB would be getting all the negative comments.
Human nature.....

As far as e-mail, I have a Droid and a Tour, and the Droid gets e-mail just as fast as the Tour. And no, the Droid is not sluggish. I like both phones.

I hate seeing companies getting defensive about their patents. Its basically childish squabbling, since everyone treads on everyones toes.

Its ludicrous to suggest that anyone is going to ban blackberrys (the last time someone tried that the government said that they couldn't manage without them).

well i guess motorola needs to step up there game and do something good for ever one and make a smartphone like the blackberry but different but i don't think motorola has the smart's like rim does...SO MOTOROLA STOP CRYING AND MAKE SOMETHING GOOD FOR A CHANGE....

a guy that is a Moto dealer for police style radios. He made the comment along the lines of government and somethings being classified and could cause a compromise. . . if that has an bearing here, then all means Moto is in the right.

As for now, I still take this as a bully move.

Power Saving Patents? Really? I had a motorola Q (the silver one) before I got my 8330, and I had to charge that thing everynight, and that was with the help of third party apps. Without that app I would have been charging twice a day with little to no use.I can go two days with lots of use on my blackberry.

So if Motorola really does have patents on power saving methods, maybe they should put them to use.

i have called both motorola and rim tec support and e-mail them both and by far rim has the best tec support out there motorola support just suck's. motorla is pissed off at rim because rim is taking there last big ordering customer for motorola phone's that's why there pissed.

Motorola is losing the little bit of respect that they had left with this latest cry for help againest RIM. Motorola is just burrying there own grave...

Motorola is Mortadella, that's gangster talk for a "has been," a "beef stew," a "never-was," a "bag of air," a "rusty nail," a "loose tire" etc.

Motorola, I don't care if you live or die, RIIIIGGGGHHHHTTT!! That's gangster talk!!!

RIM is going to show Motorola some "trunk music!" - that's gangster talk for putting a dead body in the trunk of a car.


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a joke! I own a BlackBerry 9700 and I can't believe that Motorola has anything that decent! I had phones from Motorola in the past and they amounted to C-R-A-P! They need to back off because there will be no settlement but money spent!

okay we get it, motorola is really in deseperate need of making money. maybe theyre about to go bankrupt or something, i dont know, but lets be real: blackberries are the number one phones sold all over the world. i mean, its hard to ignore it when they make references to the phone in movies, in press, by celebrities, etc. but banning blackberry phones in the US would just be another economic fail. seriously motorola, get a grip of yourself.

Moto just trying to make some money since uncle RIM has phat pockets. Seriously thought rim was biting off Moto but not in the graphical interface. IT was the lil stuff like the qwerty board layout and the charging port to boot.

I say RIM feed em some money to shut up about their patients.

They were about to stop making phones. Moto's selection of phones is somewhat sad! The Droid is popular but in my opinion Ive played with both and Ill stick to my BB. So I agree with the person that said STFU!!!!

It's funny how the two pioneer of phone makers are suing the two new innovator of phones. Nokia going after Apple's iPhone and Motorola going after RIM's Blackberry. These are desperate times for Nokia and Motorola and they shouldn't be wasting time and money on lawyers. The first step is admitting their problems and finding a solution to their problems. That "problem" is lack of INNOVATION and that is what the consumer demands. The people haven't' forgotten Nokia or Motorola, it's just we haven't seen anything inspiring from these two company in awhile.

Blackberry is the king of the smart phones hands down. But if you ever had a Timeport which I did. I can see what their talking about. They have the same interface and same push email like timeports had back in the 99-03s. But who cares MOTO you snooze you lose so STFU lol LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Give it up Motorola, your products are nothing compared to RIMs. Stop trying and just be your own company. If your 14 year old wants that 1st cell phone, you look at a toy like Motorola. When it's time to get a real device, you knock on RIMs door.

Motorola: Tits or GTFO.

what blackberry out there you think can mess with the droid??? i know every bb known to man, and your dope, dog food , and peanut butter, if you think thers a blackberry that can fool with the droid...

come on and tell me how you get a email 2.5 seconds faster. other then that . blackberry day is done.

BB have been in my hand since day one and I used to really believe they were the best. WRONG... They are good at e-mails and somewhat texting between BB users, otherwise, you watch the hour glass spin and you wait and wait. The rest of my family are now owners of iphones and the new Droid. They make BB's or RIM look extremely bad. Once RIM gets up and running on everything else I might consider not switching to the Droid, but how long will I have to wait... or should I just get the Droid now and wait for 5G to come out when RIM gets it together and switch back?

Ok is it just me or is this a stupid fight. I will first say I am an owner of a moto droid and a bb storm 2.. I am having a terrible time deciding which is better for me. I long time love my bb and Droid is fun... thats it its just fun, blackberry is a useful device with an outstanding OS. Droid is a Fun device with a great OS for gaming and music.. so I say choose the device that best fits YOUR needs and stop asking people to choose for you. As for the moto rim fight... blah blah blah just merge and shut up.