Give your BlackBerry 10 device some extra goodness with Motion Avatars for BBM

By James Richardson on 24 Apr 2013 06:33 am EDT

Motion Avatars for BBM is the perfect way to spice up your favorite instant messaging client - BlackBerry Messenger on BlackBerry 10. The app is free to download and comes packed with 100 avatars which you can set as your BBM profile picture. From within the app you can purchase extra ones if you like which will give you a total of 900 to choose from!

The avatars are split into categories so finding what you want is nice and easy. Then once you find one you wish to use you just tap it and the app will ask you to confirm if you would like to set as your BBM display picture.

And that's it. Simple - yet super cool. Go and grab it from BlackBerry World. As it's free what have you to lose?

Full features include:

  • 100 animated avatars are available for free.
  • 900 animated avatars can be purchased using the "In-App Purchase" feature.
  • Classified into 25 categories for easy access.
  • Miss your old OS 5, OS 6, or OS 7 emoticons (already??) ? Don't worry, we got that covered, Motion Avatars™ is packed with all these classic smileys! Head over to the "Classic" category.
  • Regular updates with new motion avatars.

More information/Download Motion Avatars for BBM for BlackBerry 10

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Ninsei Barrow

I like this..

Posted via CB10


Lame, just chill with all the app nonsense, use ur phone and enjoy the technology you have in your hand now. all those other apps will come once the platform becomes more prevalent

Tony Gritts

I create my own custom animated display pics, anything goes from cartoons, comments, adult content or just a cool pic of you. Add me if you wanna see or know more.
RedroomMedia®Custom Animated pics pin:24C3BEF6

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i dont find anyone uses bbm anymore on bb10 its weird i get no messages


I use it all the time with hundreds of contacts...


You must live in 2008. Here in 2013 I got no contacts


Congrats did you get that fancy new laser eye surgery?


Add people then!! That is NO EXCUSE to not make friends! :)


Just downloaded, it's pretty good. Very easy to use. Funny pictures too.

Sent from the Mother Ship...


How James still has room on his Z10 to install all the apps that he does is beyond me. I'm having to delete apps because I have so many that my Z is getting sluggish.


Grab it and purchase 900 avatars. I love this app

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You have too many games, thats for sure

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Nice but I'm happy with my profile pic. But the app offers you a lot of styles.

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It might be nice for some, but it looks like another tax on the battery. All the animation is consuming battery life and so far, "my Verizon Z10" is a little on the lax side with battery life. I love it though.


Love it.. bought the 900 packs..

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Animating our own THERE'S an app. I'll pass on this one. :-)

Posted from my Z10 via CB10


You must be a marketing of that "Animating face" company lol

Posted via CB10

Tjaka Rd

BB Q10 it's me : smart, cool and hotty haahahaha