Mothy's BlackBerry Bold "U" Theme

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jun 2008 11:37 am

BlackBerry Bold "U" theme member mothy has been churning out some awesome free BlackBerry themes as of late, and his newest theme, the Bold "U", is really getting some attention.

The Bold "U" theme is available for the Curve/8800 series and offers up a whopping 15 BlackBerry Bold-styled shortcuts around the perimeter of the display, yet leaves a ton of space for viewing cool wallpapers!

Keep in mind this is a Plazmic beta creation, so you can run into glitches (certain shortcuts may not show if you're running OS4.5). Also, the 15 shortcuts in the U are hardcoded (you can't change up the location). But it's free and awesome, so no complaints here! 

This theme is hosted by our friends at They have a ton of free themes at their site so I suggest checking it out! And they are good guys too. They've actually given us a bunch of themes to add to's Free Theme Gallery. Our programmer is working on some revamps to the gallery, so once that's done and all the new free themes are up I'll drop a post to check them out.

OTA Link:  

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I am missing a few icons and I don't have the ability to use the icons on the left side< Any idea or help would be great!!!



Thanks a ton man! To those of you who are missing icons. With some of the betas BB Messenger is not showing but usually is selectable. Also I used the SMS and MMS icon so you it should apprear if you seperate the mailboxes via your Email options.
Also I am working on a Pearl version that should be done by end of the week.

Do hesitate to PM with any questions.

Thanks again Kevin.


hi mothy, fantastic theme! would it be possible to combine your U with a Today theme that has a call log/message list on there? I know quite a few people prefer functionality over wallpaper space, thanks!


wait im confused how do i get it on my BB?


Very nice theme, but I don't understand why Plazmic can create Zen themes like this for which can have customized icons, but the public can't. Obviously the public is using an older leaked beta version of the builder.... would be nice to get some customizable ones, perhaps a newer leak.

Either way, very nice... props on being original at least.


Ok I'm frustrated that OTA link downloaded the U theme which on my phone is an L theme since its missing icons. I also gained the L theme which I dont want. The problem is I deleted the U theme and the L theme will not show up in applications, app loader, or in the java folder as even being on my phone.....yet its in themes as a theme I can select...any suggestions?


Everytime I tried to download the OTA on my phone I get an error message and it does not download. Not sure what the problem is. I had 4.5 beta version .37 and it did not work. Upgrade to version .42 and it still doesn't work. Is this due to the Beta version or am I just having problems?

Thanks anyway, Mothy. It looks great. I am using the "L" version now and really would like the "U" as I am application crazy, but like my backgrounds.


Icons don't show up properly on 8330 from Telus either. :(
blackberry messenger and something else are blank.


Would be better if you could change what icons are displayed on the home screen, but you are stuck with what is on it


OK, so i am typing the full url to my bberry browser and keep getting page deos not exist... what am i doing wrong?


I just downloaded this via your link. Then went into themes and clicked activate Bold theme. My Curve reset's and now I am getting the hour-glass and it keeps on resetting itself.
Help! This might not be the best thing to download. Just a warning for all!!!!! There goes my data...


I went to the OTA link and downloaded the theme, love it, it is an awesome theme but I really like the U theme, and I have the L theme missing the apps on the right hand side. any ideas how to help?


this really does not look that good on my Curve. I also don't like that you can't change the icons on the main screen



so I'm missing all the icons in the RH column except memo pad and power. Any suggestions? I can understand MMS not showing up, but tasks and the other one (not sure what that is right above the power icon) should show up regardless no?



there are icons missing and it hides my viigo


love this, my L theme is leaving me about 2 buttons short,,, any thought when we could see one for the pearl 8130


I've tried installing this via OTA about four times now while power cycling and uninstalling via desktop manager in-between installs. The theme doesn't even show up under themes but it does show up to uninstall on desktop manager. The theme looks good in a screen shot but really just leaves my phone with empty space taken up. I can see by these comments here that even at best when this does install you are still left with it working at about 80-90% if you are lucky. You can't polish a turd lets just sweep this one under the rug and pretend like we didn't see it.



eve SCA

i downloaded it but its not going in my themes category so i can select it but it shows its under application!


Not showing up on my theme menu???