Most Viewed CrackBerry Reviews, News and Videos in 2010

Most Viewed in 2010 on CrackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Dec 2010 02:45 pm EST

December 31st is here, which means it's time for some quality fluff posts! Lol. This one is actually quality without the fluff though, as we roundup the links to some of our most-viewed news, reviews and video content of 2010. Keep in mind I pull this data from our site analytics, which means stories published earlier in 2010 have more time to generate views throughout the year. That noted, it's clear to see the BlackBerry Torch was hugely in demand this year as content related to the Torch are at the top of the lists. And for good measure, we tossed in our editors' favorites as well (you can probably guess what mine What was your favorite story of 2010? Sound off in the comments! 

Most Viewed Reviews in 2010

  1. BlackBerry Torch 9800 Review
  2. BlackBerry 6 Review
  3. Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530 Review
  4. Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650 Review 
  5. Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9650 Review
  6. BlackBerry Curve 3G Review
  7. BlackBerry Bold 9780 Review
  8. Sprint BlackBerry Style 9670 Review
  9. Full BlackBerry Bold 9700 Leak Bugs & Impressions Review
  10. What's App Messenger for BlackBerry Smartphones Review

Most Viewed News Posts in 2010

  1. Finally Leaked, Get BlackBerry 6 for your Bold 9700 Now
  2. Real BlackBerry OS 6 Details and Images Emerge
  3. Full 16 Minute Walkthrough of BlackBerry 6 running on BlackBerry 9800
  4. Official BlackBerry Bold OS Released by Bell Mobililty
  5. BlackBerry Style Officially Announced
  6. BlackBerry Adult Apps Roundup (NSFW)
  7. Official BlackBerry 6 Preview Video from WES 2010
  8. Leaked BlackBerry Bold 9800 Photos show off a little more of the WebKit browser
  9. BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 now available for download
  10. Fancy Characters 2.0 Adds New BBM Icons to the Mix

Most Watched Videos in 2010

  1. BlackBerry Torch 9800 Video First Look!
  2. BlackBerry Torch 9800 Review
  3. Web Browser Shootout: Torch vs. iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Captivate
  4. Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530 Review
  5. BlackBerry PlayBook Hands-On Video (also compared to iPad)
  6. BlackBerry PlayBook Live Announcement
  7. BlackBerry Bold 9780 Unboxing and Review
  8. How to Install the MicroSD and SIM Card Into a BlackBerry Smartphone
  9. BlackBerry Curve 3G Unboxing & Review
  10. BlackBerry Style 9670 Review

Editors' Favorite Posts of 2010

  1. Kevin's Favorite - CES 2010: Ed Hardy displays new cases for BlackBerry!
  2. Adam's Favorite - How do you use your BlackBerry? series of posts
  3. Bla1ze's Favorite - BlackBerry Adult Apps Roundup (NSFW)
  4. Ryan's Favorite - In an Emergency, Why Cellular Data Is Better Than Voice

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Most Viewed CrackBerry Reviews, News and Videos in 2010


Can we have the current number of views each article got?

Kevin, Adam, Bla1ze. Is that the order of authority? XD Cool. I think Adam really wants a promotion. :)

Boy I sure did like that ed hardy case review from ces last year!!!!!! Can't wait to see what is in store for this year.

Now Kevin, I love the site and everything you guys post, and I don't want to question your masculinity........ but............. Ed Hardy? Favorite post? Reeeeeaaaalllyyyy? Lol :-)

Happy new years, wish everyone a happy and healthy one

Edit: after looking at the Ed Hardy video I would like to retract my statement and apologize. Didn't realize the uuuuhhhh..... nice people.... who were displaying the merchandise. Wow

Yes, Ed Hardy is also my fav pal... +hopin to see Ed back in a week or two... +yes, I, like probably more than a half of viewers of this site, own a 9700- so patiently waitin the right build in 2011- Thumbs up for the most hyped(in my views) BB-post of the millenium... OS6 for 9700....
+all z best to d CB-crew, with plenty of good stuff( like mr ED's covers) in the coming decades...

What a surprise Kevin... That Ed Hardy post was also my favorite as well ;)

I'm pretty sure 98% of the guys who also visit this site agree with me.