The Most Secure Podcast in the World: CrackBerry 113

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Mar 2014 03:42 pm EST

Are you watching from a secure line?

In this podcast our old pal Craig Johnston makes his triumphant return to the show, where I'm also joined by Adam, Bla1ze and Simon Sage. We're all business this time around — talking BlackBerry OS 10.2.1, MWC, the BlackBerry Z3, BlackBerry Q20, enterprise, the NSA and my gallivanting in Barcelona. There's plenty of good stuff here you won't want to miss.

This podcast will self destruct in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 



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The Most Secure Podcast in the World: CrackBerry 113


Can't be too secure if Graig has his Google glasses on... ;o) by the way how tall is Simon anyway? I'm 6'4... just wondering if he beats me... (picked up the above stuff listening to the first few minutes)

Have a good one.

Looking forward to listening, I don't think the "Download Directly" link is working though? It just opens another browser page for me.

Press and hold doesn't seem to offer a 'Save As' option. Can't seem to find a way to otherwise.

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Craig, the sexist voice ever on Creakberry!!

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The Android player on the Jolla is so much faster and smoother than the one on BlackBerry 10. Hopefully they can improve this.

Lol. Am I the only one who felt a bit uncomfortable watching some of the banter between these guys with respect to password management. For a minute I thought they were going to fight. Still love these podcasts!

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Bla1ze has a Blue Yeti. Kevin, Simon and I have the Rode Podcaster.

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Adam please don't get upset at Kevin. You guys are super entertaining. I love your podcast.

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Finger scanning feature should be an option so people can turn it off if they don't want to use it.

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Thanks guys, as always, a great podcast. Even though it's almost midnight here in London, I just did not want to miss this. Thanks guys and good night.

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

Great Podcast. That touch ID segment was pretty ridiculous though. Try not to cut eachother off and respect eachothers different viewpoints. When 2 or more people are talking over one another it's quite annoying from a listeners point of view, but that's just my opinion.

All in all it was a great listen, and I look forward to each and everybody's perspectives on the mobile industry :) keep your stick on the ice


I respect intelligent opinions. Adam's arguments, or lack there of, were a complete waste of everybody's time. Mine, and yours! 

Nice to see you learnt how to deal with this stuff ^^ on a constant basis, Adam. LOL

Water of a duck's back. Or the sack (again) ?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


VDI is definitely something happening, but those in the most secure environments are still going GFE/CFE equipment with VDI on top of it. As for BlackBerry and dual booting android, that seems to be a step backwards. With Balance they have a great way to do it all in of itself. They do run Android within the Davlik VM now, they just need to open it up more. Work side would be BB10 only, personal is better than dual boot.

BlackBerry offered fingerprint scanners + CAC readers to DoD nearly 5 years ago. It was three factor authentication (and significantly more accurate than TouchID). What you have, What you know (Pin), and who you are. Also the fingerprint reader, different fingers would do different things, so you could program what each fingerprint would do.


The installation guide for running BES10 on BES5 system are already there in the documents. BES12 would be less than that (in theory) as you would not need multiple instances of the consoles running at the same time.

Yup I understand that, and know you can install BES10 on BES5, but it still doesn't mean BES12 will be any less resource hungry supporting essentially three major products at the same time (BES5, BDS, and UDS).

Was that an Apple Pod Cast? It seems the more BlackBerry is trying to refocus, Crackberry Pod Casts are becoming unfocused. It's fun and all, but the attention to other systems seems out of place at times.
Just my humble opinion. I don't expect anyone to agree with me.

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Reality is that regular consumers want to buy all devices, running all flavors of mobile OS. Even BlackBerry supports this with BES10. CrackBerry podcasts can no longer be just about BlackBerry devices and BES since BlackBerry supports Android and iOS.

Totally agree, but I would have liked to hear their take on a few current topics and issues that have been in the press lately. I understand what you are saying though.

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Re: Swiping to archive or delete
No, no. Swiping on BB10 is for navigation - not in-app actions. If you think people have a hard time learning how to use BB10 wait till you start mixing what it means to "swipe".

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell | CB10

Nothing about T-Mobile? That was a story that started in the Crackberry forums with complaints about the ad.

Hey guys, that was good podcast. I thought you were going to try to make it around 30 minutes as you stated on your last one. An hour is to long I find, maybe 40-45 minutes max would work. I just wanna give bla1ze a heads-up. His mic is to far away, it sounds like he's talking in the next room. To much bass on his mic and hard to understand what bla1ze is saying. I would get him a good mic like Kevin or Adam use. I'm glad to hear the track-pad and function keys are coming back.

I think Kevin dominates podcast too much. To shout down Adam's opinion defeats point of group podcast. Why not just have a Kevin Podcast then have one for rest of CrackBerry where we can hear from Adam and Blaze. LOL!!

Also Kevin you talk like you want BlackBerry to have every feature that other phones has it seems. Perhaps since you swap through devices you seem to be moving further away from hardcore BlackBerry. (just saying)

This is CrackBerry so I'm not really interested in hearing about the "great" things other platforms have done that you think should be on BlackBerry.

Just my opinion.

Nice having a new voice in Craig Johnston there. However, he does need to do his homework and spend some time using BB10 (especially one with 10.2.1). The idea that BlackBerry should dual boot Android is one that only comes from those unfamiliar with BlackBerry 10 (and again, especially one with 10.2.1). BlackBerry is on the right path with their OS strategy as they have control and don't need to rely on Google.

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I love all mobile devices and write for Mobile Nations, not just CrackBerry. In addition, I do actually know all about BB10, but I think you are forgetting that Kevin even agreed that Android apps running on BB10 is less than ideal. Its jerky, and device support is not very good. So is that really an ideal user experience? No, not at all. BlackBerry being "on the right path" is your opinion, not a fact.

Thanks for replying. Yes, what I said is my opinion. Also my experience is the latest OS update runs Android apps extremely well and I have not experienced the "lag or jerkyness" Kevin mentioned since updating.

It is evident that the Android runtime is improving on BB10 and BlackBerry should continue to improve upon it. Making a deal for the inclusion of Google services is something they can try for as long as it's opt-in and doesn't compromise security or dictate who they can use as hardware vendors.

Doing a 180 and dual-booting Android, or even going full android on low cost devices, just doesn't make sense (my opinion). It is still a better strategy to get those wanted apps into BlackBerry World whether the be native or Android ports.

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Why is everyone still spreading false info about US blackberry owners not have the new OS. It may be some, due to the carriers. I'm on Verizon and got mind the second day after it was launched.

So....what I am hearing is that none of you actually use a Blackberry phone for your main phone?

And no, I would not want dual boot. I want everything there now. (Blackberry with Android apps) If I wanted an Android phone.....I'd buy one.

Gotta say, I usually enjoy the podcasts. This was not my fav. Craig Johnston's contributions (or lack thereof) were weak.. "hows bb10" .. "I dont know I havent used it much" lol..

Also, not an attack, but where are you guys getting your 'facts' from? Someone asked the question, is Apple's fingerprint scanner secure enough for enterprise, the answer "oh ya, no problem at all" ... says who? Have you personally polled all enterprise's (or any) and found if the scanner meets password complexity requirements? Because in the enterprise I work for, it does not.

It also doesnt cost "thosands of dollars" to circumvent the finger print scanner.. (reference:

The trackpad would be great as a trackpad, having it double as a fingerprint scanner is a neat gimmick, akin to androids face recognition unlock; however the fingerprint scanner doesnt validate the inclusion of a trackpad; the trackpad does that all by itsself.

OH and also, Flappy Bird as a test for the runtime? Really?

I'll agree that there are a ton of android apps that dont run as smooth on bb10 as they do on an android phone, but using that game as an example is a bit misleading. People are left thinking, wow if it cant even run Flappy Bird, how will it run more complex 3d games like Temple Run (runs perfect, smooth) Netflix (runs perfect, smooth) etc?

Ugh. No TouchID please. The fundamental problem that many miss is that you can change a password if it was leaked, you can't change your fingerprint if TouchID got cracked.

I don't have the link right now, but there was an compelling article stating that TouchID would work great for username (to ID the person), but not to authenticate as a password.