The most popular running apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry

Best Running Apps
By Sam Sabri on 6 Jun 2014 08:42 pm EDT

MobileFitEarlier this week we highlighted the best running apps on Windows Phone, iOS, Android and BlackBerry. All month we'll be looking at the top apps across a variety of categories related to fitness. Why? It's #MobileFit month! We're exploring the intersection of a healthy lifestyle and technology. When we posted those top rated running apps, we also included a poll for the various communities to select their favorite running apps. Those results are in. Here are the best running apps according to you.

To refresh your memory, here are the posts for each platform. Check them out to find a handful of great running apps for your mobile platform of choice:

In each of those posts, we had a poll where you, the Mobile Nations community, could vote on your favorite running app. Here are the winners, as determined by you:



Windows Phone


Congrats to Runkeeper and Endomondo on being the top running apps. Sound off in the comments on what makes these apps your favorites.

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The most popular running apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry


I concur. Not quite fluid enough for me. That's why Cascarun has my vote. It does everything that I used endomondo for......just more smoothly.

BlackBerry App World... Proof that people didn't update their knowledge about BlackBerry for a while.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30STA100-5/

Lol even I don't know if it's BlackBerry World or BlackBerry App World, I use both

Posted via CB10

How's about battery? I found casca run to be perfectly optimised

Posted via Z10 running

Just noticed the Bank of America App is now available for download on BlackBerry World

Posted via CB10

Sportrate on Q10 hasn't let me down, and I'm out just about every day. I also have used Sports Tracker for quite awhile, in parallel with Sportrate for comparison. It has some nice online features, but does suffer from tracking dropouts sometimes where Sportrate is solid.

Via CB10 on  Q10 or Z30

Good to see app support for the Qs, so everything that works on the square screen now will hopefully work on the Windermere, too.

(not that anyone would probably use this beast as fitness tracker or carry it while exercising..... )

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Missing the menu in BB10.. in BBOS all the record of exercise would be easily posted to facebook and bbm. With BB10, it's only Facebook ..

Posted via CB10

Fitness Tracker is what I use, 360.7 KB, Built For BlackBerry, simple and straight forward.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

When I saw the title of this article, I thought I was looking at the wrong blog. Why would you list BlackBerry last on a site dedicated to BlackBerry? If people wanted to learn about the most popular running apps for other platforms, they certainly wouldn't think of coming to CrackBerry. Strange article, sorry.

Also it says it's a "mobile nations" post. BlackBerry is a piece of that. The article likely runs across each platform's mobile nation site with one title for uniformity.

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Tried Endomondo and noticed that when I'm running listening to music the music volume doesn't lower when my pace / distance are called out. This does happen when I'm using Casca Run.

Posted using my amazing and intelligent Z10

I'm not an appy person, but once most map applications support bicycle infrastructure (eg. Listing of trails, paths, bikeways, bike routes), i'll have to use google maps, google earth to view terrain. For speed tests, by ookla, an android IRC client, allot more native apps (both on playbook and Q10, bb7).

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Have endomondo, sport tracker, runtastic, casca... casca is best. endomondo is slow and not optimised... and when you compare android app capabilities vs BlackBerry - it's kinda sad

Posted via Z10 running

I used to use fitness tracker, but recently started using Casca Run Pro. Of the two, I have to say I prefer Casca Run. It's a very well built native app with fantastic U.I. Thumbs up!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I also find CascaRun to be the best app for running + great developer support.

Posted via CB10

What a completely shit article, I swear I seen the same article a couple days ago, Don't just post things for the sake of it.

Posted via CB10

No dude, that was Best running apps for BlackBerry... this is a mobile nations article which has obviously been posted to iMore, Android Central and WP Central and it's a compilation of the data from all 4 sites to find out what running apps people on different platforms prefer.

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Cascara is almost perfect. Only one small gripe with audio feedback but I am starting to realize that they did it right and I am wrong.

I wish run keeper would come to bb10 though.

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It's a we full to say android and BB. the use full apps from android needs Google service, up to date there is no real solution. BlackBerry has to decide to open some codes for the programmers before it's too late.

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I am sure Sam doesn't have an idea how good Cascarun is. It's native unlike Endomondo. Too bad Sam, you need to be more careful!

I use endomondo on bb10 an find it works great, many if my friends on other platforms use it which is nice.

Posted via CB10

Don't know which people voted for this app, I really would like to see the final results!

Endomondo has 565 reviews and not really good 3,5 stars, while CascaRun Pro has 355 reviews (for the paid version!!!) and 4,5 stars (the free version has only 23 reviews and 5 stars, but is quite "fresh" in BBW). Even Sportrate has 4,5 stars (299 reviews).

I love Runtastic on my BlackBerry Q10, WP Nokia Lumia 1020, and iPod Touch. Best i've used so far and seamless across all devices.

Posted on my Q10 via CB10

An interesting update, perhaps, on my evaluation of fitness trackers.

I commute 12 km per day, sometimes 24 km per day, by bike yearround. I usually keep 3 fitness trackers going at once, plus Navfree offline maps. The 3 trackers I use are:
- Sportrate (native BB)
- Sports Tracker (Android port)
- Cascarun (native BB, I believe)

Each of them runs well and has its own strong points. Sports Tracker, for example, is nice because of the web interface which I use to review performance. However, it is the only of the 3 that occasionally suffers from tracking 'dropouts', such that there is a straight line drawn between 2 points on the map, along with incorrect speed and distance numbers.

Today I evaluated battery drain, and it was very interesting. I'm using a Q10, and rate of battery drain is high because I have the display on full time with Navfree navigation:

Elapsed time 3.0 hrs
Charge at start 90%
Charge at end 30%
Drain due to GPS location services 13%
Drain due to display 9.7%
Drain due to system 11%
Drain due to Sports Tracker 9.8%
Drain due to Navfree 3.9%
Drain due to Cascarun 0.63%
Drain due to Sportrate 0.21%

All applications were running the full 3 hours.

Q10  The Other Crackberry Pirate  Z30

Have used Endomondo for over a year on my Z10 and really like it - especially the way it automatically uploads and then I van view/edit on my PC. However, just updated a couple of days ago to v1.0.141.0 and GPS tracking seems to have stopped working. Connection with Location Services seems broken. Hope they fix this soon as I use it daily.