MorphWiz-Play strides onto the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Zach Gilbert on 25 Apr 2012 01:23 pm EDT

Oh the days when creating music was limited to huge super computers and recording studios. But in this day and age we can truly make music anywhere at any time, and this is where MorphWiz-Play for the BlackBerry PlayBook helps. With the ultra portable nature of the PlayBook it makes for not only an excellent game system but also an unbelievable music creation device.  

Let me put a scenario into your mind -- You’re walking in downtown (insert your city here) with a few friends, you know, the ones that like to carry their guitars around. You and your friends sit down to enjoy that Starbucks and they begin to play music -- not a good day to forget your instrument. But wait! You’ve got your PlayBook and downloaded MorphWiz-Play before you left. You are in luck! Not only can you use MorphWiz-Play to add some background beats but you are able to record your friends jam session for playback later.


  • Full mult-touch support
  • Supports the built in gyro for altering sounds while creating music
  • Multi-tasking support
  • 30 pre set musical configurations

This application is just down right entertaining for everyone in the family, and I must say well worth the $1.99 price tag. Check out the video review above or just grab head to the link below and experience it for yourself.

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Reader comments

MorphWiz-Play strides onto the BlackBerry PlayBook


I'm so happy. I've seen so many new apps released in the past two weeks, apps that id pay for... Not exactly angry birds but like uber iris. But I'm happy the apps are rolling in. Imagine after cascades... Crackberry be prepared to be over runned when cascades hit.

Great app but everyone should also check out CAUSTIC 2 (look in PlayBook Apps & Games sub-forum).

The demo is not timed and allows you to do everything without the export/save option.

I'll not refer to this as an app, it should be called an "Instrument". The graphics are breath-taking, sounds are wonderful, and so far the performance is top notch. I also agree with Joski,Caustic seems really good as well. It would be nice if Appworld would do a "music creation" category. I would have never looked at Caustic thinking "must be a cancer reference app of sorts".

and you should be banned for stealing someones work then bragging about it in their release announcement. i say el_jefe84 should be banned for life for confessing that he stole from this developer. personally I bought it and love it. I hope the dev sues you el_jefe84. great app but dont be discouraged by assh*les like el_jefe84.

@marbeef na im good. @thatplaybookguy is not my fault some web site list the apps to download. mostly all the apps on my playbook i buy them.. but if i see a top rated app with good review i slideload them and test them, im not gona be buying apps which i have no idea what it is for.. before crackberry even post this article i have slideload it.. and i havent even try it. and now that they even made a post for it. i might as well.. if is worth the 1.99 trust me i buy it. you know how many NATIVE apps i have slideload, games that i was interest in buying.. costing 5$ plus tax. and the moment i open them use it like 3 min.. i delete them right away... you want a screen capture of all the apps i slideload?? ;-)

nice excuse, all i read is blah blah blah. i'm sure you never pay for apps, otherwise why brag about it? you're the lowest of the low. a gloating thief. plain and simple. free apps i could understand but to come into someones release announcement and brag that you stole it. you're a jerk. I've emailed the creator of this app with a screenshot of your "confession" i hope they press charges. And this is totally the reason why rim wants to block sideloading....Piracy f the worst kind.

I don't believe you can record on the PB version. It's a trimmed-down version of the iPad app, which costs $9.99. Perhaps the option will be added in a future upgrade?