Beautiful and free - 3D puzzle gaming with Morph'em for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 11 Jan 2014 05:32 am EST

If you are into puzzle style games and want to take advantage of a great free BlackBerry 10 release you've come to the right place. Morph'em will certainly get the old brain matter working overtime and the game could well turn out to be extremely addictive, due to a combination of its glorious graphics and interesting game play. 

As you'll see from the video I give a demo of the initial intro when you use the game for the first time. Although this works perfectly fine, the reason behind it was that I tried playing the game and I am useless! I'm not surprised though as I tend to be rubbish at most puzzle games. 

Morph'em is all about finding suggested words on a cube. The cube is three dimensional so you'll have to rotate it using screen gestures to get a clear view of all the sides you need to see the word. Once you see it, you can draw a line through the letters, release your touch and if you get it right the word will turn green - spell it wrong it will switch to red.

If you need a hand along the way there are three tabs at the base of the screen which will offer up some help. You're also up against the clock so the pressure is pretty intense. 

The user interface with Morph'em is beautiful - starting from the menu screen. The pink, black and white colors look great and you'll notice animations in the background throughout. You can log into the game via Facebook or Scoreloop so sharing your achievements will be nice and easy. 

With it being free why not give it a go? You won't be any worse than me at it!

Gameplay principles:

  • Drag your finger to create words
  • Rotate the cube to find more words
  • Find the 6 bonus words to optimize your points
  • 3 powers-ups to use to help you beat your opponents
  • Complete statistics to check and improve your game
  • 55 trophies to unlock
  • A training mode to learn the game or to play offline  

Customize your game:

  • 24 color themes 
  • More than 100 avatar icons
  • Editable nickname

Morph'em is available for the BlackBerry Z30 and Z10 only at the time of publication.

*Update: Q10/Q5 support is now available*

More information/Download Morph'em for BlackBerry 10


jojo beaconsfield

3D sounds and looks great!!


Let's play!

android player better than android.


Interesting. But this app hates Q's.

I didn't even find out if it was Android software, didn't matter... no Q love



Yeah Q10's left out. :(

Posted via CB using my Q10


I love puzzle games - sooo disappointed this one won't run on the Q10!

Posted via my Q10, still on

Dave XII

yes, Q support please!

Posted via CB10

iq12 Games

sorry about this. Supporting a square screen is very hard for a touch based game.

We'll try and think of something anyway!


Thanks you. Game looks great, but I'm a Q user as well.


I am no developer, but I do not see what the issue is. (Q's have touch screens too)

I am also sure that keys can be mapped for things... it would be silly to think the kb keys are somehow unable to be used by apps.

Can you shed some light on this please?


iq12 Games

It's the ergonomics.

Without new solutions we wouldn't have enough space on screen to display everything without reducing the size of touchable elements so much they wouldn't be usable.

So we'll have to do find something new. But we're so surprised by the BB10 crowd so far (it's an iOS/Android/BB10 game) we'll probably do it quite soon!


Ty for the reply, but I still don't get the problem.

UNO game write up on CB today. Touch based game. Works fine on a Q10.

It is strange a game based on a square cube, is somehow unable to work on a square screened Q10.

Oh well.


iq12 Games

We've developped this game with at least a 3:2 ratio in mind (iPhone). Thus there's a big header, a big footer, and the cube takes the space left (which is a least a square on most screens).

Then there's the Q10, which wasn't on our radar at the time of conception. So we have to adapt things. Not that big a deal, we'll do it.

But when you think it's taken months for big names apps and games to adapt from iPhone4 to iPhone5 screens sizes, I hope you can excuse us if we need a few days! :)


Thank you for bringing your game to BB10. I'm sure they don't mind waiting. :)

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iq12 Games

the wait is over, Morph'em is also available on Q5&Q10 today!


Worth a try.

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Yes shame Q10 cannot play this game.


iq12 Games

Morph'em is available on Q10 today!


It's nice but not that easy to find the words. It's really different from other games

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I have a Z10 and it says it isn't available for this device. :(

Posted via CB10


Downloading on my Z30 now! I'll give it a go!


Great, classy looking and easily addictive game. Like a word search in 3d.
Should point out that you can connect letters diagonally too, and it's not just about finding the bonus words, any words can be used.
Would be nice if it told you the total number of words at the begining of the level when it shows the bonus words.
Would be good to be able to turn the timer mode off, and use as a kids level/mode.
3d is lovely, but needs some additional shading on left face of the cube, as after playing it for a while your eyes can switch perspective and it looks like you are looking into a cube, rather than at the outside.
I really like this game, and would give it 4/5.
Well done devs, hope to see regular updates for it.

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. , . , m.


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Not available for me, probably since I'm still on 10.1. Figures.

Posted via CB10


Won't allow me to login using either method. I ran through the tutorial, but now I can't get past the login screen.

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Great game and the cube makes an interesting change from Wordament flat layout. Top marks!

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G


My first impression is that it is a nice game. The problems with the Q could be resolved (I think) by replacing the on screen buttons by keyboard buttons. Perhaps something to look into.

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Pretty cool... not my forte by nonetheless it's good.

Posted via BB-Z10. OS 10.2.1.


Why the developers are just focusing on Z10 and Z30 what about Q10, isn't part of blackberry

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iq12 Games

Z10/Z30 are the same paradigm as the other smartphones. It makes porting from/to another platform relatively easy.

Q10 with its square screen is just too different and possibly too small of a market to be interesting.

In our case we've worked hard to make the necessary changes for Q5/Q10. We're gonna make a last round of tests in simulators tomorrow and submit it to BlackBerry AppWorld.