More video interviews with BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Nov 2012 11:38 am EST

Following the announcement that the BlackBerry 10 Launch Event will take place on January 30th, 2013, Research In Motion followed up with another media blitz, with executives and product managers getting out there to talk and show off BlackBerry 10.

We already rounded up the highlights of several of Thorsten Heins' written interviews yesterday. Following that up, here we're looking at couple of great video interviews with the BlackBerry's Chief.

My old cohort in crime Dieter Bohn did a great job sitting down with Thortsen Heins. Check out his video above for The Verge. And below you can catch Tim Stevens of Engadget talking to Thorsten as well.

I love watching Thorsten Heins give interviews. He's very comfortable, very knowledgeable and knows how to address questions in a way that RIM's former Co-CEOs just never could. He's a great face and leader for the company we all know and love so much!

Source: The VergeEngadget

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More video interviews with BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins!


So have I, can't wait to replace my Iphone 5 with a bb10 device. I'm canadian and will support are home grown smartphone company.

Yes - especially for a site so historically biased against RIM, you notice a change. Myriam tweeted that BB10 was very nice; Brian "Mr Sneer" Heater was talking positively about it in a recent podcast and this interview with Tim went better than the other one where he interviewed Alec Saunders.

Also liked Thorsten's subtle correction when Tim started spouting Market Share and Thorsten admitted it, but also added "in the US", something that site often forgets to mention. The world is a big place.

Not sure we agree on Myriam's tweet:

"Speaking of RIM, I recently got to play with final @BlackBerry 10 hardware and I was pretty impressed!"

She didn't say she thought BB10 was nice, or made any mention of the OS, just the hardware.

That tweet is also subliminaly rude. Its almost made out to make RIM seem to be a secondary player or side note. As if even if bb10 is amazing it still is not front page news. Like oh yeah I almost forgot "speaking of RIM..."

It seemed like a carefully calculated response to me: a "thank you" to RIM for the interview. Did you notice that all follow up replies to Myriam were met with a "no comment" reply?

Not everyone is going to like BB10, but there are enough people out there that do, and aren't shy about trashing someone who does not (same goes for every platform). Sometimes "no comment" is the safest approach.

Great post, Kevin. Only one thing though. The date should be January's 30, 2013, not 2012. Although, it would be nice because I would be enjoying it right now.

Wow, that was painful to watch. Not specifically the Thorsten interview part - nothing in it that we haven't already heard many times - I mean, the whole show. I think maybe Topolsky just irks me somehow...


This exchange is interesting/exciting. Anxiously looking forward to 1/30/13 to find out what it actually means.

Really good interviews. You can see he has kept his message consistent just by how similar his responses in the two videos are. He's got a set of talking points and he keeps bringing the message home. RIM is in good hands

I don't think I've ever seen a more pro-active CEO than Heins. Often times, CEO's send out others to do all the interviews and publicities but Heins sure takes quite a bit in his own hands and putting the message out himself. Very good to see.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I appreciate how much Thorstein is pushing the brand. I do, however think his eyes look sleepy when he gives interviews.

Janeka. Vic Alboini is waiting for you by the dumpster. That's where he lives and he has invited you for dinner. Don't forget your shopping cart and pop cans.

For real though... come on man. Stop being so childish.

I'm surprised to see how the media and websites are not giving him kudos for coming out to discuss BB 10. I don't see any other CEO'S talking to the media as much as he has since he took over the company. I have faith in RIM. Even with a successful launch, I still think people will not be happy. This is going to be a long term change for the company, things are not going to change over night.

Remember apple was 3 weeks away from bankruptcy before Steve Jobs came back.

He's learned from Apple and Steve Jobs. With the Jobs departure, all the other companies seem to have rather faceless CEOs except for HP, and I suspect they are beyond help at this point. The media love to have a go-to face to say "smartphones", and if TH gives them that he will get the publicity.

Steve Ballmer: "Windows 8 will be amazing" (crossed fingers)
Tim Cook: who?
Google: who?
Samsung: who?
Meg Whitman: "HP is not in deep doo-doos. Well, actually we are."
Thorsten Heins: "Hello, we are the new RIM. We are not going to promise anything we cannot deliver. Your corporate data is safe in our hands. Our phones will work. Our infrastructure will work. Now, what was the question?"

Marketing 101. Be available, be factual, sound reliable.

the engadget interview was very good and I can't keep from wondering what Thor means by "products". On a sidenote can Janeka the Troll just be banned for good already.

Oh please say one of the "products" will be a newer bigger Playbook say like a "Play-coffeetable-book"!!

It continues to piss me off just how dismissive everyone is about BlackBerry 10:

1) I wanted to back a Kickstarter project which linked a cyclocomputer to your phone. There was an iOS app, an Android app... I asked them if they would make a BlackBerry10 app they said; "Sorry we have no plans to make an app for Blackberry". Honestly, I doubt they even knew what BlackBerry10 was...

2) This show also annoyed me as if the release of the new BlackBerry10 devices are some joke... "And I know you are all going to go out and buy the new device when is first comes out".

I think BB10 will be awesome. From what I have seen it IS awesome. And also from what I've seen, no one but we are going to care... I sometimes feel that the only way for RIM to regain any respect from the public is to have released the device under a completely different name.

I thought about how perhaps it would be beneficial if the new Blackberry device came out under a new name as well... But thinking a little more deeply about it, it doesn't make sense. Blackberry is the most popular phone by choice in many parts of the world, and it has a very strong brand.

It's unfortunate that the brand got media-bashed over the past year, but I think if BB10 is the high quality and powerful phone that is often touted to be, I think the brand will shine itself in a postive light again.

From everything I've seen, BB10 looks like a very intelligent phone. I expect intelligent people will be drawn to it.

As for the kickstarter project, maybe kindly ask for them to port the Android app to blackberry as soon as BB10 is out :)

I think RIM and Mr. Heins are doing a great job. If RIM can get some trendy jetsettin people using the devices, the masses will follow.

RIM has me locked in for the new device, but I am really, really interested in seeing their marketing for the device in North America and here in Sri Lanka.

We're right behind you Thorsten. I know what sucks and what doesn't. The old BB system sucked. The BB10 will succeed.

In other news, Peter Misek is at it again, talking about how surprised he is that RIM is getting such positive vibes and carrier support:

The clown still shows he doesn't know what he's talking about but people still interview him.

Those interviews were long and great. First time I watched the verge. High giving five!! Go blackberry 10!!!!!

The BB10 Fire Blazes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!