More Verizon Push to Talk Information Surfaces

By Adam Zeis on 16 Mar 2010 10:52 am EDT
Verizon Push to Talk

We got our hands on a PDF from Big Red today and it looks like Push to Talk will definitely be coming to the BlackBerry Tour. We had heard rumors as the last few leaked OS versions surfaced (PTT files and alerts were included in the OS), and a few days ago some additional info popped up in the forums. My question (as I'm sure many of you are already thinking) is if this new service will finally bring the long awaited Tour OS update. Highlights of the PTT service as outlined in the document include:

  • Connect with team members in the next room or across the country.
  • Make group calls with up to 50 participants.
  • Use Presence to see who's available for Push to Talk calls.
  • Manage Push to Talk contacts for your entire company online.
  • Access email and the Web while you're on Push to Talk calls.

Push to Talk will be available as a $5 add-on feature and should be official late this month or in early April. For more information, head to (although nothing noted about the Tour on that site just yet).

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More Verizon Push to Talk Information Surfaces


Duh, businesses... the company I work for has over 80 phones on Telus' iDEN 'Mike' PTT (push-to-talk) network. It allows our staff to talk to each other or groups of people across the province (we're on Ontario, Canada). It works very well for quick 1-liner requests, instructions, etc from people in our plant to supervisors, etc (where there is signal that is...)... the main problem is the slow data speeds on the iDEN network is really bad for BlackBerry's (the 8350i is what we use)... the other 70 or so PTT phones we have are rugged Motorola's. ~80% of these phones have the PTT feature enabled ONLY, they cannot be used to make regular incoming or outgoing calls. So esentially we use them as walkie-talkies across the province...

Hearing about this coming to a CDMA network makes me wonder if it'll soon come to Telus/Bell's older CDMA network, or better yet, their newer HSPA network... we'd definitely like to upgrade the dozen or so 8350i iDEN BlackBerry's that we have (they have gawd-awful data speeds on the iDEN network)...

I also wonder if it will be as good (no delay) as it is on the Telus/Nextel iDEN networks that were DESIGNED for PTT...

Construction Force needs this!

I work in Construction and PTT is used A LOT! Having Verizon now using PTT is a plus! I can't wait to be able to use Verizons PTT on the job!

I see push to talk and I always want to know who uses it because it seems like the fact that it is not free kind of kills off the fact that a lot of people would not want to use it.

So I can have PTT on my Tour with just a software update?? I didn't know that. Not sure if it would be useful but its nice to know, I guess.

EDIT: At the very bottom of the PDF, in fine print, it states that you can download the PTT App from VZ Start. I went to VZ Start and clicked on "Apps". Eventually you can get to the PTT App and I attempted to download it, but it said that I didnt have a required module, MPTT I believe it was. I think the just leaked Tour OS had this module, correct? I wonder if it would work with the leaked OS? It also stated that I needed to have added the PTT feature on

All of this talk about PTT coming to the tour...what about other Blackberries? Does the Tour have any special hardware the 8530 or 9550 don't?

The 8530 does not have Rev. A EVDO so it would not work with that, but as far as the 9530/9550 goes, it should be no problem, just needs software

Who really uses PTT anymore. Everyone on Nextel and that is about it. Nobody else uses PTT and why does VZW think people are going to pay extra for it? Just a complete and total waste of time. Add on to existing phones and plans for free, or give up. Duh!

This is a cool feature. The construction company that I work for uses Nextel phones for all of its employees. They are great for communicating with a single person or a group of people. This is the only reason why I own the BB 8350i and not a better BB. The IDEN network is too slow so I hope that Sprint will soon offer PTT on their network that is as good as Nextel. Didn't Verizon try that PTT years ago and it failed because it wasn't very good?

A few years ago PTT was tried on the cdma side and it was so slow it disappeared. Is the Tour going to be an iDEN or cdma/hspa phone or is it back to the push and wait ptt version ???

Yah it was tried, has been out for several years on VZW, and is being used by Verizon still, and plenty of construction and govt people use it. 4$ on gvt contract is practically free for that matter. It does not use Motorola iDEN, it uses Qualcom's EVDO RevA. It works fine and has better network coverage than Nextel, but set up time for calls is a little slower.

no way is the genral public gonna use this. besides construction workers and drug dealers no one has a nextel/uses PTT anymore.

if it was free then i think the general public would use this just like everyone uses BBM.

Well, I hope this makes some people happy. I'm glad to have new features on a Tour (even though I certainly am not interested in it). May we just have an official OS 5.0 release please?

How sweet would it be if they added Push to talk to BBM i know you can do voice notes back and forth but that would be a good feature it add im just saying.

My company used to have Nextel and switched to Verizon. Husge mistake. Why pay $5 a month when you can call a fellow verizon customer for free?

As nice as the option sounds of having PTT access, my BlackBerry plan already has Unlimited M2M Calling so why would I want to pay for this service, so it may make it a few less buttons to push but I think I can handle that to save $5 a month. I hope this hasn't been holding up my OS 5.0 official release.