Add March 22nd to the AT&T BlackBerry Z10 rumored release date list

Another round of AT&T BlackBerry Z10 rumored release dates has now emerged. This time, March 22nd is mentioned as a date for when AT&T customers may be able to get their hands on the BlackBerry Z10.

AT&T BlackBerry Z10
By Bla1ze on 7 Mar 2013 08:14 pm EST

Release dates for the BlackBerry Z10 in the U.S. have been a pretty hot topic for the past few days now and it seems as though until all the carriers involved actually put that information out there, the rumored dates will just keep coming. This time around, Hugo Miller over at Bloomberg has added some details to the mix and it's falling in line with what we've heard in the past as well.

According to the article, those on AT&T should be looking at a March 22nd on sale and in store date for the BlackBerry Z10. As we mentioned previously, the March 15th details that have been put out there is most likely when AT&T will declare something official on the matter and possibly even start taking preorders vs. it actually being the day customers can walk in to a store and pick up a BlackBerry Z10.

In any event, AT&T declined to comment further on the matter and at the time of posting BlackBerry had not confirmed the details either. We'll just have to sit back and play the wait and see game for a little bit longer. The BlackBerry Z10 will be coming to AT&T at some point in the very near future as well as T-Mobile and Verizon but until something official from each carrier is put out there, everything is subject to change.

All I know for sure is, it will be a gloriously pleasing day for BlackBerry fans in the U.S. when they can finally pick up a BlackBerry Z10 of their own.

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Add March 22nd to the AT&T BlackBerry Z10 rumored release date list


I don't think that it will be the 22nd...AT&T in the past has released new devices on a Sunday

Posted via CB10

They have had some releases last year on a Friday. Namely the Nokia Lumia 900, Note 2, and the iPhone 5.
Andy of the AT&T Fan Page

Absolutely! I got students and staff ready to make a line after they've played with my dev alpha... Don't get me wrong, I'm priviledged to have a device, but I want the real thing already!

Kevin, do you think the reason Sprint isn't carrying the Z10 is b/c of the new HTC One coming out in two weeks? it looks awfully a lot like the Z10. Except if you haven't seen the build is it really beautiful with that all aluminum one cut body. I wonder if they don't want to confuse new buyers with the two phones?

I am a BB 9930 user waiting for the Z10, but am not switching from Sprint's everything plan (have 6 phone lines and pay under $250 with all the discounts per month) and not sure I can wait until June if not longer for a Q10 or them to finally get a Z10( I want all touch). May switch to HTC One until Sprint gets the Z10.

I have switched to tmobile after being with sprint for 15 years. I was very dissapointed when sprint dragged their feet on this phone

Im pretty sure you meant "Can't get to MTS soon enough!!"

US release dates before a Canadian carrier is getting a bit frustrating! MTS wont release anything...

hi kev..i cant wait any longer im in the Caribbean i want to buy the white unlock version around $800 someone told me wait a lil longer its going to get cheaper went it release in the USA is this true?? really want to buy it now

Kevin, you stated in a reply to Bla1ze first post re: release date ATT&T doesn't usually release on Friday's. So, how is Friday, March 15th different from Friday, March 22nd?

this is killing me!!! hopefully we get something concrete soon, as the att help app for z10 just got pushed to blackberry world apparently.
so close... so close..

I'll be glad when this wait for us in the US is over... I find myself watching the same Z10 reviews over and! I've got it bad.

big red has got the white as an exclusive! im upset i wont be able to get it on att in white from att..but i cant wait for the exclusivity to end

I've been with AT&T since way back in the CellularOne days but since I reeeeallly want a white Z10 I may have to pay $10/mo more @ Verizon to get it.. My contract was up last May but I won't be hanging on to see if AT&T eventually carries the white Z10. Well, the release is getting closer day by day..

I agree with you I want the white Z10 myself. Can not believe big red is the only carrier in the US that will have the white on and that sucks.

Obviously it's a good thing to get them out there, but I've got zero interest in using my upgrade for the Z with the Q around the corner...

I got word today from my TMobile Sales rep for my corp account that they are taking preorders and expect Z10 to be shipping on March 12. If AT&T wont be shipping until the 22nd, they will be behind and I wont be too thrilled since, for my personal phone, I'm not on T-mo.

It will all be worth the wait guys trust me

In a way Americans are lucky there are more apps available at launch and the new update.

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@3hb78ftg: If you had a Z10, you'd be able to take great pix and video of...well... The dog. (Eeew!) That said, and this is w/a HUGE honkin' crystal of salt tossed over the shoulder, I stopped in to the local Big Red corp store this week to inquire about the Z10. Aside from being surprised they were excited about it, having meddled w/it some, they said "training" was within a week, but couldn't cop to a date or even a guess.

They DID say that an outright purchase would carry unlimited data for those of us who still have it (even on the LTE network)....and the fellow even suggested I buy it from a big box store instead of them if off-contract b/c it'd spare me the wait and line of getting service at this (usually busy) location.

Of course, now that I'm older, I carry a salt shaker around w/me when I make these trips...

Probably Best Buy. I inititally went there to compare plans but I ended up getting my 9810 through them and paid $50 less for the phone there than at the AT&T shop right across the street for the same exact plan. You can get phones from all the carriers there. I think I'll do the same this time.

I got my new BBZ10 today and took it into AT&T for a sim card --- was told that a rep just left and BlackBerry should be out to sell on the 23rd in Houston. Until then I will have to wait to get the 4Lte on my unlocked Z.

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I have had an unlocked Z10 for a couple of weeks and when I went to the AT&T corporate store they couldn't activate it as a BlackBerry as it wasn't in their system yet. He used a varation of his coworkers Android IMEI and got me up and running with LTE service.

The only thing was that he told me to come back after the Z10 is released by AT&T to get it switched to a BlackBerry in their system. It had been working flawlessly since.

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are you able to use your BBMessenger and get emails? HE told me I could go that route but I wouldn't be able to use certain features. I'll just wait, right now everything runs pretty smooth in area... until then I'm on LTE :)

i have 4g right now.. u dont need them to activate anything,... i popped in the lte sim from my lg optimus and got lte so put in your blackberry sim, you will be fine

I would have thought at least have 2 to 3 weeks of strong Z10 sales before the Q1 2013 is up. If the release date is March 22, 2013, than it gives them only one full week.

Enjoy, kids. This long time BB business user is being left out in the cold because -- like a lot of businesses in the US -- my firm has no plans to add a BES 10 server (and no, we don't have an Exchange server). So now BB will either live or die as a consumer phone. Hope your consumer joy is not short lived . . . .

This crap is ridiculous. It's march 7 and we have yet to hear a word on a release date.... This is BS... Why can't we have a freaking release date???? The world has the Z10 and we don't have a release yet in the US. There's nothing more I hate then these carries playing freaking game, we need to make sure it passes our test...FOR FREAK SAKE ITS A BLACKBERRY NOTHING IS MORE SECURE, take my word on this its good to go lol

I received an email from ATT, today, stating that Z 10 is "Coming Soon". Which I thought was a "step in the right direction" and I derived from the advertisement that it is "Coming Soon" - nothing more specific than that.

Anyone getting the feeling that pre-order at all US carriers will start March 15 and release will be March 22?

regardless, just get me the damned phone already. I've waited 5 months already. My Android phone's headphone jack is shot and I am a runner that needs some music. And I am a music fan that has $150 headphones. Please! Get me this thing, I actually need it.

Any chance that we see the white one on AT&T on the 22nd? I heard that it would be a Verizon exclusive, but I'm not sure if that's a rumor or true?

im going crazy..................... I must have it.......................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I did confirm march 22 with AT&T. I have a screenshot to prove it :). But they basically told me he'll no to an early upgrade lol

I know Samsung will launch the SIV soon. However in Canada I can say the z10 is selling and turning heads. A lot of the people I associate with have bought the new z10. My BBM list is growing rapidly. Everyone loves the phone. To those in countries still waiting, hang in there. It is worth the wait. Also great to comment direct from the CB app. Engadget 's upgrade to livefyre is a disaster. I go there to challenge them on all their lies about BlackBerry.

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Does anyone know if the white z10 will be coming to at&t? I heard a rumor saying it was a Verizon exclusive.

Really want a white Z10 on AT&T. Going to be looking for unlocked phone once the price gets reasonable.

I'd like to start the rumour for March 18. Does anyone have that yet? Can't we make a contest out of this? Oh yah, the big surprise is that the Q10 will launch at the same time. Canaccord has also raised their target for the stock to $119. My source? Uh, it's on

Many of us phone enthusiasts love to get the phone on Friday so that we have the whole weekend to set them up and get used to the new phone.

We should play release date bingo everyone pick a date if it comes out that day you win a phone.

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I don't understand the whole exclusivity thing with BBRY and VZW. I mean why does BB has to go this route? Is it a timed exclusivity or a long term partnership? Wouldn't that hinder sales or at least discourage people from BB ?

My philosophy would be to release the phone across all carriers. For example here in Riyadh, KSA the Z10 is available in both color options across all of the three major carriers. Convenient enough for the consumer.

It doesn't make any sense. This is throwing a stick in your own wheel. The white Z10 is a beautiful phone and BlackBerry should make it an available choice on all carriers. Especially now when the comeback is in motion.

On their radio channel this morning Bloomberg is reporting it like they were reading from a press release so they at least seem to feel they are running with good information...lets hope so.

Everyone will be all hyped up....for the S4 & 5S. Keep up the delays. Even late last year was a little too late. All these newer phones coming out will overshadow the Z10. And still with the delays there aren't much quality apps.

All the reviews and comments seen, I have not seen anyone comment on the sound quality of the phone.
I have been blown away by the sound quality. My girlfriend received her Z10 before I did :( but now that I have mine, I noticed the HD call indicator. When two z10's connect, the quality is so amazing. You can almost hear a pin drop in the background.

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At an AT&T store today in Minneapolis and asked about the Z10, they looked in their system nothing, the next place they looked was CrackBerry and told me the unofficial date was the 15th.

Now AT&T is looking for their info on CrackBerry :) way to go Kevin and team!

As for VZW, I asked at my local store and they said they were going in for "training" on the device on the 13th and it would be available about 10 days later, so VZW's Z10 should hopefully be out soon after or at the same time as AT&Ts. *crosses fingers*

The Wall Street Journal confirmed that T-Mobile would be taking business customer orders for the Z10 on Monday 3/11 for deliveries at the end of the week with AT&T making the Z10 available for sale on Friday March 22nd. Verizon is still speculation by the end of March for the Z10.

It's confirmed. T-Mobile will have the Z10 on pre-sale for business customers on March 11. I MEAN IT. MARCH 11. The regular sale might be a few days later.

This has been the longest Blackberry wait EVER! I still don't feel like it's real. If T-Mobile truly wants to have it first the Monday, the 18th is the only way to beat the comp right?