More top brand apps and games coming to the BlackBerry 10 platform!

By Bla1ze on 26 Sep 2013 12:23 am EDT

One of the key things BlackBerry customers love and want to see more of on the BlackBerry 10 platform is apps and games and with BlackBerry Jam Asia now underway, there has been some new announcements in that area.  On top of the already announced Sina Weibo app, several other new entrants from all app categories are coming to BlackBerry World and will be readily available to demo during BlackBerry Jam Asia. New apps now available and committed to coming soon include:

  • Business and Productivity - Bloomberg, Citrix Receiver, CommonDesk ARCviewer, Evernote, First Direct Banking On The Go, HDFC Banking, ICICI bank and National Bank of Canada.
  • Security and Compliance - Cellcrypt Mobile, CommonDesk Compliance Engine, Fixmo Sentinel, Retain for BlackBerry Powered by GWAVA, RSA SecurID Software Token and SafeNet MobilePASS and SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS)
  • Entertainment and Multimedia - ABC, ABC Family, Discovery, E! Online, GMM TV, History App, Hype Machine, KK Box, KlikMusik, MTV Coke Studio, NBC, Quickflix, Sohu TV, Ultimate History Quiz, and Wowloud
  • Gaming - Angry Birds-GO!, Bad Piggies, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Doodle Jump, Icy Tower Classic, Icy Tower 2, Real Racing 3 for BlackBerry 10 and The Sims FreePlay for BlackBerry 10
  • Lifestyle and Sports - CBS Sports App, Kereta Api Indonesia, Kingsoft Powerword, MTV Nightfinder, The Perfect Year App by InsideHook, Qoo10, SBS Transit, Star Health and Zalora
  • News and Publications - Channel NewsAsia, Flipboard,, Her World Indonesia, Infokomputer for BlackBerry, MSN App and Shanghai Daily
  • Social - Kaixin, QQ, Sina Weibo, and WeChat

That's a pretty healthy list of apps and games and while some are already available in BlackBerry World to download, I'm pretty excited to hear that there is even more coming. See anything on the list you're excited for? Sound off in the comments and let us know. Personally, I can't wait for Despicable Me: Minion Rush.

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More top brand apps and games coming to the BlackBerry 10 platform!



Woo. Firstly, is there a time line given for these apps? Super excited even though there's no instagram

Posted via CB10

It is ridiculous that in 2013, an HTML5 age with excellent browsers, an excellent platform can almost be derailed because one website refuses to make an app for it.

On my iPAD I love Subway Surfers, even though I have both Sonic Dash and Minion Rush, but if Minion is supporting OS10 then screw Kiloogames and SEGA for their ignorance to my Twitter messages.

Posted via ZCB10

Eagerly awaiting new apps for my Z10! Disappointed that Nuance Dragon has not yet made an appearance for the BB10 platform.

I'm sure they will work closely with BlackBerry to tightly integrate the port just like Skype did.

And as we all know, the Skype app is so un-laggy and tightly integrated that you can barely tell it's not native.

Posted via CB10

I had to delete it because it kept telling my that a message I had read was unread and it kept popping up in the hub.

Sorry but Skype is garbage! Lol. It really is. Even sideload Skype works better

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)

I'm surprised to see the TV networks on board such as nbc and abc. Especially with the BB10 user base being so small.

Posted via CB10

Gotomeeting? As a Prosumer that would be nice.

Just need 10.2 so bi can get my Droid apps.

Chase Bank native?

I have side loaded some but Instagram would be nice.

ESPN app that actually works.

JPMC won't listen unless we make a big enough stink. Given how, um, deliberate they are, I wouldn't expect one unless there was a groundswell of support for which case, I'd say go for it. Wish I could be a part of it, but I can't.

I have the sideloaded Android version of the Chase app on my Q10... works awesome for viewing balance, making payments on the go, etc. Same with Instagram...

Posted via CB10

EDIT: I'm glad that RR3 and Sims Free are already available...I've been playing the latter for a month now and the former for a week. Enjoying them...sorry, Bla1ze haha

meh...Sims has kind of been boring (like the Desktop version) and RR3 has that annoying "waiting" thing...

Because apparently I'm stupid and didn't even check the App World. I see you're right. Will jump on that baby...get me some legal genocide on! hehe

Hopefully these don't turn out like Evernote - massively disappointing shortage on features. Or Android ports, I'm hoping these will all be native.

Posted by Z10

I would be totally happy with an Android port of Wells Fargo as their app works almost fine sideloaded. Been tweeting them to see what they will do about it.

Posted via keyboard bearing Q10

Unlike the native Evernote, Android ports could be just a great option, if only the Android support on the BB10 devices was a bit better. I posted an Android port of mine recently, and that app is the reason I can use my Z10 at all.

Uggg where are Instagram and Snapchat! How long does it take to make an app!

Posted from my Q10 on the West Coast

Lol with all the BlackBerry news of the past few weeks, don't hold your breath mate. They are not going to rush to bring any of their apps to a company no longer in the consumer market.

Thorsten Out!!!

They weren't going to bring those apps to a company that was in the consumer market in the first place. What's the difference? Instagram and Netflix were the two major apps people wouldn't shut up about. It may have been one of the biggest deciding factors on people picking up a new BB phone this year. I'm sure that there were a few other apps as well but those two could have killed BB just as easily even if the marketing was strong.

lol you can scratch these, if your main purpose for a smartphone is instagram, I'll recommend you looking into some androids like Nexus 4 or Apple products like iPhone 5.

But knowing the fact that your technical knowledge limits to instagram and Facebook I would recommend an iPhone.

See, that's not nice is it? I use Instagram to post pictures for my family to see as they live in another country. I do not like the whole sideloading business and love my blackberry too much to go back to my iphone. So yes, I would really like Instagram on my blackberry and so would many, many people. Maybe people would even buy a blackberry if Instagram was there and blackberry needs costumers! So yes, Instagram is very important these days.

Posted via CB10

I agree with you, but if it really is that important to you, and you already own a BlackBerry 10 device, you should just sideload it. There is no harm in doing so, so you should just do it!

Posted via CB10

I might have to :) though instago is doing a good job and if I want to post a picture I use the Iphone :D

Posted via CB10

Not nice, but rather funny. hehe

Though, don't you have Facebook? Doesn't that work the same as Instagram if your reason is for pictures. You can also use a BBM Channel when that comes out.

Meh, I use IG on my Z10 and it really isn't as nice as using Channels is...not talking about the app. I mean the service in general for my purposes.

Not nice, but rather funny. hehe

Though, don't you have Facebook? Doesn't that work the same as Instagram if your reason is for pictures. You can also use a BBM Channel when that comes out.

Meh, I use IG on my Z10 and it really isn't as nice as using Channels is...not talking about the app. I mean the service in general for my purposes.

Not nice, but rather funny. hehe

Though, don't you have Facebook? Doesn't that work the same as Instagram if your reason is for pictures. You can also use a BBM Channel when that comes out.

Meh, I use IG on my Z10 and it really isn't as nice as using Channels is...not talking about the app. I mean the service in general for my purposes.

You might be right but many people use Instagram and I doubt they will abandon their iPhone or Android if BlackBerry does not have the app, I personally don't even have an instagram account but this is just me, BlackBerry needs to have apps like that to bring average people to their platform, same with the bank apps, and side loading isn't an option because why sideload if I can just get an android? That's how the majority of people think, BlackBerry already put out an amazing OS but it's lacking the apps, of course I don't blame it on the company but that's the truth, some of us may not care about retarded apps but we are not the majority

@xitijpatel on twitter gave hint that there will be an instagram and vine android port. Remember I said hint.

Posted via CB10

Maybe Blackberry should give up on the North American market... I bet you that is where the unsold blackberries are. Pull a Lenovo and a Vizio and start advertising hard in china.

Franchise the product out in China under a well known brand like Lenovo. Its what Daewood did in the US with Chevy.

Posted from my Q10 on the West Coast

Completely agree. I am sure that a lot of BlackBerry problems are rooted in American protectionism. Being out of the market avoids huge marketing and sales cost, and much of the constant negative publicity.
I am equally sure that if they were a US corporation, they would not be in the present situation.

Seriously folks, there are BlackBerry fans everywhere. No need to $h!t on Americans even if their carriers are hurting BlackBerry. Even the media is pushing Apple and Android. I would take the approach that Apple did -- screw the carriers. Push updates and features direct to devices, after all developers would prefer all users be on the latest releases. Start taking control over the platform. Partnerships with carriers aren't working, even T-Mobile will no longer be selling BlackBerrys in store. Sell through retailers like Costco and Walmart. Sell direct to users -- all phones unlocked and delivered next day! What you want, when you want it.

Good to see all those TV apps coming! Also, Angry Birds Go. I wonder if they'll bring the Star Wars II version?

The only reason I would like Netflix, Instagram and Snapchat is so people will shut up about it.... But then again, people would then complain about something else.

All apps should be universal for every device. If only Nikola Tesla was alive, he could make magic happen.

Oh so people should shutup and suckup whatever they are getting? Nice mentality, keep it up and keep the BB10 platform growing by preaching it.

I know, I'm doing a great job aren't I?

Clearly if I were to troll all the crackberry forums and blogs about the apps that are missing, they would magically appear. Because hey, it has to work eventually!

Posted via CB10

Ah so asking around, letting others (the people who tend to report on this kind of stuff so that there is some media attention about the problem) know that there is demand for X, Y, Z app is trolling now?

Is talking about it, and requesting about it going to get the apps to the people or should the people do what yo u think should be done aka suck it up and stop talking about them missing apps.

Heck, I don't use instagram, snapchat or netflix on my mobile, but there are millions of people that do use them. I try to help their cause by talking about it rather than not saying anything and keeping myself mum. I like BB10 and I want it to grow, and it will grow if people create enough noise about it to the developers.

thats why i downloaded on my z10, just have them to show my friends. actually use crackle more than netflix now.

It's kind of embarrassing that Netflix won't port an app for BB10. I have it on two smart TVs, a DVR, two Rokus, a tablet and have used it on WP and Android. I'm expecting my toaster to get it before BB10.

CBS sports app - AWESOME. At least for any fellow New Yorkers here estranged geographically from their teams... :D

Posted via CB10

Yes...great timing for its availability with the Yankees now eliminated from playoff contention. Sorry...couldn't resist. :)

I can't give you too hard of a time. My lone Canadian baseball team severely underperformed. We looked magnificent on paper, but just sucked. I think we were eliminated prior to the all star game. :)

And we won't start on the hockey team.....haha.

Those all sound very nice. But what about the big names like rbc, instagram, snapchat, vine etc

Posted via CB10

They've been working on an RBC Royal Bank app for some time now. I imagine we'll be seeing it pretty soon. I noticed that they had a critical problem a few weeks back with one of their other mobile apps, so that probably took urgent resources to deal with.

Ya beat me.

Yep. Their iOS application was buggy on iOS7. It would crash whenever a transaction was made, leaving no indication as to whether it actually went through (they did).

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

Royal Bank of Canada has confirmed that they will be releasing an application for BB10 before the end of the September. That means any day now. Supposedly it will contain features like mobile NFC payment and such, but I don't know if those are just rumours.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

NFC mobile payments would be cool but I think we'd had heard by now about some agreement being signed if that was coming now. I'll be happy with just a regular banking app.

COOOL ... and LOOK!!!, they're not all from the same developer!!! THAT's "something" to celebrate
... though I'll just bet someone's bond to find "something" negative about this list.
OH Wait: I see "someone" just did.

Now, isn't "instagram" just a slightly different version of "Flicker?" ... just asking 'cause I don't know.

Awesome.. a lot of applications still supporting BlackBerry 10. Hopefully Path and Line will be coming soon for BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

Bring them on. More the better. I know Direct TV said it dropped BlackBerry but would love Sunday ticket to work. Android version crashes.

Posted via CB10

I would guess because other developers don't think BB10 is worth their time or they are still thinking about it. Could be either of the 2.

My understanding from reading the forums is that BlackBerry users are pariahs, shunned by all decent people. So, what use would they have for social apps?

We need a place to communally self-deprecate silly. No one hates BlackBerry users more than BlackBerry users.

Posted via CB10

Viber is already coming with 10.2, it wasn't mentioned during the Jam hence no mention here.

Skype is already in BlackBerry World. It's been there (in terms of actually working) since the release of 10.1.

Posted via CB10

Netflix, Oovoo, Instagram, GoToMeeting, USAA, B of A, Chase Bank, Facebook update. Someone posted about Instagram in the hub and promised the app was coming. What's the deal?

Posted via the Super BlackBerry Z10

instagram, viber and other major apps??

How about facebook messenger...they shuld make it simple...rather than sideload, they should open google play on bb or let sideload of IOS apps

These all sound great : )

While there is still a list of apps I'm sure everyone would like it's nice to see more are coming.

Posted via CB10

It is already native son. When you swipe down from the top bezel, do you see an Android bar?? No right? So it's a freakin' native game boy!!!

I'm looking forward to playing Bad Piggies again. Hopefully it doesn't drain my battery like it did on my Evo 3D.

The Royal Bank of Canada has confirmed that they will be releasing an application for BB10 before the end of September, so any day now. Supposedly it will contain features like mobile NFC payments, but I don't know if those are just rumours.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

where is Cisco Anyconnect it was announced a while back with webex but it is still in the dark... our IT does not support BES 10 and vpn on the Z10 not compatible with what we have so for now accessing our shares is a no go that is really frustrating for a professional OS...

This is actually really exciting. Finally some good news.

I must say my heart skipped a beat when I saw quickflix. For a second I saw netflix.

Posted via CB10

Most of these are already available in the BlackBerry World and I have them on my Z10 as well.. nevertheless good to see more and more apps coming in..

Posted via CB10

Why weren't these games pushed out earlier? Isn't it a little too late now??? If we had more apps and games made available to BB10, people might actually want to use BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I am particularly disappointed that Google Maps isn't on BB10 yet. BlackBerry Maps doesn't cover a lot of countries and I happen to come from one of those countries. Cross platform apps like instagram are still sorely missed (even aviary isn't on BB10 and that's meant to be open source). Most of thes apps aren't that useful at all for majority of the BB10 userbase.

I would really like a native Google Maps app

from a very practical point of view, you can use Google Maps in the browser.
And if you use a Q10/Q5, you even have full screen.

About aviary, it is not open source since at least sept 2012.

Whoa! It's actually very good; almost like it's an application itself!Only thing missing is turn-by-turn directions with voice, unless I'm just not seeing it.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

Not going to celebrate too soon with all of these announcements. When BB10 was revealed they mentioned that it would be getting a lot of major popular apps for example....INSTAGRAM, SKYPE and HALFBRICK games. We have Skype but only "preview" version. Been waiting patiently for the full. So when I finally see all of these so called apps whether it be business, social or gaming on the BlackBerry World then I will be jumping up n down!!! BE BOLD!!!

Posted via CB10

lol...dude you're just a glutton for punishment, huh? Did you SERIOUSLY expect to do an article on this topic and NOT have people hyperfocus and bitch about what ISN'T on that list? I'm with some of the posters above....Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick....just get the apps so people will STFU

I play minion rush on my z10.. it's the Android version so the sound doesn't work but the graphics and game play are worth paying a few bucks..

Posted via CB10

Ehh not impressed at all. Won't use any of those apps or games unless they're free. Especially not knowing our future with BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10


Thank you, this is the kind of reporting we need to see more of!!

Chris U. Does a great job on the stock end of BlackBerry, however with all the doom and gloom and even more faithful ready to defect (I'm very curious how they'll be treated by the community if other platforms when they announce their still or former die-hard BlackBerry fans), it's annoucments like this that help strengthen the brand!!

Posted via CB10

Seriously what the fak is the deal with everyone going on about Instagram? It's a picture sharing site for the love of God. It's not the second coming of Christ.

Posted via CB10

It's just a simple creative outlet for most people. For example, my friends have been vacationing in Europe and I can follow along on their trip as they post pics and even little grid of pics and applying filters to sort of match the atmosphere. Compare that to Facebook or Flickr, I would be waiting for them to return from their trip, upload an entire album of photos.

Instagram is more about capturing a moment and sharing right away. Hope that helps to explain the buzz around Instagram.

Instagram, Netflix, and Snapchat would get my attention... I know I can side load them but I want NATIVE!

Posted on my Zed10 running 10.2

I still do not understand y there is no Instagram yet. I only left my android 2 join BB10 cos I was told instagram will be coming September ending. Well guess BB10 is not just it.

Posted via CB10

And all those haters saying bbry is going down the pan, with great apps from the devs, they will defo survive the mobile game...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

Seriously no Netflix? Even if BB has to pay them this app needs to be on BB10.

Other than Evernote none of these apps mean anything to me.

It will be good to have Barclays app working on BB10, that would be a winner!

Posted via CB10

What I would really like to see is a good navi app like TomTom. I don't need anything else.

Netflix just recently opened their doors in The Netherlands and other countries. Before I didn't want it and still don't need it. But more and more people do want access to it.. and it's just not there. If Netflix truelly wants to compete with the competition, bring us the app!

Also want:
- Skype update to real version, no longer preview
- Mobile Voip
- Discovery world wide available (Is mentioned but before it was US only)
- Evernote (mentioned)
- Candy Crush & Instagram to pull more people to bb10, satisfy current users.
- Battlefield 4 app (to play commander mode)!
- Update to the Camera
- BMM + Channels updates!
- All national banking apps from the Netherlands

It's coming guys...Just like they told me back in 2010 when I had my Storm 2. It's amazing how Instagram is going on year #2 and they can't build it for BlackBerry. No Candy Crush either. No Google Maps. My goodness. It feels so good to have a phone that doesn't crash, nor take 3 minutes to reboot itself. BlackBerry did the job when I had it, but once the iPhone arrived on Verizon, there is simply no way I was staying with BB.

No you're not. And it's bullshit, nobody should use it. It's pointless. You can just post pics to FB, you don't need a whole separate app!

I used to think that, but now I realize that facebook is loaded with too much other crap. People posting articles, links to like something, advertisements, game updates/invites, etc...

Instagram is all about pictures and that is why I no longer use Facebook, ever!

Posted via CB10

Instagram and SnapChat are the trendiest apps right now. Without those two, who gives a shit really?

Yes I agree , much needed. Each time I do BlackBerry's marketing job for them and explain how good it is they always ask about these apps and its not cool to explain the whole sideload concept, people simply want native.

BlackBerry user for 10 years.

Really need the Junos Pulse SSL VPN client app. This is needed as we don't use the BlackBerry Enterprise solution and need access to the inside of the network via the BlackBerry mobile device.
Once 10.2 comes out I should hopefully be able to sideload it as it currently doesn't load on 10.1 even though it's available for side loading.

BlackBerry user for 10 years.

That's all well and good but they need snap chat, Netflix, instagram, this is why BlackBerry is dying a slow death and they don't learn...

Posted via CB10

To all the folks complaining about Instagram, think about the fact that Windows phone still does not have it. I'm pretty sure Windows phone will get it first, so you will be waiting for a while, if it's that important than I think it might be time to switch platforms.

What a sorry collection of releases! If the BlackBerry App ecosystem was a celebrity, it'd be a cross between Carrot Top and Lee Dewyze.

Instagram and the others or bust!

Posted via CB10

This is just rubbish without instagram. BB10 suld just RIP. Instagram is the real deal now and if by now they do not knw dat, then they suld 4get the future. guess it's time we all choose android or ios.

Posted via CB10

Citrix Receiver, that Sounds great. Waiting for that since March. I don't need Instagramm or Netflix. a blackberry business customer

Posted via CB10

Actually, the Citrix Receiver has been in Beta since, I believe, the 26th of August. I have it running on a few corporate Z10s here. Not exactly sure what you do, but there's also Cisco WebEx Meetings, BlackBerry Work Drives, and RSA SecurID Software Token... All pretty helpful.

Sadly any article like this is always going to generate a lot of comments from people lamenting the lack of instagram, netflix and all these other free apps related to particular services because while people may not some of them, enough people expect them to be there as a might of course.

Realistically, beyond anything else, this is the biggest failing of BB and their marketing ineptness, that they didn't simply compile a list of 'must-haves' and bribe those developers to produce and support with updates a bb10 version of their app right from the outset is practically criminally negligent since it would have been a far better way to spend their marketing budget.

Where are the native apps for SalesForce, Regus, both of which were available on my Torch!!! How about most other Airlines... like Cathay Pacific, Air China, China Eastern, Hong Kong Airlines, DragonAir,.... how about others banks like HSBC, Bank of China? And a zillion other useful apps that make life easier...

Posted via CB10

I think at this time BlackBerry shd nt think abt popular aaps.. it shd try get all aaple n android apps into BlackBerry world... so tht BlackBerry customers hav more options... it shd b like..u name any app n it shd b available on BlackBerry app world..jus like android n apple..

Posted via CB10

What about instagram I've side loaded it but would like to see a proper blackberry app come on guys. .

Posted via CB10

As healthy as that list is, most of those apps serves no purposes at all

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!