More Storm2 Promo Material Floats Into Verizon Stores

Storm2 Promo
By Adam Zeis on 13 Oct 2009 10:00 am EDT

Yesterday we saw some great flyers showing a BOGO for the Storm2. Today we discovered some more promo material that looks to be arriving in Verizon stores as well. The poster features the Storm2 and Tour side by side, but no other text or details. Again, a sure sign that the release is imminent. The cool thing on this one (for all the speculators) is the code on the bottom of the poster. Check out the image after the jump - it reads BLKBN40X281009. Does this mean the Storm2 release is October 28th? Or the posters are supposed to be hung on the 28th? Surely it must have some secret meaning right? Sure it could be 40x28 dimensions and for October 2009, but exact dates are more fun! Drop us a comment and let us know what you think it means.

Storm2 Promo

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More Storm2 Promo Material Floats Into Verizon Stores


The 28 is actually part of the dementions 40x28 and promotion of 1009 = 10/09. It will be out sooner than that though ;)

I been working in the indirect channel for three years now. The 40x28 is the dimensions. 1009 is the the month and year that it was printed. i personally haven't seen any of these floating into my store. we usually recieve products about two weeks from launch. i would say you won't see the storm2 release until nov. 7th which is when our current rebate expires. although the original storm released with its own rebate for about a week, so given that most vzw phones release on a sunday (like the tour), i would say expect november 1st is the best date for launch.

What could the possibly be waiting for? You would think they would want to boost 4Q sales... Help us help you, thats what i always say...

Release date is 10/21/09. Confirmed. The poster hang up date is 10/21. Just got ours. If you bought you're storm 1 on release date 11/16/08, you will be eligible to upgrade on or after 11/16/09. The storm2 will be part of the Bogo promo until black friday. There you have it, now go drool.

The release date is October 21. It says so on an internal blog that was actually cited here a few days ago.

I have seen it.

I'm not able to take pics very easily but yes, it will be available on the 21st. Maybe not to each distribution channel, but possibly online.

I work for Verizon Wireless and just to announce the release date will be next week Tuesday the 20th. This is information that has been disseminated from the higher ups to management regarding putting out the stock we will be receiving over the next few days. So unless they change the date again you will all be able to pick up your Storm2 next week.

With all of this evidence I just want to be the first to laugh at everyone who SWORE that this phone wouldn't be out before November. I never said either way, but those who just think they know it all had to put in their 2 cents....Now eat your own words!

OK. So it sounds like the date will be the 20th or 21st, but does anyone know the price? Has it been confirmed yet?


Could be:
Color black
BN=base number 48 (48 phones per distributor?)
281009 = on the 28th of october, 2009.

My little stab at solving the puzzle. ;)

it probably does mean release on 28/10 as the phone will be released on vodafone here in the uk on thursday. My source tells me that the uk was always going to be first and the us would follow.

From looking at the other promo posters we have around my store the code breaks down like this. The first part is a description of the product promoted. In this case blkb is blackberry. The next letter I am not sure about but on all our posters its either an "N" or an "O". The numbers before and after the "x" see the poster dimensions. In this case 40X28 inches and the last numbers are the dates of the promo is to start. Obviously here its 10 of 09. The packing slip on the box tells the stores when to actually put up the promotion items so that's where you would find the exact dates.

For example our 36X36 add a line poster code is AALDO36X360109

Hope this helps everyone.

lol! i seriously just got back from a vzw store and had come to this exact conclusion!!! so that means it could be released as early as a couple days

I've heard that it will be $199 with a 2 yr contract, but how much for the Storm2 to buy it straight up? The 1st storm was $499 with no contract. Will this one be the same?

so when do you think people should start camping out in front of Verizon retail stores? I say Monday! what is everybody else think.


What kind of deal could we expect on blackfriday? Switching to verizon and I'm wanting the Storm2 and kids are wanting EnvTouch? Shoule we get the 21st or wait for a good blackfriday deal?

the launch date is the 21st of oct.

the code is for the employees (me) so we know what size to order and what display box were putting it in, its like a SKU.