More Staples information confirms April release date for the BlackBerry PlayBook

More Staples information confirms April release date
By Bla1ze on 11 Mar 2011 06:35 pm EST

We've just recieved some more details about a Staples release date. Basically confirming the April 17 date range from our previous post as it shows the sign that will be in stores for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Doing the math here March 15 and then 33 days later puts us in that April 17/18 timeframe quite nicely. No pricing details but since we've seen some of those in the past already so we're pretty comfortable with $499.99 price point to start. Thanks, anon!

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More Staples information confirms April release date for the BlackBerry PlayBook


The people who don't want an iPad 2. Hold on to your panties while I drop some knowledge on you.

Not everyone in the World wants and iPad 2.

Whoa right?! Blew your mind, huh? I know, that kind of info amazes people.

I care because the Ipad isnt for me. I just went on a wander around you tipb forums and the android forums. to be honest the amount of hate i have for the people who currently troll the crackberry forums and my depressed state about it not being out doesn't amount for the hope that something horrible happens to the people waiting for the ipad2 or the sadness i feel for people already trying to sell there xoom. Im now excited in the hopes that the playbook will be something new unlike the ipad2.

playbook will be superior in many ways to ipad 2 - wait and see for example

Adobe Flash 10.1
1 GIG Ram
Rear-facing camera -- 5-megapixel
Front-facing camera -- 3-megapixel
0.9 Pounds
1080P HD Video Capture vs ipad 2 which is 720

HOW DARE YOU!!!! you forgot the most important thing. The essence of it being better, the only thing that will make it a superior product. THE THING THAT WILL MAKE IT A CONTENDER TO THE IPAD2. Its not apple.... ohh and its new not some piece of reused rubbish with some fancy gizmo and a group of status symbol idiots following it. And before someone says it i would rather a late release and it being awsome then a half assed speed release with another new on right around the corner.

hahah, If the iPad 2 had Flash, or 1 Gig Ram or 1080 P video or a 5 mega pix camera or a 3 megapix then it might be better but it doesn't so ..

iPad 2 has 512 ram, 720 p video its heavier, etc .. and if that was not enough it does not have dedicated multi task processing..

oh well I forgot it does have 65,000 fart apps ROFL

I am not a iPad hater but I see the playbook as superior hardware, It does need more apps though

I don't know why but I am not as excited about the playbook anymore. I think RIM spent to long hyping it and it's lost it's magic. Still looks like a great product . I just won't be the first in store purchasing it. QNX looks like a great OS. Hopefully they suprise us with a good touchscreen phone this year. So far the 2011 lineup doesn't do much for me.

you did that to yourself. Is there a tablet out there that you rather get or have you just realised that a tablet, right now is not something that you need - that in itself is perfectly fine.

The 2011 line up? all we've gotten so far is leaks and the line-up hasn't even been announced officially. Unless you want more leaks to ruin your excitement perhaps?

I'm right there with you. I was excited and was ready to buy it day 1, but now that's it taken so long, I'm just not excited anymore. I still would like it, but now I'm just sick of the demo videos that are posted everyday that RIM tries to make seem exciting. After seeing the first 2 demos and seeing the playbook in portrait, I've seen enough.

April 17th is TOO far away!!!!!!!! it needs to come out this month!!!!! i would like to use it for college before the spring semester ends.

Im thinking pricing between 349.99 or 399.99 will be nice..
I would also go return ipad 2 and get a blackberry playbook.

Let's be realistic about something and not fool ourselves here. To Blackberry users such as myself, the hype for the Playbook is over. To non Blackberry users, the Playbook is insignificant.

But then again, i'll stick with a tablet that has a plethora of apps. Cos if it didn't, i might as well stick to my 13" laptop to do my surfing, sync'ing, video watching and reading. Eh?

You whiny cry babys make me want to puke all over you. If RIM didn't make a statement on the Playbook at the end of September you'd all be whining about how RIM has no vision and no plans. If the iPad is the right device, if you can't wait 3-4 weeks to see if all the RIM hype is true about it being a superior device and you like the price, buy it and talk about it elsewhere. I'm sick and tired of your lame justifications.

The fact RIM let loose on this information in september(?) showed some forward thinking and specs and unfortunately for some people it will never be enough. I don't think it would have worked had they done the same thing apple does (keeps things quiet), people would have seen a platform with no support coming out a day after and thats a recipe for disaster if not marketed right.

Even if you don't see it, I think RIM announced a good platform (hype) with recognised tools like adobe air to get developers on board and not only that they had their own tools given out to developers with incentives . Apps are important to people these days and seemingly, the numbers are more important than quality that determines a successful platform. This will always hinder any new platform like the blackberry OS tablet no matter how good the software could be(QNX). Judging how RIM have approached this support with developers i think we'll see some quality apps coming to the PlayBook.

I've been playing with the sdk and am about to submit my first app. I never would have done this without the notice they gave and the free playbook offer. After playing with the air platform I've seen how easy it is to port both ways. I suspect we'll see lots of Android apps ported as soon as Adobe releases the Burrito toolkit as porting to Playbook is as simple as flipping a flag unless you want to take advantage of Playbook specific features.

Well, RIM dropped the ball on this one (in the back of my head, I knew they would). They had everything lined up: the retailers, the carriers, the apps, the OS, and the hype. Then, what do they do? They say, "Hold on. We're going to get wait until we can get 7digital to be our music provider." They say, "Yeah, I know you want it, and it is good enough now, but we're going to show you 800 more videos on why it's amazing." They were in striking position, release it before the iPad 2 in multiple retailers and get the name out. Instead, they wait until iPad regains its hype and opens up the "It's not as good as the new iPad" statement.

All I have to say is that I don't feel bad for you RIM. You did this to yourselves. You can pretend to be as excited as you want, but you lost. I'm still looking forward to owning this device, but you missed your chance make an impression by letting two big names release WAY before you. When you guys are scratching your heads and wondering why everyone is eying the iPad 2 while the PlayBook display is empty, I hope you realize it's because you messed up.

what i like the most and looking forward to is, i wont have to have a dedicated data package for the playbook, it will either run off wifi or work off my blackberry when wifi isnt an option, that is something i like that from what i understand the Ipad does not offer